Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cospa Collection (as of Oct. 2011)

For my third blogday (third year anniversary of blogging), I was going to do a more complex project. Something to commemorate the third year... Unfortunately I've been so busy and tired that I forgotten it all until I realized that it was almost time. So I guess I'll forget it and finally do this Cospa collection post that I've been postponing for a while. The pic above is just a sample of the Cospa tags I've collected over the years. Unfortunately I've lost some already even though I tried to keep them all. I wonder what determines which shirts get the dark blue and the light blue tag...

I had to borrow the guest room (formerly my brother's room) to display the shirt. My room is just too damn packed. This should be almost all of them. I didn't include my Imagine Breaker gloves because I've misplaced them somewhere. Probably in the car in the glove compartment... Appropriate place :P There's a total of 38 T-shirts. The rest of the items consist of one hoodie, one windbreaker, one embroidered jacket, one cap, one cell phone pouch, one bag and two coin pouches (three if you count the one I'm using).

There's a lot of shirts, so I'm not going to list them all, but I'll put some details in there.
  • 9 Fate stay/night shirts: 2 all-prints, a regular Saber (that Galamirix also owned because one day we wore it at the same time...) Saber Extra, Saber Lily, Saber and Saber Alter from Tiger Colosseum, Saber Lion, Excalibur (There's also the red and black Excalibur Alter shirt, but that one is my brother's). 
  • 5 Shakugan no Shana shirts: one is the Torch shirt which I really love because I had some sentiments for torches. 
  • 4 Evangelion shirts: 3 of them are Rei and the other is AT Field. 
  • 3 Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya shirts: SOS Brigade, concert shirt and Nagato's Humanoid Interface. 
  • 2 Ikki Tousen shirts: Ryomou all print and Kanu Unchou. 
  • 2 Misaka shirts: Mikoto and MISAKA Imouto.
  • Black Lagoon's Roberta
  • Black Rock Shooter
  • Clannad's Ibuki Fuko
  • Dance in the Vampire Bund's Mina Tepes
  • Danny Choo's Miracle Mirai
  • Durarara's Celty Sturluson
  • Gundam Wing Endless Waltz's Wing Gundam Zero Custom
  • K-ON's Hirasawa Yui
  • Moyashimon's list of bacteria
  • Occult Academy's Kumashiro Maya
  • Spice and Wolf's Holo ("Merchant Meats[sic] Spicy Wolf")
  • Toradora's Aisaka Taiga
  • Vocaloid's Shiteyanyo

I got this embroidered jacket on sale... Unfortunately I don't fit it. I've been trying to lose weight (with no success) so I can fit it.

I've had this Shakugan no Shana windbreaker for a while now... It's seeing some age. Will upgrade it soon to a new windbreaker ^^

Can't beat a Rei hoodie... Unless you ordered the wrong size... I have an extra size M if anyone wants to buy it off of me ^^; I prefer the zip up in front kind of parka/hoodie though.

Some of the shirts were just worn, so I had to hang them instead ^^;

A pic of the top row. The Yui shirt was the first shirt that was kinda tight even for an XL... That's when I'm sorta noticing that the Cospa shirts were shrunk down. I think they used a different shirt manufacturer/supplier or something because when I wore the rest, they fit ok.

Love the Mikoto bag. She looks so awesome! The carabiner phone pouch is awesome too, except it swings a lot when I'm walking ^^; I've used one of the coin pouches already but it's so worn out that I got an extra XD

The white all-print Rei shirt has been bad luck for me for some reason ^^; I still love Rei and this shirt though.

Kinda glad to find some of these shirts on sale. They're quite expensive when they're at full price. Fuko is probably one of the first ones I pre-ordered from Hobby Search. One of the first shirts I truly wanted right away. She's so cute ^^ "Hitode desu!"


Here are all the Saber shirts. I have all but one version of the Saber shirt that have been released by Cospa. I'm missing one of the first one they've ever released. I wonder if they'll rerelease it... There is also a variation of Saber Extra, but I didn't like that colour.

I love my Misaka Mikoto shirt! The Misaka Network shirt feels different than the other shirts that have been released from before. It's tight around the arms and feels a bit more stretchy than the previous ones. I don't like it as much, lol. I hope they can go back to the previous or a better shirt.

Not as many Haruhi shirts out there... The SOS Brigade was bought from YesAsia, I believe. It was one of the rare ones that was available from them.

I love the story of Shakugan no Shana... Novels... I'm not too particularly fond of the anime ^^; I've been trying to watch the second season with no success. I like Noizi Ito's art very much, so if I see her art turned into a shirt, I tend to get one.

Oh ya... There is this Saber towel that I have from Cospa as well ^^; This was on sale, so I got it before it sold out XD

Stacking all the shirts together. I've put three of them in the laundry but stacked the rest. The ones on the right are the Saber shirts... It's like a quarter of the whole collection ^^;

One of my wish lists from Cospa is a Saber windbreaker or parka. I would also like to get a new hat, though I haven't been wearing hats much anymore. Oh and a wallet too! Mine's really busted XD

And here are the back of the cards... I've kept most of them because of the stickers and some of them are holographic :) So that's it for my Cospa collection for now. I'm sure there will be more soon ^^;


  1. Congrats! It's not Oct 2011 yet tho haha.
    Weren't you giving me that strange leg Miku shirt? :p

  2. Wow!! Nice collection (usually i collected some branded T-shirts)..How gonna love to see that but COSPA hate me...No XXL T-shirt!! would you mind to steal that Wing Gundam, AT Field & that Mirai T-shirt (although Danny choo hate me but really i don't hate him)...Just Curious OVO

  3. Nice collection of anime-related apparels you have there~ Didn't expect the Shiteyanyo one as it always gives me a shock every time I see it ^^;

    And the BRS t-shirt that is hanging is the one you wore for... My BRS? I think I will give it a formal introduction eventually when I feel more comfortable in talking about it. Though not sure whether it will be on my blog at all.

    That aside, I think I don't have any such clothings; it might have been me being to shy to show it out in the public ^^;

  4. @FatB: Thanks! Oh... I forgot I wrote October on there... Meant to be September, but I guess I was thinking ahead ^^; Oh wells, too late now :P And now. My SHITEYANYO!

    @Jowy: ALL MINE :P I kinda wish their sizes were closer to the North American size ^^;

    @Q: Thanks :D I dunno I like the weird, so Shiteyanyo is kinda interesting :)

    LoL yup, that's the shirt I wore for YOUR BRS! Well take your time. I look forward to the official post ;) I'm a bit more shy wearing the Occult Academy one cuz it's technically pink, lol.

  5. Congrats on your 3rd blog day! And yes, you have a whole lot more cospa shirt than I do XD mostly because I don't fit really well into them XDDD

  6. @Wolfheinrich: Thank you very much! LoL well I sometime don't fit them that well either ^^; Here's hoping Cospa will add an extra size to them XD

  7. Congrats! This reminds me that I want to buy the Idolmaster t-shirt but the shop I found recently didn't reply my email (I sent few times) which are very very disapponting to me. Keep dreaming again~

  8. @Yamada: Thanks! That's too bad about that store not responding :<

  9. Your blog is already three years old?? PedobearSealOfApproval.jpg XD Congrats on the anniversary ^_~ time sure goes by fast doesn't it?

    I was gonna ask "did you clean your room!!?!?" until I read it was your brother's lololololol XD

  10. You need more Lucky Star t-shirts! XD

  11. @yakuri: I know! Time flies like crazy! And I'm old >_< Thank you ^^ LoLoL yes, my room seems to be worse XD

    @phossil: Ooh if they made some I would get at least one Tsukasa shirt :)

  12. Your HAATO is still young and fiery! MOE HAATO WA MOE DESU DESU DESU DESU!

  13. @yakuri: HAI DESU! My body isn't ready though, lol.

  14. hey this is regarding a post on october 2009

    what anime is this ?

  15. @Anonymous: It's called Shoujo Sect. Check out my post on it.

  16. thanks, best wishes to this blog.