Saturday, March 30, 2013

Birthday of Ayanami 2013

Once again it's Rei's birthday! And sadly, this is only my second post of the year on this blog. I think I'm too involved on Tumblr... I will also be away on Rei's actual birthday. I'm actually at Sakura-Con in Seattle this year on Rei's birthday. I'll be wearing a Rei shirt of course :3 Anyway... I haven't gotten any new Rei things this year, so I'm only posting photos that I'm heavily backlogged on ^^; This has been delayed since last summer!

I've somehow neglected my BJD Rei as well... I need to take her out more often ^^; Dollfie Dreams are easier to bring after all, lol.

I did bring her out close to the beach for this photo above. It was getting dark, but somehow managed to get some good shots of her.

Here she is with her Hello Kitty version of herself and a friend's girl ^^

I bought a new outfit and wig for Rei ^^;; It's Reiku!  The wig is a bit tight unfortunately. I'm going to try to stretch it out and make it fit with a headcap.

Here's another version of the wig courtesy of a friend. Looks a bit better!

Well... It's a small celebration for Rei this year, but hopefully I won't be as occupied next year.


  1. What a lovely blog-text! n__n
    And how beautiful pics...

  2. Happy belated Birthday! You do look very busy these days. Let's hope it will get cleared up a bit better for you soon or later!

    Interesting Rei + Miku = Reiku combo there~ The first wig may look a bit too light, but it's an interesting colour nonetheless!

    1. Haha, ya hopefully. I've got so many things in the queue and ideas for this blog, but always distracted...

      Hmm... It was sorta a gamble for the first wig since I have no idea what "hydrangea" colour suppose to look like. It turned out it was pretty close to Rei's hair colour. I kinda like it with Rei colour since it's really not Miku, but Reiku, haha.