Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Anniversary

Can you believe I've been doing this 4koma comic series for a year now? Once again I started this out of wanting to do something fun and stupid with my special edition Figmas. I thought it'd be cool to have Saber Lily fighting an RPG-based warrior Haruhi. They had the appropriate gears and both have a sword. With more ideas and demands popping up, I couldn't resist creating more and more!

So this time, as you can see in the first picture, Drossel will appear in the pages of Melancholy of Saber Lily. I've been holding off on using Drossel because a lot of people were still using her and I didn't want to flood the internet with more of Drossel. I think I waited long enough to make Drossel stand out and for me to have an idea (and to actually execute it).

Yes, I realize it's a busy weekend, especially with what's going on in Vancouver. We have the Olympics starting, Valentine's Day and the Lunar New Year on Sunday. Yet, the most important for me in this weekend was to finish the first year anniversary post of The Melancholy of Saber Lily ^^;

It didn't help that my friend wanted to go see a new movie on Friday, the day of the Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony... He wanted to see "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" instead of the real Olympics. I ended up spending 4 hours away from doing these 4koma. It was surprisingly good though. Since it was based on a series of books for young teenagers, I expected it to be corny. It had a somewhat convenient and rushed ending, but the rest of it was good. ANYHOW... Rants aside, let's get to the comics!

Oh but first... I'll be having references to Drossel's original series, Fireball, so it might be good for you to see at least the first episode to get the gist of it.

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 33

(Virtual) Cookies to anyone who can guess the reference to the first two panels. I made these 4koma to look like the series, so I stole a few screenshots to get Gedächtnis in there ^^;  I thought it might make the crossover between Haruhi and Drossel more believable. Yep, so a new crossover begins... But I honestly don't have a lot of ideas for this, so I may not go with it too far. It will have to go back and forth.

And it seems like I do have a regular schedule for my 4koma comics... Once a month, lol! I hope to do it more frequently, but if I get busy with other things, I just won't have time to make these...

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 34

Yeah, I like to play with Drossel's innocence just a little bit. I can at least keep it innocent for two panels, right? I'll recently read this volume of original English language manga drawn by Adam Warren that featured a superheroine who gets stuck in bondage a lot... So I thought I'd include some of that stuff with Saber Lily, lol!

This is the said "manga", though it's closer to comic book... Actually I don't know, it's quite a hybrid. It's drawn in manga style, but it's in a comic book format and it involves superheroes. Even the author was concerned about the hybrid because people who like manga doesn't like superheroes comic books and people who like superheroes comic books doesn't like manga. Me, I like both, so this was the ideal comic!

It didn't hurt that the comic had a lot of... mature situations, and the main character's costume tends to get ripped a lot (like Ikki Tousen). I've read volume 5 recently and wow... it was quite a tear-jerker. It even had some yuri moments in it. I might write about this comic/manga hybrid again one day. It's a great series for people who like both manga and superheroes.

But I digress... I didn't have time to work on a new banner for the comic site unfortunately... but you can visit The Melancholy of Saber Lily's site to read the previous installments and read it all without this nosy commentaries ^^;

Of course before I go, I can't leave you without the bigger version of Saber Lily bound and gagged, can I?


Happy Valentine's Day! =P


  1. I laugh hard with Haruhi's demonstration LOL

    Happy Lily Anniversary, Happy CNY and Happy Valentine's day to you :D

  2. ohhh that looks like fun! I'm looking forward to seeing this new crossover!

  3. Im either coughing due to sickness, or coughing because you just destroyed someones innocence(again)^^;

    Nice way ninjaing Drossel in your 4koma's.

    Happy CNY btw

  4. I can't say I recall the reference, but I imagine it being some series' character calling for her manservant:
    "Sebastian! Where are you, sebastian?"
    "Right here, Ojou-sama. By the way, my name is *insert his real name here*"
    "Don't interrupt when I'm speaking, Sebastian!"

    You had me going for a while about how humanXrobot would work, but my wonderful Ningyo mind has already come up with an answer. Gotta love that thing.

    Excellent how you integrated the much overrated Drossel. You are now the man who stands at the top of creatively using Drossel. I hope, because any more creative may prove troubling.

    I can't say I'd like that comic; I antagonize western hybrids and would probably write another 2000 word blog post about it, comparing it to some ancient civilization or something.
    But, it's valentine's day, which means less bashing, more loving.

  5. Tear-jerker, eh? I'm sure you jerked something all right.

    Happy CNY, Ecchi man!

  6. @Yamada: Thank you and the same to you! It's always a pleasure for Haruhi to do her demonstration ^^

    @Wolfheinrich: Not too sure how far I can go with this, but I'm going to try ^_^ Thanks for your support!

    @GunStray: LoL innocence is meant to be sullied XD Happy CNY to you as well :)

    @Ningyo: Yeah, that's from Fireball... I'm actually referring to the names (Prometheus and R-66Y) that she was calling him with. LoL don't think too hard about it. I'm sure Haruhi will find a way.

    Ah thank you very much for that compliment! I didn't think I was using it as best as I could, I just want to play around with Drossel a little bit ^^;

    LoL yes, more loving and probably more good luck if you don't bash lol. Well I know a lot of people don't like hybrids, but for me this was a funny and surprisingly deep story. I'll write about it again one day and then you can freely bash it, lol.

    @FatB: Uh... well the fact that I was working on this post and comic up til 4-5 AM in the morning yesterday, I don't have much more time to do anything else ^^;;;

    Happy Lunar New Year to you too!

  7. That Tied up Lightning Sabre suddenly "turned me on " Good Job ^_^

    Just watched Percy Jackson , and it was a bit Corny but I like Greek Mythology . So it was an "okay " movie .

    But One thing I really hate about the movie is that The Main Character is a Loser and SUDDENLY He gets The Girl AND The Powers

    He just found out about his identity and SUDDENLY He has Mad Skills with using the sword . THATS UNFAIR . What Happen to " Practice makes Perfect "

    And I just watched 3 episodes of Fireball and I'm starting to fall in love with Drossel's Curvyness and Ojou-sama attitude ^_^ . Still haven't bought A Figma Drossel .

  8. Sadistic Haruhi's up to her usual antics. I guess she likes to have an audience. ^ ^

    Congratulations on the anniversary. Happy Chinese New Year, and Happy Valentine's Day!

  9. Happy CNY, and congratulations on your 1 year of delicious yuri fun!

    I'm glad that you're keeping up with it!

    I am one of those that aren't fond of north american comics, so this hybrid to me, feel more like an insult/defacing of the subculture. (but that's just me though).

  10. @yunamon: Oh yes, Lily, yes... Yes! Ye... I digress.

    @Densha Otoko: Too Much Information! XD It was an okay movie, but it surpassed my expectation. Oh and that's pretty typical how the story goes. Most anime does that, right? XD

    @Yi: Hahaha! Yeah Haruhi's an exhibitionist! Thank you and Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day to you as well :)

    @radiantdreamer: Thank you! And Happy CNY and Valentine's to you! Somehow I managed to keep it going even with long breaks in between ^^;

    Hmm... I suppose you won't like Heroman either then? I don't think of it as an insult but more like a tribute or acknowledgement. So North American comics done by a Japanese artist is a no-no as well?

  11. Happy Chinese New Year ^_^
    Did you happen to find the DVD version of Fireball, it has red ski gear and perfect for promoting Vancouver 2010 Olympics ^_^

  12. Ecchi Man strikes again.

    That Gagged Saber Lily is priceless!
    Gedächtnis,Drossel....Is Drossel actually supposed to be German or something?

  13. Oh lol. Drossel is being "educated" by Haruhi...

    Happy anniversary and CNY.

    BTW, I also got a Haruhi figure, go and visit.

  14. @robostrike: Happy Chinese New Year! Unfortunately I didn't have the money when the DVD was on pre-order, so I wasn't able to get it =(

    @Blowfish: Ecchi strikes again! What does Gedächtanis and Drossel mean in German? I think they're supposed to be based in a European country, but they didn't really specify. But you know how Japan is for using foreign words incorrectly.

    @bd77: AHAHA! I like your version of it, "education" XD Happy Chinese New Year to you too! Yeah, sorry I fell behind on your blog. I gotta catch up!

  15. Happy Chinese New Year ^^. I've been wanting to do a figure 4-koma for a while but never get around to it lol. I will in the future though for sure xD.

  16. @AS: Happy Chinese New Year to you too! Hmm... how about a Chinese New Year's resolution to start a figure 4koma comics? :P

  17. I'm a bit late, but grats on the anniversary! The Saber Lily 4komas have been fun, looking forward to more even if it's only once a month ^^ I lost my desire for a Drossel some time ago, but it's fun to see her in action :)

  18. @Persocom: Thanks :) Drossel was something I've had for a while, but barely touched it because so far all the Figmas I've acquired are for these purposes ^^; Though she was very fun to play with.