Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yuri Mania 12

Good day everyone! I am off to Boston tonight at 11:30 PM, so I will be unable to post anything for a while or hang around online because I'll be mostly at the convention, AnimeBoston. However, I can't just leave without posting one of my yuri posts! Also posted as Weekly Lily at

The above shirt is actually acquired from AnimeBoston 2007. I haven't actually worn it because the vendor told me that if I shouldn't put it into a dryer after I wash it. I might just forget this and put it in the dryer anyway... This is the shirt that initiated my search for all things yuri, so it's appropriate that I post it here eventually. When I first seen the picture I couldn't tell who they were since it was black and white... then as I saw the finished product I realized that it's Winry Rockbell and Riza Hawkeye from Fullmetal Alchemist!! Very surprisingly it's Winry that's taking the initiative ^^;

This will be the third year I'll be attending AnimeBoston. I'm also visiting a friend that I've met from the days when I played World of Warcraft. I think our common rabid fandom of Rei Ayanami made us real close friends even though he's way over in the East Coast and I'm in the West Coast.

Every year I give him stuff that I bought and decided I don't want them anymore... but one man's unwanted things is another's must have items! Well that and it's sorta like a belated birthday present for him.

Last year or early this year (I can't remember) I bought the Yomako-sensei oppai mousepad. It was on sale at Hobby Search. I thought I'll keep another for just in cases, but I also thought that if I didn't want it, I know my friend would. I figured I have enough oppai mousepads with Yoko and Haruka ^^;

Back of the box... what's it say there in the speech box? Yomako's oppai/padding is much bigger than Yoko's. It's heavier too... as proven in the bottom flap of the box. It's just not closing properly!

In case no one knows who Yomako-sensei is... It's an identity that Yoko uses after the end of the first arc in Gurren Lagann. She doesn't want people to know who she really is. She teaches a class of elementary age students in a small island. It wasn't until 7 years later that she return to action in her usual bikini & micro shorts sniper outfit.

This is what she looks like outside the box. Also a view from behind the oppai and a view from the top of her head. I took a few pictures just in case I feel like I shouldn't have given her away ^^;
Here is Yomako-sensei compared to Yoko. Lookit them big couple o' mountains! You can see the significant difference in this picture as well.
And here are all of my oppai mousepads compared with Yomako-sensei! Haruka seems to be the smallest compared to the other two... Maybe because Haruka was a part of a magazine premium?

And what's a Yuri Mania post without a couple of docking pictures? *Yuriyuriyuri* DOKKAN! Docking sequence complete!

Hmm... some kind of weird time-slip yuri docking? What would they say to each other before they start docking? ^^;

The two that I owned wants to dock as well! It looks like Haruka is prepared for it with her hands on her chest.

And now Haruka gets a turn with the teacher... Hot for a teacher? Yomako-sensei's oppai is just swallowing Haruka whole!

Anyhow... I will be back on Monday, 25th of May and I'm sure I'll have TONS of member news & posts on my blogroll to catch up on...


  1. I love the Yuri t-shirt and the oppai mousepads there LS! Yamako-sensei is lookin quite seductive ^^;

    btw keep up with the DC news too, just find some free time and you'll be up to date like me ^0^

  2. Innovative! Oppai mouse pad asymmetric docking!

    Have fun at the convention! Bring back loots for us see.

  3. God that shirt is awesome!

    And have fun in Boston! I demand pictures upon your return!

  4. Maybe its just me that doesnt like to show off his otakudom with T-shirts and the like or me not beeing into yuri but i actually didnt think that that shirt is that great ^^;;

    Its interesting to see that Yokos Boobs have becom even more immerse over the 7 years considering the fact that she already had boobs most grils would kill for with 14

  5. That yuri T-Shirt is awesome. It's certainly awesome enough to make anyone get into yuri.

    Hm... how does posting on work?

  6. Have fun~

    You're going to have a ton of posts I'm sure. Just take your time. ^^

  7. The text on the box says, "you there, no whispering allowed" (Soko, shigo wa dame deshou).
    Have fun at the con:)

  8. @Haruhiist: LoL yes she's quite the seductress: "Are you seducing me, Ms. Ritona?" Well it's not about finding time, more about finding free bandwidth ^^;

    @Wolfheinrich: Haha, I wasn't sure if anyone has done symmetrical docking of oppai mousepads before but I HAD to do it XD Lots of loots... surprisingly 0.o

    @Snark: Haha reading all your comments made me really took more pictures than I would have normally XD

    @Blowfish: I have TONS of anime shirts, so this is one way... and well it is a custom made shirt with picture of my choosing. Perhaps you need more yuri in you :P LoL she totally had a major growth spurt for sure XD

    @listlessink: I love the shirt, it just makes me wary about wearing it... Are you registered on You'd need to comment 50 times and have registered for a month at least, then you can post member news :)

    @Coco: Thanks! Kinda having fun, wished I could really surf at the same time though. See if I can find anyone here ^_^ Oh lord, this would be the 3rd day I haven't checked the posts... *shudder* XD

    @aprilius20: Cool! Thanks for the translation! And having quite a bit of fun ^_^

  9. I got it now. Thanks.
    Btw listlessink = Yi

  10. I seriously LOLed LOL!!!! esp at the docking pix HAAHAHAHAHHAHA

  11. LOL, nice oppai mousepads. I should get one the next time I go to Japan. ^^

    I didn't watch the original FMA release, but I love the new Brotherhood series. Winry is very cute. ^^

  12. consider a happy oppai mousepad owner now.. ^^
    But which one do you like most?
    Yomako-sensei or your first oppai mousepad?

  13. If you can remember, turn all your shirts with prints on inside out, it should let you put all your shirts in the drier with less damage (it's not like these shirts are meant to last too long anyway)

    If I was a man I would've asked you to sell me the oppai mouse pads you didn't want -_-

  14. @listlessink/Yi: You're welcome. We'll see more of your posts there soon? :D

    @chun: LoL I guess no one has done a oppai mousepad docking pics before, eh? ^^;

    @T.I.P.: I've been ordering them online mostly, but I'm sure you get better selections in Japan. I've been delaying in watching this FMA series because I didn't finish the last one... so is it like a remake then?

    @phossil: My favourite is still the Yoko one because I'm keeping her ^^

    @yakuri: I do that too, but I actually have another that was made in similar fashion and it was ruined right away after one dryer run. It was not made for the dryers at all. I've been bringing gifts to people I met online since four years ago, so if I come for a visit, you'll be getting something for sure ^_~ LoL and yah, I won't be giving you an oppai mouse pad after what you told me in the email about them XD