Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2011 Backlog Part 3: Mostly Dolls

And finally... The last part of my backlog. It ranged from mid-September to early December. Many events that I failed to post right after they happened, but usually it's because I go home late, tired and then the next day my work week starts again... ANYHOO... Now that I have a bit of time, here are the last of my 2011 backlog!

2011 Backlog Part 2: Point Roberts

I quite a bit of photos from Point Roberts that it warranted to have its own post, though backlogged that it is... So I bought these new shoes from eBay and to save some shipping, I sent it to a package receiving service in Point Roberts. It's the first time I'm using this service. It's also the first time I went without my family, though I wasn't by myself for this short trip. There are four points of interest in Point Roberts that had some views and good photo opportunities. So we took'em! Even though I only brought two Pureneemos, I sure took a lot of shots with them, lol. This trip took place on November 10th... The day before Skyrim came out ^^;;;

Monday, January 30, 2012

2011 Backlog Part 1: Dolls and Food

Happy New Year! ...Oh, it's way past that... Err... Happy Lunar New Year? Also a week late... Sigh... It's been so long since I posted anything here. I blame Star Wars: The Old Republic. So my first post of the year is backlog from last year, lol. I've been meaning to post these for a long time, but when you work night shift, you tend to get lazy on some days. I'll try to post as much as possible in between playing SWTOR and other social things ^^; Funny enough when I quit WoW I started blogging... So I sense a trend here XD

Anyway... These photos went all the way back to mid-September until mid-October 2011... Yes, that means I have a lot more after this ^^;;;;; Oh and also a lot of food pictures too for some reason XD