Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Doll Meet 2012

Right after the second day of Fan Expo I made my way to the spring doll meet that already started, though there were still a few people that arrived later than me ^^; I brought along MEIKO, Helen and my newly purchased alpaca plush from Fan Expo. Quite a popular animal during the meet XD

Monday, April 23, 2012

First Fan Expo in Vancouver

Fan Expo has arrived in Vancouver! Though it is now come and gone when this is posted ^^; Fan Expo have always been one of the biggest combined geekery convention in Canada, but usually only in Toronto. This year it came to Vancouver. I'm hoping the title of my post become "The First Annual Fan Expo in Vancouver", but judging from how successful the turnout was it won't be a surprise if it doesn't happen again next year.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sakura Con 2012 Acquisitions

What's a convention without getting some stuff to buy to bring home, right? The strangest part about this loot is the fact that I didn't buy any shirts! This doesn't happen very often! I usually get at least one shirt from a convention... But maybe I just remember that I have too many already as it is... Oh also, that Durarara manga is a freebie and I forgot to take more photos of it. So this is the only time you'll see it :P Ah and pardon the quality of some of the photos. When I took the photos I thought they looked good enough on the display, little did I know I didn't have enough lighting for some ^^;

Friday, April 13, 2012

Obitsu at Sakura Con 2012

When the president of your favourite doll company is invited to Sakura Con as a special guest, you tend to want to go... So I did. He is Obitsu Saburo, the President of Obitsu Company, a company that is 100% made in Japan! All the design and manufacturing are made in eastern Tokyo in Japan.

Sakura Con 2012 Coverage

It was quite an amazing weekend at Sakura Con despite the rough early mornings I had to go through to get there and back. This time around, it was a different experience. I had a press badge which was quite handy for some events and had some privileges attached to it, but there was also a responsibility of reporting the events and quickly rolling out articles such as the interview with Urobuchi Gen et al.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

An Interview with Urobuchi Gen, Ota Katsushi and Iwakami Atsushiro

©Nitroplus / TYPE-MOON, ufotable, FZPC
I'm very happy to present to you an interview with the great Urobuchi Gen (writer of Fate/Zero and Puella Magi Madoka Magica), Ota Katsushi (Vice President of Sekaisha, Publisher of Fate/Zero novels), and Iwakami Atsushiro (Producer for Aniplex)! This interview has been brought to us to Sakura Con by Aniplex USA.

Despite the late notice and late start of the press conference, the other press members and I were able to get quite a lot of information directly from the source. We took turns with the eight members of the press that were there, asking questions to all three or sometimes only to Urobuchi. Those present were from SUTORAIKU Anime, Radiant Dreamer, Japan-A-Radio, The-O Network Online, and Sankaku Complex. Questions and answers were translated by Karahashi Takayuki.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sakura Con 2012 Cosplay

Jump for joy because tis the first post of my Sakura Con 2012 trip! :D I always like to do the cosplay photos first because there are just so many of them! Plus it's easy to post. I should've taken some more days off from work so I can actually do these posts ^^; ANYWAY... Let's get this show on the road! First of all the photo above is another photographer requesting this Ranka to do a jump. I was able to steal a photo as she was jumping ^^

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dual Saber Wielding

At last the two Sabers are here!! Alter! Extra! Finally together at my home ^o^ Such a long wait for them but finally this post will be nothing but black and red!