Friday, October 17, 2008

Reiko Holinger: Gundam 0079 Card Builder Figure

Just look at her blush! ^_^

Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 Card Builder Figure:
Reiko Holinger
Something I got last year at Anime Evolution '07 in Vancouver, but never got around to taking pictures of it. So finally reviewing this huge gal! She's big! Hobby Search calls her 1/6 but it's far too big for a 1/6 as you'll see below.

I've wanted to get this figure ever since I've seen it at Ever Toys in Crystall Mall in Burnaby, BC, but it was almost $100! So on the last day of the convention I went by their booth again and saw it brought down to $65. REIKO GETTO DA-ZE! Why was I after this figure? It's based on Yoshizaki Mine's art, and I'm a big fan of the way he draws his girls.

Though Banpresto's figures aren't super good since her crossed legs looked fused together. I just noticed that recently and ugh... but I still like this figure just because how sexy and cute she looks. Once I get my room cleared out she will be placed together with my finished Gundam kits.

This was actually hard to place on the base... Especially the pointer. It's shown that she's holding it straight down, but if I didn't tilt it then that pointer is gonna scratch the base.

I've also posted this on as a part of my regular weekly post. Her heels actually scratched the base already... it's quite sharp! How does she walk in those boots?!

That logo on her back looks very cool.

Look how tall she is! The box says that she's 161 cm tall, and B: 91, W:58 and H:83... what are those? O sheet! Those are her 3 sizes 0.o According to Hobby Search she's 27 cm and 1/6 scale... but Maid Saber is supposed to be 1/6!! WTH?! I mean Saber Maid is big, but compared to Reiko, she's like a baby.

See the difference between the boxes? The other figure for this Card Builder Figure, Catherine Blitz, is also shown on the back of the box... but personally I still like the back of the Saber Maid box ^^;

Um... I was just looking at Saber Maid figure again and saw how cute her pantsu was ^^; So I took a picture of it! XD

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