Saturday, December 5, 2009

Knee Pits

The colloquial term for the back of the knee, or if you'd like to be technical about it, popliteal fossa. It's the area where your knee bends. Since it's similar to where the arm bends at the shoulder, the arm pit, this area is also called the "knee pit".

The above photo of Kanu in cosplay is by Ren of Zark&Ren on Look through more of their cosplay at their site!

Please be wary that there may be some picture that are risque and NSFW...

Let MEIKO show you the knee pits (circled in red) that I'm talking about.

Gorgeous China dress... beautiful MEIKO & knee pit.

Knee pits are also visible through knee/thigh high boots.

Misaka's knee pits are very well drawn here!

And why am I talking about this? Well for years, I had thought I liked the body part I liked on an anime character is her thighs. Which is why I liked the thigh highs that anime characters wore... but I realize that the part I look at closely is actually the area where the knee bends. There doesn't seem to be an official name for knee pits in Japanese, like "futamomo" for "thigh". If there is one, then I don't know it.

What the girl, Eimi, doing in the bottom right panel is called "hiza kakkun". "Hiza" means "knee" and "kakkun" is the noise of the knee crumpling from knees hitting the back of the knee. Somewhat related to the knee pit topic, especially from one of my favourite manga, Beauty is the Beast. Closest thing I can find in Japanese for "knee pit"...

Yuji Shiozaki's Ryomou got some of the best knee pits in the business!

But why do I like them? I'm not quite sure why. There must be some thing about the shape of them. The muscle connecting the two joints... The crease that shows where the knee bends... Or the dimples on either side of the muscle in the middle... I don't know, but I know when I see kneepits of an anime character drawn this way, it's definitely the first thing I'll see. The more detailed it's drawn, the more I appreciate the art.

So apparently the reason why I like thigh highs, loose socks, or boots, is because the way they accentuate knee pits...

Not so visible, but for one of my favourite characters, she looks great in those thigh highs!

Loose socks are great, aren't they?

Cammy's one of the first that I remember to show of her knee pits in a victory pose.

Figures are also great works of art that features detailed knee pits. Such as the Maid Saber from Alter. You can see her knee pits covered by the thigh highs. Or the Gothic Lolita Ryomou figure based on the picture previously shown above. The Franco Il Nero pictured below is another great piece.

Tsukino Azusagawa from Yakitate Japan got some great ones too. One of my favourite figures!

Ok, most static figures are pretty good for knee pits... let's take a look at Revoltech Fraulein Haruka Hasegawa from Moyashiman and Figma Yuki Nagato from Haruhi Suzumiya series.

ARRRGH!! Never mind, forget it!

GYAH! I don't need a close up of it >_<

Ah, that's better...

First thing I notice about this picture of Angol Moa? The knee pits of course.

Now, I don't really think this is a fetish because it's not something that I think about sexually. It's something that I look at because it's beautiful... Or is that the same thing? NO! I deny it! It's the appreciation of beauty not something that you think of when you're by yourself and feeling the urge... The beauty of knee pits transcend that of a mere fetish!

Mogudan draws some of the best knee pits... Most of his art is ero doujinshi, so this is one of the cleanest ones I could find...

Umm... sorry, over dramatic. There are a lot of pictures of knee pits that are in ero positions unfortunately... So it can actually be difficult to find something clean to post here. It's also quite rare to have characters drawn from the back and their knee pits being shown. When there are knee pits visible then most likely there will be an upskirt picture as well...

Izurumi also draws knee pits quite well... A lot of his are ero doujinshi too...

It's difficult to find something clean to understand the beauty of knee pits... but when it's there, I don't think I can't take my eyes off of them. So without further words... I present to you, The Knee Pit Gallery.

Rei in a plugsuit sorta shows them off... or is that part of the plug suit?

Cosplay of Rei looks good too ^^

Not so visible under Yui's pantyhose here, but it's not too bad.

Just barely there, but I can see it!

Ikki Tousen seems to be a good source...

Ishikei's art really showcase the knee pits... But again, a lot of his art are ero doujinshi ^^;

That's all folks! If you see great arts of knee pits, show me! :D


  1. Well, this is certainly a unique subject ^^ Nothing wrong with giving in to your fetishes. Most of the pictures have quite decent knee pits. I still think the term sounds funny, but it works. You should be proud, a search on google for knee pits shows you as the 4th result of 3.3 million :) Knee pits are sexier than arm pits, they don't need to be shaved.

  2. Owao, thanks for introducing me to the fetish I never knew I had :D

    I've always thought that was a mighty fine part, but I never researched into the proper name of the 'knee pit'.

    Yes, ikkitousen really places the effort in anatomy, doesn't it? It stuns me to think that they're still not legal >.>

  3. Knee pits complement nice thighs. And thighs are awesome, be it 2D or 3D. ^^ But are knee pits really a fetish? o.o

  4. Damn, How many sections are there when in comes to the legs?

    And you need moar Ryomou pics^^

  5. LoL I typed in somewhere that I don't think it's a fetish, but I guess if you really see through all the pictures I'm using then I can't really say much about it, can I? ^^; Oh and I laugh at the Google ads at the bottom of this page XD

    @Persocom: It really is a strange term, but I looked around and I don't see any other term unless we wanna call it popliteal fossa all day long... LoL let's see how many hits I get from the search "knee pits", eh? ^_^ Now to cement the Google image search next XD

    @Ningyo: LoL a newly christened knee pit addict? XD It's all those growth hormones in our food that the Ikki Tousen girls ate!

    @maru: I suppose anything could be a fetish... Especially something as beautiful as knee pits XD

    @GunStray: Weeelllll... if you wanna get into the parts of a leg then you're gonna have to go into all the muscles and everything, lol. So let's just add this one more thing for now. Oh I was looking through pictures of Ryomou and it sure is hard to find related pictures for this topic... but one day I'll make a Ryomou focused post :)

  6. Starting a new fetish huh?
    I'm not sure I'm into the knee pits. I'm definitely very into thighs and the pelvic area, and I love legs and feet, but knee pits...
    Btw. I would consider this a fetish, which doesn't necessarily have a bad connotation imo.

  7. @Yi: LoL is it new? It's just so neglected, lol. If you really look at the shape of it drawn on some of the characters, don't you think the knee pit looks a bit like the pelvic area too? ^^;

  8. Knee pits looks a lot attractive especially Rei .

    Thanks for introducing this to me but I'm not sure If I like it though ^^;;

  9. Knee pits overload...
    My mind is going all over the place!!!

  10. Okay.. is this the new thing for me? XD

  11. @Densha Otoko: To each his own, I suppose ^_^

    @mh: "Lots Of Love" indeed!

    @Rin: Was it that much? ^^;

    @Yamada: Hmm... that'd be up to you :)

  12. I tried giving it some thought but I just can't picture it being too comfortable humping a person's knee pits, so armpits are still superior in this case.

  13. Thank you for the Yoko pics. :D

    figma Yuki has bulges behind the knees :D

    At least the Frauleins look a "bit" better (as they have ridge/crest) on that location.

  14. I really liked this post, because I think that the "knee pit" can either add that extra element of feminenity or absolutely kill it. I guess I don't really have a "fetish" for it, but I definitely catch myself appreciating every "fold" of the female lower body as well as the upper. Women are so cool it's not even funny...but only when they're sitting on your lap. Everything else sucks lol, jk.

  15. @Shin: I'm a little worried about doing that because a knee pit might have more pressure than the armpit anyway... But really that's not the reason for a knee pit, really ^^;;

    @bd77: You're welcome! The joints for Figma is quite different than the Fraulein for sure, but there seems to be more creases and gaps for the Frauleins.

    @FaS: You're right about adding that extra elements beacuse if those parts don't look good it can be quite a turn off. But it is only one element :)

  16. I feel like I just got flashed at a lot o_o; and LOL at knee pits LOL!

  17. @chun: You tend to comment a lot on my ecchi posts ^^;

  18. And so, Lightning Sabre reveals, yet, another fetish.

    Thigh highs, string pantsus, knee pits...

    and the list just keeps on growing. :P

  19. @Tommy: Don't forget fee... Errr... I mean there's not that many >.>

  20. That's really interesting!
    Never heard about this kind of love for knee pit.
    BTW, my girlfriend is Kanu in your first pic. ^^ So thanks for use one of my photo on your article.



  21. @Zark: LoL is my face red with embarrassment ^^; But thank you for commenting, now I know where the photo came from :D She's beautiful, so don't let her go! And I'll link your profile here ;)

  22. Wonderful topic - ever going to do collarbones?

  23. @Cyber_chaotic: Collar bones!? What kinda sicko are you!? LoL XD That reminds me of this manga called Sundome where the guy was licking this girl's collar bone......

  24. I believe you mean the crook of the knee.

  25. Hmm... I haven't heard that one. I've only seen it as the back of the knee.

  26. Coming in a little late on the topic.... I've had the fascination with, an attraction to and yes, I guess a fetish for the "knee pits" since childhood. In particular, the horizontal crease(s) on the back of women's knees. My favorite is when there are multiple creases that form after knees are in bent position for any period of time. I can't help but stare....even more, touch. I'd slip my hand back there every chance I got with the girls I've dated over the years. Sometimes just to caress, other times to give a tickle. I can go on for days with this topic....

  27. Knee pit? The reverse of your elbow is not called your "elbow pit" xD Nice to find my Tribe: I've been into the popliteal fossa for a while and have only now stumbled onto this Blog, so kudos!