Thursday, March 26, 2009

Room of Otakudom

Or is it Otakudoom... Because when earthquake hits... it'll be the doom of an otaku! If he's sleeping on the bed that is. This is what has been mentioned many times on but has never been seen... Until now! Come and take a tour of this shameful legendarily messy room.

As you open the door you are greeted by stacks and stacks of manga. You can see the carpet, or the lack of because of how much stuff is on top of it. To the left of it are boxes of figures. This carpeted path has been preserved so that one would be able to reach the bathroom where the light is shining through and the mini drawer for clothes where you see a LOT of Ayanami Rei figures.

Behind the door is another stack of manga. It's been kept small because it has toppled and blocked the door before. And Hetare Saber greeting you with her nonchalant eyes.

As you look up, you'll see a huge Ayanami Rei wallscroll and a newly stuck on poster from Megami magazine and see the huge amounts of Ayanami Rei figures with some invaders in the form of Saber Gundam, Lacus Clyne and Lunamaria Hawke.

You turn your head to the right and see the three wallscrolls adorning the walls. Evangelion, Chii from Chobits and .hack//Legend of the Twilight.

You turn your whole body to the right and see the stacks of figure boxes, a shelf that was meant for manga but has been turned to a figure box shelf, a metallic shelf with trading figures and a detolf that's only half filled with unboxed figures (half of it filled with boxed ones).

Then you look down on to the bed and see Goth Loli Ryomou dakimakura and Sakurano Otoha cover. Above them is the Yoko oppai mousepad and Cardcaptor Sakura cushion on the pillow. Besides the pillow to the left and right are plushies from different series.

Then you turn towards the window... bags of comic books are stacked on top of the bed. Clothes that doesn't fit in the drawer are also placed here underneath Saber's lion plushie. Old anime CDs, Komugi Nakahara standee, more figure boxes and stacks of PSP games. The stereo is almost blocked out completely. Some unboxed figures such as the Range Murata PSE series and the "thermometer" Haruhi Suzumiya bunny girl figure. She's a "thermometer" because she changes colour when it's above 15 degree celsius or below. Right now she is brown because it's still cold in spring, but when summer hits, she'll be completely white.

Looking closer to the corner beside the stereo is the mini Asuka shrine and another stack of manga along with stacks of bags of comic books. The huge Grunty sure is cute though.

You clear the bed by folding the dakimakura in half so you can sit down and look to the front where the boxes of figures look wider than you thought when you entered the room. Behind the stack is a shelf filled with mangas to the brim and finally see some Gundams on top of the shelf. The manga towers seem to be leaning...

Beside the manga towers are more figure boxes... You'd think it's hell like this... Well you're right since there is the Hell Girl figure and but also heaven because of the panchira figure of Franco Il Nero.

You stand up and look to the left of the bed... you can see that its IMPOSSIBLE to reach the closet because of the junk blocking the way. There used to be a path, but that has been long blocked by more figures.

You look up to the shelf and you realize you see MORE stacks of manga holding up the Yuiko from Little Busters figure. The figma boxes provide some colour...

Then you see this strange bag with Club Monaco on it... Fellow blogger RadiantDreamer might remember what it is... He sold a figure and puts it in this bag before he handed it to the purchaser. Then you see more Gundams on top of the Detolf.

You look closer to the Detolf and finally see the Haruhi figures that are displayed there. 2 Freeing Bunnies... no wonder there aren't too many figures inside it. Dust can be hard to clean off from those fishnet stockings.

This is the end of the tour of this room... the following are rooms around the house.

This Darth Vader standee was a legacy from the old room. It's been moved to another less cluttered location.

Polystone figure that was too dangerous to place in the cluttered room, you know her from the Nadesico movie, Hoshino Ruri, 16 years old.

Downstairs is a shelf full of anime DVDs along with miscellaneous things that had no other place to go...

To the right of the first DVD shelf is another DVD shelf, also filled to the brim. You can see the Kemeko & MM figure boxes, waiting for photo opportunity or a place for them to be displayed.

The main computer spot. It's not much of a desk... the monitor is sitting on top of a box and using a stool to sit on. Another DVD shelf holds the PS3 & Wii games along with more DVDs.

And finally the most recently built shelf already full with more DVDs, top to bottom. Which brings us to the end of this tour. We hope you enjoy the tour and perhaps you may understand how Otakudom can be dangerous to one's health and financial situation.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yuri Mania 7

Awww... isn't that cute ^_^

Gokigenyou readers! This week is not a skip week for Yuri Mania even though I haven't been feeling well lately. My cold symptoms started sometime last Sunday, and I wasn't giving it a thought or I could've prevented it... Anyway, enough about me, I'm almost all better now! Time to focus on the girls loving girls genre that is yuri!

Last week I reviewed the anime for Shoujo Sect, after I posted it I found the third episode. I was glad to see it conclude happily... though the anime was just a bit too short to conclude all the loose threads. I mean there were scenes that wasn't in the anime in the promotional video! What's up with that?? Thankfully someone was kind enough to find the manga and I finished that in one night! No wonder I got sick ^^;

The manga and the anime has different scenes, but ends about the same way. I do love the extra epilogue scenes in the manga though. And it doesn't hurt there are more yuri H situtations in the manga... Hekekek.

And finally...

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 10

Only one strip this week before I make 4 strips in a row for next 2 weeks. The above is an unused scene... I decided I want Haruhi standing against the wall when Lily has her way with... Umm... you'll see.

The first one is a static image and the second is an animated gif, which I think looks better without the extra Saber face there ^^; ENJOY!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Oppai Mousepads vs Saber Lily vs Haruhi

I blame Danny Choo for making me buy these two mousepads... LOL! He was advertising the Dengeki G's Festival magazine that had the Haruka Nogizaka (from Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu) mousepad. And for some reason I wanted one so bad after reading about it. Unfortunately the magazine wasn't readily available yet at the time I was reading the article... Luckily the Yoko (from Gurren Lagann) mousepad was available for order from Hobby Search. So I took advantage of it ^_^

"Oppai" means bosoms, by the way...

Size comparison between the two oppai ^^;

It was quite soft on the wrist and makes it really comfortable... Ah no, I don't really know if it does help or not. I don't see any improvements much... ^^; It's nice to have a wrist-rest at least. Unfortunately that leaves less room for the mouse to move around compared to the original rectangular mouse pad.

Eventually I found that magazine with Haruka Nogizaka mousepad in it. I found it at Iwase Book Store in Richmond, BC. It was quite expensive because they shipped it by airmail and I had to pay the cost for it =_=

Right now I'm using Haruka mousepad for the desktop computer downstairs, which is more frequently used, so it has some wear already. While I'm using the Yoko one for the laptop computer upstairs, which is hardly used. I actually brought the Yoko mousepad to work one day just for laughs... ^^;

I do have another one of these, but that one I won't show for reasons I will not say right now... No, not because it's a nekkid one ok, jeez! Anyway this is just pretense for my next Figma 4-panel comics and to show my friend who wanted to see these mousepads ^_^

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Parts 8 & 9

Potty mouth Saber Lily returns! And my hand makes an appearance XD

You may want to watch this duel scene from Star Wars Episode III to understand the joke below... otherwise it's pretty funny the way it is, I hope...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yuri Mania 6: Shoujo Sect

Shoujo Sect ~Innocent Lovers~ Episodes 1 & 2

Gokigenyou and welcome to another segment of Yuri Mania, where I focus on the genre of girls loving girls in anime and otaku culture. I found this anime last minute (yesterday on Wednesday, before I went to see Watchmen). I was just browsing and saw this title called Shoujo Sect ~Innocent Lovers~. With "innocent" in the title I was sure it would be anything but! So I downloaded the trailer just to take a look and WOW!!! The trailers already had so much explicit scenes I had to stop it because someone behind me would not like what I'm watching, lol.

So what is Shoujo Sect? It's a manga created by Ken Kurogane and was made into OVA series starting last summer. It's a familiar story of an all girls school and the girls who "respect" another girl very dearly... if you know what I mean. Except unlike Maria-sama ga Miteru or Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~ or Sailor Moon's Sailor Neptune and Uranus, this series take it to another step that's not commonly shown in other yuri anime!

The story begins with two young girls, I'd say about 5 years old, meeting for the very first time. One is Shinobu Handa, the main character, and Momoko Naitou, the love interest. After a full day of playing, Momoko had to leave, but not before giving Shinobu a peck on the lips. And thus began Shinobu's hunt for Momoko...

This is Shinobu... you can sorta guess what kind of personality she has. She's quite the seductress with quite a large harem under her belt... All under one roof of the Sparrow's Forest dormitory.The Sparrow's Forest dormitory, which is just one big house pretty much.

This is Momoko. She's quite rigid and very strict on the rules, especially since she's on the disciplinary committee. I guess she's like the tsundere of the show?

Kirin Suwabe poses as a lover and servant to Shinobu. From what I can see here, she looks like she's from India... She can be quite jealous too, especially when Shinobu remembers her first love in that playground dream sequence.

They've covered quite a lot of the characters and their story arcs within the two OVAs, but some of them are cut down into just a couple of H scenes... not like I'm complaining :P

Haruhi? Ah no, she just wears the same yellow ribbon with a ponytail.The Komai sisters, Chizuru and Shigure are the first arc that seemed to be "solved" by admitting they loved each other... Of course Momoko feels kinda guilty because she kinda helped them get together by encouraging Chizuru to confess her love.

And then there's Maya Enjouji, who secretly loves Shinobu, and she expresses that below... and Shinobu reciprocating her feelings.

Later on we will meet Matsuri, who wanted to make love to Kirin so bad that she fakes having the mumps... (How does one fake the mumps?) And because of that Shinobu made all the girls in the dorm to stay home and not infect the school. Which forced Momoko to come to their dorm for an after school visit.
Cute pink bunny girl is cute!

Of course there's always a teacher in these stories... I was sure this teacher, Kyouko Hayato will play a (seductress) role when she first appeared.

And sure enough she gets into Momoko's pants! I won't spoil the story here because it's a pretty decent story in a H anime.

Anther minor character is Oogami-sempai (the one on top), who is not in the first two episodes much, but is implied that she's giving trouble to Shinobu.

It took me a while to take all the screencaps because um... well some scenes are kinda hot and it was hard to concentrate. I noticed the hair animation looks weird in all of them... the drapes and the carpet alike. The hair on their heads seem to be stuck together, but not as distracting as the hair below. They looked kinda bad and may be distracting for some people. Everyone looked like they were just freshly shaven... badly! I like all the voices, except for Matsuri. And right now I'm in the process of downloading the 3rd episode and see how it concludes. If you like your yuri and always hoping they'd go to the next step, then this is for you! I believe this may be the first H anime that actually focused on yuri... I could be wrong though.

It's unfortunate that there are only 3 OVAS being made. I would love to explore more of the story. The manga is available online! Courtesy of 「頂の座」 at

And now some screenshots I didn't use for the review above!