Friday, September 25, 2009

Mirai Gundam

Gundam of the Future aka Mirai Gundam is finally done! 5 days worth of work and countless hours... Countless because I didn't keep track of how long it took me to make it. There were some extra unaccountable work that I did not foresee. But here is my blog's first anniversary project finally done. In case you don't know, mirai means future in English.

Beware, there are a LOT of pictures! XD

So what started all this? Why, it's Mirai Suenaga of course, the mascot to I knew I wanted to make another Gundam kitbash after the Saber Gundam, but I couldn't figure out what. Then I thought a Mirai Gundam would be feasible with the use of Nadleeh! Oh and if you saw my first post about this Gundam project, I've added a red herring... which is the GN Archer. I didn't use any parts of it on Mirai Gundam :P I have another plan for that one.

Now a word of warning: I am not that good of a modeller... I only have something in mind but I cannot execute it well. So please don't mind the crappy paint job and overall of it, lol. I may take some advice and wouldn't mind having a suggestion for which paint I can use instead of markers for future references if I have time to fix it.

Here's a quick tour of the Mirai Gundam... In the front you'll notice the "d" on the chest. That was a printed out decal from my computer and stuck on with glue. It's not well done and some of the paint stuck on the front of it before. I had to fix it real quick with white paint. Hopefully it's not too bad. Forgot to mention... instead of the ribbon on the chest, I opted to colour in the core in the blue ribbon colour.

The neck piece that is used for the Kyrios torso tilts forwards and backwards, so it has a bit of an effect on the hair at the front.

Angled side view shows the "d" logo on the side of the arm that's supposed to be a part of the uniform for Mirai. And I gotta say... this is the first time I've seen a Gundam with "socks"! I laughed and laughed at this fact. It just looks so strange XD

Here's the back side... the hair had to be repainted just before I took these photos. Some of the paint peeled off because the hair is actually a flexible piece instead of other materials. In the future I may have to repaint it again.

Another side view shows the hair tie on the side of Mirai's head. It was hard to paint it because I was all shaky and couldn't paint in a straight line. I can see visibly how the paint is rubbing off here... I'll fix that soon.

Here's the Mirai printout I used for colour reference. You can see that I was trying to compare my Gundam markers to the original art.

Mirai Gundam with GN Rifle! What do you like best? Mirai with a gun...

Or with a beam saber?

Or perhaps with dual beam sabers?

I'm trying to do all the poses that Mirai does, but unfortunately Danny's mascot page is offline at the moment... Either that or I can't find it at the moment. If I remember other poses that I haven't done, I'll post it here or make another post.

Mirai Gundam with hanky? Do Gundams cry GN particles?

This is the Mirai Figma pose that was shown at Tokyo Figure Show... though the arms are a bit too long here ^^;

The pantsu exposing pose... And YES, I painted the bottom part white for this reason! :P Cannot unsee?

Here's a pose where Mirai is supposed to be in a maid uniform... but I don't have one, so go with this one ok?

I visited Chun on Thursday to show her this Mirai Gundam. She suggested I do outdoor photos. It was a nice day outside, but it was kinda windy. As for the people watching me, I didn't even notice. I was focused on the Gundam not falling from the wind and trying to get the right focus for the camera.

So here she is outside... Had to prop her up on the box I was carrying her in because there weren't any stable surface outside.

Mirai... it's not nice to read over someone's shoulder... or their wrist for that matter. A bronze statue that sat on the bench at the mall I went to.

The mall had an indoor garden with perhaps fake plants... I thought it was a nice setting for this. Just as I finished taking these pictures, my brother called and I tried to quickly grab the Gundam as I was talking... Unfortunately I dropped her on the pot of dirt right beside this bridge... Thankfully it wasn't so dirty. I also noticed a security guard passing by, but she didn't say anything to me.

There's a waterfall in the background.

This is what it'll look lilke IF Danny uses Mirai Gundam as part of the banner XD

Here's that kneeling picture again. This time she's holding a smaller version of her Gundam ^^

I really liked this dual wield beam saber pose! So much so that maybe we can use it for a header?

And finally, I had to do a parody of that Hidamari Sketch scene... Gundams are a bit hard to handle unfortunately ^^;

I think I'll have more things I'll do with Mirai Gundam in the future, she is after all, Gundam of the future!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Secret Gundam Project II: Days 2-5

So this time my Gundam project took about 4 days to finish and I have no idea how many hours it took. Before I post the final Gundam I'll show you the progress it took to get there. Some of you may know what this Gundam is just by looking at the first picture.

The pictures above and below are the results of day 1 and 2. Colours are set and I've decided which piece needs that colour.

I saw the back of the torso and looking at the colours, I immediately thought of Kinder Surprise XD

On the third day I was cooped up in my room, so I decided to colour using the markers which doesn't give too much fumes. The knees and the legs get their colours along with the feet. I originally got a gray marker to colour the legs... but it was way too dark. So the next day I coloured it silver.

On day 4 was my last day of work, so I was able to stay up and worked a lot more on the kit. I've finally tried out the first actual paint I'm using on a kit instead of markers. I'm very surprised how well the colours match properly to the original.

And here's that ballcap joints that I was trying to make for the arms so that it could connect to the shoulders. I had an annoying time filing down the original ball on the left to what it looks like to the right. Filing, sanding... it was a pain in the ass I tells ya! One of them I actually used the plastic cutter to chop it down to size. The latter worked better... I'm in the process of acquiring actual ball caps. Hopefully they'll fit.

And here's the Gundam leg that gave me a good laugh. I believe this is the first time I've seen a Gundam with socks XD

On Wednesday, the fift day, I managed to get the labels/decals on the pieces I need them. I originally wanted to use the markers to make it, but it was futile. I printed them out on paper instead and cut them out, but they're so fricking tiny! I couldn't find a glue stick... So I went with this super glue thing called Mr. One Push Button. The thing I wanted to glue on is so small that some of the glue came on my fingers. My index finger and thumb was stuck for a second. It hurts like hell for a while after I pulled them apart >_<

The Gundam's all done now and I took pictures of it outdoors for the very first time (on Chun's urging). All will be revealed on Friday.

Gomen Nasai...

I've been very caught up with a lot of my projects lately, from 4koma to Gundam that I haven't really read much of my comrades' blogs... So for that I apologize deeply...

I tend to leave a lot of comments on others' blogs and on, but lately I haven't had the time nor the energy. I don't even know what I do with my time either. I don't even watch that much anime nor do I play that much games. I fell behind and I couldn't catch up any longer. I hope one day to catch up again and browse all your blogs again.

I sincerely thank you all who's come to visit and supported me for this past year. I hope to get one week to just read everyone's blogs and maybe even leave a comment or ten. Just a quick update, I'm almost at that 1 year mark and I'm almost done with the Gundam project ahead of schedule. I had almost the whole day on Wednesday to get most of it done. Will post it as soon as possible ^^

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Secret Gundam Project II: Day 1

The first day I'm starting this project I encountered a problem right away... The arm that I want to use goes into a peg into the torso...

However... the arm for this torso requires a ball joint to connect. This threw my plan up in the air. I don't wanna mess around with my original plan. So somehow I need to fit in this stupid arm in that torso, perhaps even make a ball joint for that arm.

Thankfully I remembered that I had this cheap First Grade Strike Dagger from my last Gundam Project. It's a good thing I'm a ratpack, so I keep this sort of thing even though it was useless after I finished Saber Gundam.

Basically I'll be cutting off that blue peg from the torso and use the ballcap on the left and somehow fit it into the arm. Hopefully it works. I haven't tried it yet, but I know the ball cap on it should fit into the torso. Here goes nothin'...

As for the rest of the day... I stopped counting how long I was doing it because I kept going back and forth while waiting for stuff to dry. I messed up badly because my main colour didn't turn out well at all. So I went out shopping to find an alternative colour. Turned out it's almost the same. I'd show more photos of what I done, but it's mostly just painting and those colours would give it away. I'll add them in once I finish the whole Gundam.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Top Secret Gundam Project II: MATERIAL GET!

Last year at around this time I bought myself 3 Gundam kits... All that were to be destroyed or bashed, I should say into another. That Kitbash Gundam became Saber Gundam. It's now almost a year since I started my blog and I thought I'd make another kitbash for my first BlogDay(TM), the first anniversary of my blog.

Of course there's a reason why it's called "Top Secret" so I won't reveal what it is I'm making until next week. Which hopefully gives me enough time to actually make it XD

I'll let the picture do the talking and leave it to your imagination of what it is ^^

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Melancholy of Dollfie Saber

The collaboration project between Wolfheinrich and myself continues... Drop by Wolfheinrich's World to see the Dollfie Dream Theater parallel story occurring around the same time as my last 4koma. Another Dollfie Dream Theater x Melancholy of Saber Lily chapter! Take it away Wolf!

Speaking of Saber Lily... I thought I'd show you guys some of my latest Saber Lily loot... Ok only some of them are latest, the others came many moons ago.

Sorry for the bad quality pic and background... Just took this while I'm hiding from a certain houseguest... The latest would be the Saber Lily shirt from Cospa. Another addition to my Cospa shirt collections... The next newest thing would be Fate Unlimited Codes for the PSP, the downloadable version. I haven't unlocked Saber Lily yet though -.- And finally the Saber Lily PSP case and headphones, which was a special third party package of PSP accessories that came out when Unlimited Codes came out in Japan a few months ago.

Perhaps I'll make a 4koma out of that shirt and Saber Lily... Oh and I'm also ecstatic to see the Haruhi vs Saber Lily 4koma as one of the rotating headers of Figure.FM! Thanks for adding my header, Danny!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Yuri Mania 21: Breaking through the Panels

Gokigenyou minna-san! It is another time to put some more yuri into your life! Again I've been neglecting my duty to review Kanamemo... but hopefully this will make up for it. The above photo is an unused panchira picture ^^;

This is of course another collaboration between Wolfheinrich and I. A Dollfie Dream Theater x Melancholy of Saber Lily joint project.

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 20

This part was kinda killing me the other night while I'm making this. Maybe there were just so many pictures to cut out from their background? Or maybe the dual panel I was doing. Looks ok, I hope. Did you notice anything in the last panel? :P

I also made a new header that might be useable for; see if Danny likes it enough to be usable as the header. Trying out more of panel breakings and adding something familiar at the end ^_^

Of course these two are on Melancholic Lily and you can see the previous ones there as well. Until next time... Gokigenyou!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Melancholy of Saber Lily: Side B(L)

Gokige... Oh wait, can I say this under this circumstances, can I? ^^; Ummm... yes, I'm doing a different type of 4koma comic this week than what my regular readers are used to, as you can gather from the image above (from Gelbooru).

Let's see... how did this happen again? Oh yea, a conversation started in one of Danny Choo's loot posts about male figures and how someone should make a yaoi type figma comics... And I suddenly came up with two ideas right away! My mind is twisted apparently, oh but you knew that already.

This will be an intermission of my current collaboration project with Wolfheinrich, so rest assured that will continue later on. These following 4koma comics are inspired by and dedicated to my good friend Yakuri. She's got an advance screening of this, but I added a little thing at the bottom of it afterwards :P

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 18

As you can see this is another Endless Eight parody. The dialogues are directly from the anime or at least from the fansubs that I copied this from. Well except for the last panel, but you get the idea. I chose the number 7401 because it sorta looks like the equivalent to "YAOI" ^^;

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 19

Oh so that's where Saber Lily's been hanging around at. Oooh and I guess this is the first appearance of Nagato Yuki on these panels! The scene is of course reminiscent of the 5th part of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya where Koizumi takes Kyon into the enclosed space. In this one Koizumi seems to have enclosed upon Kyon! GYAAAAH!! Also another Endless Eight reference in the last panel. Did you catch it? :)

These comics are also on my other site all collected in

So did anyone get the case of the can't unsee? :P Well I have a Moe healing art for ya, courtesy of Yakuri as well. She drew this for me because I answered right to all the questions she asked in one of her blog posts. Thank you very much Yaku! Let the little sisters MOE healing begin! XD