Monday, September 30, 2013

Anime Revolution 2013

On August 16th to 18th, I attended one of the anime conventions in Vancouver. This one took place at Canada Place Convention Centre. I was looking forward to this convention and was not disappointed! I am blogging about it way too late though ^^; It has been over a month since it happened. Regardless! It was a draft with the photos posted in my blog and I intend to finish it!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Queen's Army

WEEELLLLL.... Not really the queen's army, but I thought I'd give it a post title where both subjects are covered. So apparently it's the fifth anniversary of my blogging on Blogspot (three days late). That is to say, it's my fifth blogday! Five years already and I'm starting to slow down here, sadly. There are so many subjects I've yet to cover but many things have been preventing me from blogging here. So... I blame Tumblr, Final Fantasy XIV, Project X Zone, life in general and work!

Anyway, enough excuses! Let's begin this 5 year extravaganza!