Friday, October 31, 2008

Duelling Pantsu Figures

Alter 1/8 Franco Il Nero

The first time I saw this was unpainted prototype from one of Danny Choo's WonderFest pictures. At first I thought it was from the Sakura Taisen series, but Daniel aka RadiantDreamer from Anime Figurines Network on Facebook told me otherwise. Especially with the excessive pantsu showing lol. So I tracked it down as it becomes finished and found out that it's Franco Il Nero, and proceeded to pre-order her ASAP!

When I opened the box, there were two twist ties wire that held the box together, which is kinda rare for PVC figures. One of them was actually the stand, don't wanna lose that. Her hair is really soft for a PVC, I was extra careful in handling it. And since this isn't one of those normal PVCs that stands or just sit, it's got no flat surface to put her down properly. I mused over how to place it down and it became an akward position for her ^^; A truly dynamic pose!

Now the thing that concerned me about this figure is that there's only a little plastic tab attaches to the wall to support this Franco! I'm VERY concerned. It looks wobbly and wonders what would happens if it falls. I hope Alter thought about the long run when this figure is displayed for long periods of time. I wasn't sure either if I've put in the support properly or not. The smoke and bullet holes on the wall are quite a nice touch.

I really love the sole on her boots. I mean I do like the obvious thing that's shown on this figure *cough*pantsu*cough* but this figure looks very good overall! And it's only when I opened the figure I saw how cute her futomomo (thigh) looks. One of my favourites of the bunch, plus I do have a thing for Cowgirls too ^^

Hmm, maybe I should've put them facing each other so it really looked like they're duelling ^^;

- = ≡ = -

Her futuristic counterpart is
Toys Works 1/8 Mikuru Nazume from Zero In

I have no idea why I bought this... Probably because it had a similar pose to Franco Il Nero. So I had an idea of putting them together in one photo for some reason. It looks cute and has a similar look to one of Yoshizaki Mine's Keroro Gunsou characters, but I really have no idea where she's from... It's a good pairing I guess. She doesn't really need that base either, so I can probably display it right underneath Franco ^^


  1. with a pose like this, the enemy will definitely be distracted. ^^;

  2. *cues dueling banjo music* ^_^

  3. Kinda surprised that the first figurine can actually be displayed like that!

  4. @madmoz: Ya, it was made that way. I'm very surprised that there's only a small piece of plastic holding it up.

  5. Accidently stumbled across this old post^^

    I actually do have the first two volumes of the Zero In Manga and to be honest you havent missed anything really.
    Just a Girl `n`Guns Manga that features some moe girls instead of the usual kickass ones.

    Didnt know that they made a figure of her.

  6. @Blowfish: I found out that someone has scanlated the manga... so I'll read that when I have the time so I can somehow justify this figure's purchase ^^;