Friday, September 4, 2009

Melancholy of Saber Lily: Side B(L)

Gokige... Oh wait, can I say this under this circumstances, can I? ^^; Ummm... yes, I'm doing a different type of 4koma comic this week than what my regular readers are used to, as you can gather from the image above (from Gelbooru).

Let's see... how did this happen again? Oh yea, a conversation started in one of Danny Choo's loot posts about male figures and how someone should make a yaoi type figma comics... And I suddenly came up with two ideas right away! My mind is twisted apparently, oh but you knew that already.

This will be an intermission of my current collaboration project with Wolfheinrich, so rest assured that will continue later on. These following 4koma comics are inspired by and dedicated to my good friend Yakuri. She's got an advance screening of this, but I added a little thing at the bottom of it afterwards :P

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 18

As you can see this is another Endless Eight parody. The dialogues are directly from the anime or at least from the fansubs that I copied this from. Well except for the last panel, but you get the idea. I chose the number 7401 because it sorta looks like the equivalent to "YAOI" ^^;

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 19

Oh so that's where Saber Lily's been hanging around at. Oooh and I guess this is the first appearance of Nagato Yuki on these panels! The scene is of course reminiscent of the 5th part of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya where Koizumi takes Kyon into the enclosed space. In this one Koizumi seems to have enclosed upon Kyon! GYAAAAH!! Also another Endless Eight reference in the last panel. Did you catch it? :)

These comics are also on my other site all collected in

So did anyone get the case of the can't unsee? :P Well I have a Moe healing art for ya, courtesy of Yakuri as well. She drew this for me because I answered right to all the questions she asked in one of her blog posts. Thank you very much Yaku! Let the little sisters MOE healing begin! XD


  1. lol! and nice timing with tsuki-board's picture otd ^^;

    nice art there Yakuri! ^^

  2. Kawaii, Yakuri! I heart thee.

    Awesome work with the 4koma posts mate! Yay Yuki! :D

  3. Goddamit, Yuki was hilarious in that XD

    And I think I've said this before, but your friend is a fucking amazing artist

  4. @YuKi-To: Ahaha I had to see what that picture OTD was. What a coincidence XD

    @radiantdreamer: Aye aye I <3 Yakuri as well :D I need to put more Yuki in there methinks ^^;

    @Yamada: LoL nothing about the yaoi, eh? XD

    @Snark: She doesn't say much and in only one panel, but she sure gets a lot of love eh? ^^

  5. I needed that last picture's healing.
    Still, the yaoi strips are funny.

  6. I have realized that my misc. ramblings in the internet can have very unexpected results, for I hadn't remembered that conversation until you pointed it out. Me is very pleased XD

    Now seriously, that's some hot 4komas I love them! (maybe I should draw some Itsuki/Kyon for your next fanart ahahahaha) especially Yuki, she's my fujoshi nakama now =D

  7. btw you sure are The H-man, I don't have that much of a good imagination as you! I need to delve my mind deeper into yaoi, so much that I see it in every canon story!

    It's easy to draw for you since I know your face characters and they're all cute girls =D

  8. @Yi: LoL it is a tad disturbing especially for me since I cosplay as Kyon XD Imouto healing ftw!

    @yakuri: I guess I take things to heart easily :) Especially if I have an idea brewing in my mind. It was a while ago too, lol. Gek, do I really want to see a Itsuki x Kyon yaoi pic? ^^;;; Itsuko x Kyonko perhaps? :P

    Umm... your second comment... don't say things that'll make people misunderstand! XD What does that say about me if I have a good imagination about yaoi ^^;

    Oh and I just gave you one suggestion for the next fanart ^^

  9. DAMNIT!! You disappoint me!!

    For a second I thought it was going to be:

    Koizumi: "Why don't you embrace Suzumiya-san from behind and tell her: I LOVE YOU"

    *Kyon walks up behind Koizumi*
    Kyon: "I LOVE YOU."

    *moment of silence*
    Kyon: "Like this?"

    *Koizumi's face: o___o*


    *Koizumi embraces Kyon from behind*

    Koizumi: "Why don't embrace Suzumiya-san from behind and tell her: I LOVE YOU"

    Damnit Lightningsabre-san. :P

    I had a great laugh though. ^^

    So do we get to win an artwork if we answer the questions right as well...or was that only open to you?

  10. @Tommy: it was open to anyone, just needed to answer correctly and a prize could be won!

  11. @Tommy: For later sequel maybe? ^^; It also depends on what kind of faces I have for my figma y'see... I just happened to have this new Kyon face XD I thought this one had the same effect as your second idea :P

    And what Yakuri said. I just happened to be one of the first to read and knew (read: googled) all the answers right away ^^;;;

  12. There was never a rule against "researching", all is fair in love and war =D

  13. Awesome art work there. Only there's a color, perfect.

  14. @yakuri: True true. I'm surprised I've found all of them ^_^

    @RyoBase: I believe it will be coloured... someday ^_~

  15. OHH GODD KOIZUMI-KUN~!!! >_< lolololol niice Yakuri =3

  16. LOL "Why'd you say that line so close to my face?"

    That reminds me of these bits in episode 10 of S2:

  17. Oh dear, I take a leave of absence from the Otaku blogging world and suddenly Lightingsabre starts doing BL comics? Did I just step into some sort of parallel universe? LOL, jk. ^^

  18. @Argyle: Hahaha yeah Koizumi is quite freaky in this one XD

    @thetsundere: Yep, that's where I got the idea from ^^ Koizumi is just too damn close to Kyon's face sometimes.

    @Coco: LOL great reaction! I think you have landed in an alternate universe and you're the slider!

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