Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yuri Mania 1

Gokigenyou minna-san. I've been addicted to Maria-sama ga Miteru (MariMite) recently. I've started to watch the first season a few months ago in one sitting. Not only did I watch it in one day, but I rewatched it again at the same night! There were just so many characters that were introduced in the beginning that I wanted to understand more about them after watching the whole season.

Then I finished the second season a few weeks ago and loved every bit of it. It was somewhat painful to watch because the situation seemed so similar to something that happened to me. So I didn't rewatch it yet, but I did rewatch the first season again after that XD
Michiru and Haruka with lily flowers. How appropriate.

Anyway this Yuri Mania of mine all started from the "partnership" of Sailor Neptune and Uranus from Sailor Moon S. Heck I bought the DVDs just to watch them. Unfortunately I don't really remember what happened there since it was a generic monster-of-the-week show... Eye candy really, but it was the first yuri that I've encountered and wanted to watch.

Cute cosplay couple. I love their tights.

Over the years I've kept looking for more anime with yuri couples and references. Thankfully there are enough of them being made to keep my interest in it alive. So since this is titled #1, I will post more about yuri and "Lily" from time to time. Enjoy the other pictures I found from

Uranus and Neptune kissing. Drawn by S2X from the looks of it. Lots and lots of hentai on that site!

Wow! Uranus and Neptune cosplayers kissing! Compare it to the one above. Which one do you like better?


  1. Hmm, the only real Yuri anime I've seen so far was Strawberry Panic, and I guess Maria Holic for ongoing. I'll have to check this out, if you could watch two seasons that quickly it must be interesting ^^

  2. I'll be doing a MariMite focus on next week's Yuri Mania. So if you haven't seen it by then, you can take a closer look. You may find it a bit slow though, but I didn't mind it at all ^^;