Friday, October 29, 2010

The First Doll Meet - Halloween

After a quick and mini doll meet on the Saturday, it was time for the main event; the official Doll Meet on Sunday! So why not start off with a doll in costume and with a Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin motif? First of all I brought Saber with me... The dangerous part is that Saber doesn't have a hair-like hair, but PVC-like hair. So I had to separate her head and place her in a separate case. But she fit the nurse clothes I bought a long time ago. It's a Re-Ment costume that I bought for $5, but it's definitely worth it since Saber looks so good in it! She might have to stay in that outfit for a while XD

Oh and honestly... I was nervous to meet a lot of people there. I've only known a few people like the Candyman who I hung out with the day before and as well as...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mini Doll Meet - Oct. 23, 2010

So after a quick meeting with the Vancouver BJD group at Anime Evolution, I found myself landing in the middle of an actual Doll Meet or Doll Meat as Chun would like to call it :P

Well this isn't the actual official meet that I went to at first. It was a smaller group consisting of only 6 people and we all went to Magnetic Cafe. For me it was the second time, but for everyone else it was the first time. At least for this new version of the cafe with the "cosplay" aspect. As Azunyan is the only official doll that I have, she gets the spotlight, but I thought I'd bring her Nendoroid counterpart for more fun ^^

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Azunyan Desktop Fun

So the night before I go and have a meet with a doll group I thought I'd have a little photo fun with Azunyan. Looks like she's eyeing something on my desktop...

Friday, October 22, 2010

Lions and Tigers and B★RS, Oh My!

Black Rock Shoot... Aaah, whatever... BRS is pretty much old news these days right? Which means it's a good time to make a post about Black Rock Shooter, hehehe. But really I figured since everyone's done their reviews already I could just stuff'em in their original packaging box that came from Toylet. Normally I don't order from them, but they had a special promotion...