Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Star Wars: A Tribute to John Williams

Cute Darth Vader from

Finally! A post about Star Wars! Hahaha. When I first moved to Vancouver, it was Star Wars that released my inner fandom. I was a real Star Wars nerd. It all started with my brother's friend suggesting him to get Rebel Assault for PC. I loved that game to death!! This was even before I've even seen the movie. In fact the first time I watched Star Wars was in French XD When I was finally able to watch the original trilogy I fell in love with this new universe and the rest is history...

Anime started showing up in my life again, but I could never forget about Star Wars. I see a lot of Star Wars references everywhere still to this day, even when no one noticed it. I win a lot of Star Wars Trivia Pursuit games too! So if I'm not in anime geek mode, I'd be in Star Wars geek mode ^^;

Anyway... back to the point of this post was to show this awesome video my brother found on Youtube. It's a tribute to John Williams, one of the greatest music composers, in A Capella. The guy sings a summary of Star Wars but using John Williams' music from other movies. My favourite part had to be the Jurassic Park segment, see it for yourself. ENJOY! :D

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