Saturday, February 21, 2009

Yuri Mania 4

Taken from I would love to scan it myself but I don't wanna ruin my manga...

This is the strip that started it all... This yuri scene from Hidamari Sketch created a slew of parodies of yuri scenes for a lot of series. I didn't start reading Hidamari Sketch until Yen Press licensed the series. To be honest I was blindsided by its release. I heard a little about Hidamari Sketch before but did not know anything about it. So one day I saw it on the store shelf and picked it up out of curiosity, and now it's one of my favourite 4-panel comic series.

This scene above did not appear til the second volume. So it took me a while to realize that this particular scene came from this manga. Though it took me a while to the strip on the left... I didn't connect "yuri" and "lilies" together at the time ^^;

This is also the inspiration for my recent figma 4-panel comic. It was only planned as two panels like the one above but my imagination got the better of me and I made four of them instead. Part 4 is the one that parodied this Hidamari Sketch scene. But do check them all out: Parts 1 & 2 and parts 3 & 4.

And now bring on the parodies!

This is the first one I've ever found. I can't even find this on any picture sites like Gelbooru or Danbooru. So this is a rare one!

You HAVE to have a Lucky Star parody for any parodies! (From

From Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei. Fujiyoshi Harumi and Kitsu Chiri. I really need to watch the anime after the first season... (From

From Rozen Maiden... which I know nothing about... (From

Two pictures from the Touhou series, which I've never really looked into either... (From

I laughed at this one when I found it. I've only started to watch Nanoha StrikerS so I was glad that I knew what's going on here. XD (From

From Gundam 00... HEY! Wait a tick... this isn't yuri! WTF is this doing here?!? (From

Chun created her own parody based on Take a look!


  1. I need to make one of those parodies! I wonder which couple? Hmm...

    Btw, This post just reminded me that I still have a 40% off coupon for Borders, and that I still haven't bought Vol. 2 yet. xD

  2. Oooh go go get vol. 2 now! I just spoiled a scene now though lol!

    As for the parodies, go for Mariya on top of Matsurika with a surprised Kanako from MariaHolic or go with Minorin/Taiga with a shocked Ryujii or Ami ^^

  3. LOL omg I can totally see another parody! :P

  4. Are you going to illustrate it for us, chun? XD

  5. I think my drink just went up through my nose with the gundam 00 one.

  6. This is a nice post indeed! Those character faces look really shock. Some yuri are good for health.. LOL!

  7. @Marvin: Then my job is done ^_^

    @Tommy: LoL if it's good for health then I need to make more, eh? XD

  8. If they do such parody with Hetalia, I'm so gonna launch ZE MISSALS! at Japan.