Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yuri Mania 27: Strawberry Panic Ending

Gokigenyou! It's about time I finish this yuri post about Strawberry Panic. Unlike the last Strawberry Panic post, this one will include a LOT of spoilers. I figured this is a four year old show and a lot of people have seen this already, but in case you haven't; I have warned you. If you haven't seen this show, don't go past the second opening and ending songs. It's not that I don't welcome you to read it, it will just spoil everything if you haven't seen it ^^; Oh and there will be some NSFW pictures...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Colbert Report Taping in Vancouver: Day 2

No, Stephen Colbert is not a Canadian, but he gladly did what the Canadian fans were chanting, "RIDE THE MOOSE... PLEASE!" and then "WAVE THE FLAG... PLEASE!" It was crazy energetic fun at the Creekside Park in Vancouver! The crowd was wild but somewhat polite, just what Stephen was expecting out of us syrup sucking iceholes that are the Canadians.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Anniversary

Can you believe I've been doing this 4koma comic series for a year now? Once again I started this out of wanting to do something fun and stupid with my special edition Figmas. I thought it'd be cool to have Saber Lily fighting an RPG-based warrior Haruhi. They had the appropriate gears and both have a sword. With more ideas and demands popping up, I couldn't resist creating more and more!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Yuri Mania 26: Strawberry Panic Intro

Gokigenyou minna-san! This week I finally gotten around to finishing what I started years ago in 2006. I finally watched Strawberry Panic from start to finish! I did like the show when I first watched it when it came out, but due to losing track of it and lost of interest due to the slowness of the show, I stopped for a while. I've recently acquired more patience, especially after watching Maria-sama ga Miteru several times, so I thought I'll finally get around to watching and talking about Strawberry Panic. However... it is 26 episodes and I like to be wordy, so I'll have two Yuri Mania back to back focusing on Strawberry Panic. ^^;

Friday, February 5, 2010

Light Emitting Kamen Rider Faiz

Also known as 超発光 仮面ライダーファイズ or Chouhakko Kamen Rider Faiz. Kamen Rider Faiz (555) has been one of my favourite Kamen Riders of all time. I remember hearing a lot about Kamen Rider back when I was younger, but I've never really had a chance to watch any of them. However a lot of people back in 2002 started to talk about how much Kamen Rider Ryuki was quite different from the previous incarnations, especially the costume design. I looked into it. I found that it was more serious than I thought since my opinion of Tokusatsu shows are all corny. I find Ryuki was still a bit corny though.