Friday, May 15, 2009

My "Desk"

I wonder if Haruhi loves that mousepad on my "desk" too... This is my desk. Well this isn't really a desk per se, but it is where I have my computer and where I use it. I don't have a lot of figures on it like others that have posted on for the May 2009 "Your Desk" giveaway. I don't intend to participate because I have won the big one last time, so it doesn't seem right. Plus I have no chance anyway. ^^;

Anyway... this is my "desk" which consists of an old CRT monitor box with a bunch of phone books to prop up the flat screen monitor. Two stool from Ikea; one for the keyboard, one for the mouse. Another softer, footstool or footrest from Ikea that serves as a "chair". Not the best setup for a computer. Painful on my back, legs and my behind.

BUT if you look at the above setup. It looks great doesn't it? I have the Sony 53" TV as a second monitor. The video card in the computer is set up so that we can connect what's on the computer to the TV. So I can download the anime and then watch it on the big screen! Someone can also use the computer while I watch anime on TV. Very convenient.

This is how I watch most of TV shows like Smallville, Heroes and 24. I'm on the computer while I can peek over to the left to see what's going on in the episode. Though at times I don't really pay attention to the TV since I'm focused mostly on the computer, haha.

I wasn't planning to post the "desk" at home and was planning to repost my desk at the office... I took pictures of them already though. So instead of wasting it, here they are.

This is my Mac at work. Yes, it's an old CRT monitor... Haruhi serves as a reminder for me. Somehow it lost the effect now since I totally do it all the time now. I've added a few more figures compared to the last work desk post.

Close up of what's above the monitors. Two Gundams on the sides and Death the Kid with the Thompson sisters in the center as the new additions.

Lelouch, Suzaku and Illya adds to the crowd below.

I also have a PC for my work. I get to use a flat screen for this one because somehow I've killed 2 or 3 CRT monitors at this spot, heheh. My SOS Dan hat is not there permanently...

A closeup of the figures in front of the monitors. I also added a Soul Eater 2009 desktop calendar. Umm... there's this figure of a girl from Fate I added that I don't know the name right now... A little help? Kallen is a new addition and uhh... a Cinamoroll rolling stamp... We all needed stamps for our work recently, so I brought my own.

Seems like my desk at work looks better right? But it IS at work, so I have to make it as fun as possible. If I had a 53" TV at work and able to watch anime on it then it'd be perfect! Of course I wouldn't have any work done that way.....


  1. So. Much. Stuff!

    I would kinda hate to have to clean all of that ^_^

  2. w00t niice set up!! ^^ lots of stuff to keep you staring at for hours on end haha...btw you watch 24 too ^^ THE LAST EPISODE IS ON MONDAY 2 hour special! MUST WATCH XD =3
    you also a download Otaku?? mee too ^^ =3

  3. Joo mastered the art of "makeshift" Furniture^^

  4. Your chair setup give me back pain just by looking at it. DDDDDD:

  5. @Michael: LoL at least it's not as much as the ones in my room ^^;

    @Argyle: I'm still kinda annoyed at times the way there's so much stuff going on within 24 hours XD I do a variety of download and... a few purchase >.>

    @Gunstray: LoL whatever works XD

    @Coco: I know... it ain't fun, but I do occasionally straighten up when the need arise... Wait, did that sound dirty or alright? 0.o

  6. I propose Mr. Robert here invites us all and we help him clean up!

  7. The chair looks painful to me, I might be able to do it in my younger days lol. Good that you can display things in your office, I try not to do that because I don't want people asking questions about what they are ;x

  8. Hehe that "desk" of yours reminds me of my "desk" i improvised a few years ago.Luckily I have a normal one now.
    Mine doesnt look as awesome as other peoples aswell.Might post mine anyways just to show though

  9. @Michael: Curious... How do you know that name? ^^;

    @Wolfheinrich: Haha I'm not getting any younger either, but I doesn't bother me THAT much. Hmm... I wouldn't mind talking about anime, so if they ask me about it then I'd overload their mind with what I'm saying XD

    @Blowfish: Aye all these desk posts makes me curious about other people's desks now. I suppose I ought to look for a real desk...

    @Jenova: Haha, I guess "interesting" is another good description for it ^^;

  10. Ur setup at work make work look some much fun but if I applied that setup at my work, I couldn't do any work. lol

    Given the fact u have a 53 inch TV, it makes me think ur room is huge.

  11. @Snark: It's all mine :P

    @Optic: Haha surprisingly I don't get distracted that much by them. The only time would be if a couple of them are about to slide off the monitor ^^;

    And this isn't my bedroom... this is the living room, thus why the huge TV fits. XD

  12. Are... are those tentacles!? XD

    Btw, nice room. Looks comfy, just the way I like it, with slight messiness :P

  13. @konadora: That's the living room btw... not my room ^^;

    Oh and the tentacle figure has been prominent since part 11 of my Saber Lily comic ^_^

  14. @Lightning Sabre,

    About 15 seconds of "research" :)

  15. I compare with my working place. =)
    For exaple --->

    Some time ago I was forced to move to another apartment and live alone, now I have such a gloomy room)

  16. @Michael: You stalker, you :P
    I can probably guess where that's from... ^^; I thought it was a name that I forgot to mosaic in one of these pictures...

    @Jenova: That's unfortunate you have a gloomy room now, but at least you have a desk in the previous one :D

  17. @Lightning Sabre,

    Nope, wrong, elsewhere ;)

  18. By appointment dining table, but has long been used to draw

  19. haha, lovely desk. I kind of have the same mess as you ^_^

  20. If I were to use a computer next to a big screen I'll likely develop a "big small (optical) eye" ^^;;;

  21. @Michael: Getting curioser and curioser...

    @Jenova: Ah well, still better to have a table than a box ^^

    @phossil: Heheh, this isn't just my mess though... my brother's as well.

    @chun: Hahaha, I dunno if you need to differentiate the "eyes" here XD But yeah, some kind of progressive lens for my glasses then ^^;

  22. That looks great! Casamodern offers wide range of Kid Desk .

  23. Nice "desk". Pretty similar to me...except my "desk" is a LACK coffee table from Ikea, and my "chair" is the side of my bed. I got those plastic Ikea stools too...they served as my "desk" once upon a time.

  24. @zane: Thanks for the link. I'll check it out if one day if I decide to change my "desk" ^^

    @T.I.P.: It was the same setup back then for this "desk", except we never had a footrest as a stool for it. So we sat on the floor. Really uncomfortable might I add. If it was carpeted it might be a different story.

  25. I when through some of your blog posts and in my opinion you have a flair to write. Keep it up, hope more will come !