Friday, May 31, 2013

It All Comes Tumbln' Down, Tumbln' Down

A little update to this blog... I've unfortunately neglected this because of Tumblr :( I didn't want to jump into this hole that is Tumblr, but sadly there's just something about it that kept my interest and my time. I thought of it as a poor man's blog, but it's actually very rich in content. Too much content... I still have so many things to post on this actual blog! At least two from Sakura-Con and one from Fan Expo Vancouver, yet this thing has occupied my time way too much. That and also work... So my goal is to at least post once a month. Seeing as it's the last day of May, I thought I ought to post today ^^;;;;

First, a little update on my life (or technological life, whatever), is my new phone the HTC One. Fancy little gadget, I must say. Much faster than my old phone, HTC Desire HD, and louder! The two speakers in front really speaks for itself (pun intended). It also creates a 30-second video called Video Highlight from the photos you took each day. Kinda stupid if you only took one photo that's work related, but when you go hiking or on a trip that day, it's pretty awesome!

There's this little video I made from all the MISAKA photos I took while I was at work (see, my work isn't all boring. Or maybe it is boring that I took these photos...)

This one is a little hike in North Vancouver while showing off my newest little girl doll. A Pocket Fairy Fei from Bluefairy. I carry her around in an After Eight chocolate box... She smells minty sometimes.

Two of my favourite characters from their respective series.
The wallpaper on my phone has been changed recently to this new one featuring Akemi Homura in Persona 4 style art of Amagi Yukiko. Speaking of Persona 4... That's another one that occupied my time.

I suddenly decided to buy Persona 4 Golden on the PS Vita since it was on sale and everyone talked so much about it. And there goes my life. There was this one time where I thought I'll just play a little, but when I looked outside the window of my bedroom, it was already light. I checked the time and it was 6:45 am and I have not slept at all! It happened at least a couple of more times after the first time... This game is scary addictive! Never have I fallen deep into a game since World of Warcraft.

Somehow Yukiko became my favourite girl from P4G, even though I liked Chie at first glance. I was planning on getting to know Chie more, but Yukiko snuck in and became persistent during my first gameplay... And even though I did hear there weren't any consequences about dating all the girls, I kept my loyalty to Yukiko ^^

Second playthrough though... ALL THE GIRLS PLEASE! Just a little fan service here, hehe. Oh and one of my favourite side characters is Sayoko the nurse. My mind was blown with the thought of forbidden romance with an older lady.

So that's the other timesink that I experienced for the past... few months, I guess. I gotta say there sure are a lot of interesting things that I wouldn't have seen on Tumblr. One of the best pictures I've seen would be my current desktop wallpaper and I guess I'll end this post with it as well. Hopefully I'll get my other posts off the ground ^^;

Mikoto's Lightning by Ayatouch


  1. Well, we're still here and reading :) But yes, I totally understand what a time-eater tumblr can be XD

    1. *sniff* Thank you :') I'm going to try to push the limits for this blog and do something crazy special for the 300th post!