Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Nu Year!

Tis the end of the year again... and once again I don't really remember what happened this past year XD Well I remember, but only the past few months... everything seemed to just flow together.

Anyway I spent a ronery New Year's Eve with the above things occupying me til midnight. Ok not the PSP so much. I just had to take a picture of it. Too bad you can't see the Rei wallpaper on it ^^;

That's my dinner which consists of BBQ chicken from store, cranberry sauce from can, stuffings and croquettes that my mom made. Almost like Thanksgiving/Christmas, eh? It's good stuff though, been wanting to have cranberry sauce for a while.

While eating that dinner I watched Tales of Phantasia: The Animation. 2 hours of Kousuke Fujishima goodness! Ok, it wasn't super good, but I liked it. I'd appreciate it more if I played the game, but I've been delaying watching this DVD for a while. It was too short, only taking the important moments from the game. It felt similar to Chrono Trigger since it involved time travelling and such, but it was different enough for me not to call it Clono Trigger :P

And guess what's beside it... why yes, a Chrono Trigger game. I've been playing that ever since I got it. I've finished it twice now. One where I got the full complete ending, and the other with New Game+ where you get all the equipments and levels from the last savegame. I beat Lavos, the final boss, using only Chrono and Marle and get the speedy credits (since I finished the game so fast, lol). They made an Akira Toriyama sprite for this game!! WOW! And now to get the other 9+ endings ^^;

Last, but not least, is Saber Lily, if I still have time tonight I'll take a special shot of her and a special someone. She's going to be the first figma I'll ever open. So glad I got her before the New Year. Kawaii Saber Lily! Oh and please overlook the tissue box, that's just to prop up the DVD... really. So that's how I spent my Nu Year's Eve.

All to you who are reading this, I hope you all have a great and prosperous 2009!!


  1. Happy New Years!

    And I see you got the PS2 Fate/Unlimited Codes game with the Saber figure. Those will be in stock out here in Los Angeles soon. x]

  2. Happy Nu Year, Lyrical Loli!

    Hehe ya, good luck if you're trying to get it :) It'd be overpriced if it shows up in stores here XD

  3. Wow you got yourself a figma Saber Lily! Happy Nu Year to you too!

  4. I spent my new years eve playing Magical Battle Arena 1.51 XD Didn't manage to unlock any new characters though :/ Happy New Year ^^

  5. I spent the last moments of '08 half drunk while playing cards with a bunch of adults (I sucked though XD)

    Anyway, happy new year to you^^

  6. Happy New Year!

    Omg, you got Saber Lily! :O I hear she's one of the best figmas so far.

  7. Thank y'all! I didn't intend to make this my first Saber Lily picture, for I have a major plan for her :)

    May 2009 treat you well!

  8. Happy New Year, even though I'm late!

    I had to work yesterday. Bleh! Oh well.

    Oh. I envy you right now. You got the special edition. That's a hot item during the holidays indeed.

  9. Happy 2009 =D.

    It's okay to spend NYE at home with games. I used to always go out on NYE. However, it's tiresome, and eventually I got over it. I like to return home before midnight on NYE nowadays.

    Good old Chrono Trigger!

  10. A belated Happy New Year to Kozta-Boom, 聖者, and M12_Vinja, or an early Happy Chinese New Year, depending on what you prefer ^^

    @M12_Vinja: I've rarely gone out on NYE in my life, so this has become my tradition. And yes, good ol' Chrono Trigger ^^ Still need to find the other 7 endings.