Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yuri Mania 20: Unlimited Lily Panel Works

Gokigenyou minna! Looks like I've been neglecting this yuri post for a while... I'd like to review Kanamemo again which I was planning to have 2 episodes in one post, but I couldn't find episode 8 yet. So for now you'll have to do with my collaboration with Wolfheinrich's Dollfie Dream Theatre.

And if you're new to Yuri Mania, "yuri" is Japanese for "lily", which is why you'll see a ton of lilies here ^^;

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 16

The above is a reference to the Endless Eight "arc" in the latest Haruhi Suzumiya anime, with a very different result. Now the question is... will I pull a KyoAni with these comics? XD If you don't know what I'm talking about then check out the multiple rage stories on Sankaku Complex. It's basically a repetition of the same episode over and over with a slightly different scenes and outfits, except for the first and last part, 8 parts in all. I am raging over this as well, but I did like the final episode where they finally end the damn thing. Lots of good comedy are coming out of this though; Snark's Nagato Yuki 4koma for example ^^

Looks like somebody was busy stealing my Lily panel when I was away playing Batman: Arkham Asylum. So...
I am the leaf of my flower.
Stem is my body, and herb is my blood.
I have created over a thousand pollens.
Unknown to winter.
Nor known to snow.
Have withstood critics to create many censors.
Yet, those hands will never hold those bosoms.
So as I pray, "Unlimited Lily Panel Works."

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 17

Yep, I did the KyoAni thing :P That ending sure hits the spot doesn't it? I dunno why, but the last panel just cracked me up to no end even before I made it XD ENJOY!

See the previous parts on The Melancholy of Saber Lily site and also check out Wolfheinrich's World for more Dollfies and Dollfie Dream Theatre! We'll be back with more Kanamemo next time, hopefully... Gokigenyou!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

AKA the hike I had last Saturday. A couple of friends of mine somehow managed to get me to go outside and go hike at Sasamat Lake in Port Moody. Definitely not something I do on a whim let me tell you... I was complaining how tired I was the whole way pretty much XD It really showed me how out of shape I was since I was just taken aback at the amount of uphills there were...

I think the only fun thing I noticed were the amount of slugs I saw along the way! And the downhills... LOVE the downhills! Thus why this is mostly a collected pictures of the slugs I found and asked my brother to take pictures of them since I didn't bring a camera with me ^^;

Ok the next one is kinda gross... so you may not want to click on the pictures, lol! It's a slug eating crap basically XD We passed it and then I was contemplating whether it was blogworthy or not after I passed it. I decided it was something fun to post, so my brother ran back to where the crap eating slug was and took pictures of them for me.

So umm... if you're eating, don't scroll down any further, ok? ^^;

In this one this, another slug was approaching the pile of crap for breakfast!

LOL UBER GROSS! XD I didn't realize how gross it is until I saw the picture... but definitely LOL!

The next one is kinda cool because it's yellow and has black spots. Which makes it look like a banana! Tis cute!

Nyaa! Don't step on it! Hahaha. It's a cool shot and a nice picture for comparison's sake. They were huge but not that big compared to the shoe.

This was a pretty shot of the swamp where we stopped by and took a break at.

"Hurry and get to the choppa! I can't hold these things much longer!"

So that was why I was mostly away last Saturday and was in pain and tired for the next few days afterwards ^^; We had a small picnic after the hike. We had lots of food there. I brought beef jerky, but no one opened it... LUCKY! All for me now XD

At night we had a big dinner planned at Shabusen, an all-you-can-eat sushi & yakiniku restaurant. So much for the weight loss from the hike ^^;;;

The picture above is another slug wrapped in seaweed... No, just kidding ^^ It's negitoro cone and spicy tuna cone. I guess it was because of Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka that I wanted to try this negitoro cone. Negi is leek, which is Miku's special item, while toro is tuna, Luka's special item. Mix them both and you get negitoro! Just like this NSFW picture...

Aisaka Taiga Portable with Super Macro

Wai wai! I got myself the Minnie Mouse Taiga! I'm ecstatic to finally get this Nendoroid Puchi Taiga. This figure is originally only available from the exclusive version of the Toradora PSP game. I'd like to get the figure, but I don't think I can play the game at all. This one is originally from eBay and the seller was from Japan, so no chance of it being a bootleg :P

Unfortunately this was somewhat an impulsive purchase, even though I wanted it a long time ago. I made an offer to the seller on a whim because I lost the bid to Alter Saber & Iris from Fate/Zero earlier that day... I think I made my offer too high that he instantly approved the bid, lol. But either way I'm happy to finally have this version of Taiga that has her hair rolled up on the sides which makes her look like Minnie Mouse. I think my mom even mentioned that it's even smaller than a mouse when she looked at how small it is...

Here's the box. Great condition still. The seller kept it in a good shape. Oh and this is the first time I'm using the Super Macro option on the camera I use. It's Super because it can even show the moire pattern on the box! I was shocked when I finally imported these pictures and saw the results.

Here's the front with Bandai Namco and Good Smile Company logo on it and the picture of Taiga in anime version.

Here are the sides with "Aisaka taiga" in romaji. And the starburst that shows she's 65 mm... which is not that big at all XD Barely 2 inches tall...

And here's the back... ok ok, I'll stop showing the box already! More pictures below!

Super macro even showed the dots on her eyes as well... Maybe it's too super... I need to put the macro down a notch ^^; Here she is posed with the jersey over her back. She looks like a gang boss.

The buns! So cute! You can see the back of the jersey here as well. I haven't tried to remove the hair to see if I can replace the face though... I'm kinda scared since this is pricey little thing... Anyone know if it's removable or not? Or even the head?

She's really fierce looking! I loves it!

She can also be posed without the jersy on her back. It's cute too!
By tilting her head up like this just adds more to the cuteness of the figure! It's like she's saying, "Whatchu looking at?"

Ut-oh... Who's that approaching Taiga?? "Whatchu lookin' at?" XD

Looks like Taiga's putting Haruhi in her place... hopefully ^^; Well this picture was to show how big Taiga is compared to a figma, but I couldn't help put that line in XD

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Melancholy of Escalayer

"S.A.D.D" or "Suddenly Acquired Dollfie Dream", as litokid has noted, finally arrived in my room! Wolfheinrich's musume, Escalayer, is now in my room and "enjoying" the view... I wonder what she will find here...

Ok, not really... This is the Dollfie Dream TheaterXMelancholy of Saber Lily joint venture initiated by yours truly. Since I don't own a Dollfie of my own I decided to "borrow" Wolfheinrich's ^^; It started with just a few Puchi Blurbs conversation that triggered some ideas in my mind. So after a month of preparation (ok, mostly procrastination), it's finally done!

Before my comic, please visit Wolfheinrich's blog for the previous story in the Dollfie Dream Theater part one and part two. After you read those... here is...

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 15
So Wolfheinrich's first daughter, Escalayer, got herself in quite a bind, eh? Oh umm... there's no Saber Lily in this one, but I prefer to keep the title to keep it consistent ;) Can anyone guess the reference I made to the title of this comic? Hint: It's not anime...

A lot of Photoshop magic and blood, sweat & tears went into this comic... I'm grateful for Wolf for being patient and accommodating to my silly requests. I'm sure it must be quite difficult for him to take the pictures for what I need through just email descriptions and sample background shots. But I was very impressed that he got the ones I needed even though I wasn't THAT descriptive. I also made many script changes as they come to my mind so I kept requesting more shots. LoL ^^; I hope Wolf doesn't hate me after this is all done XD

If you look closely at the bottom of the comic, I've added in Wolfheinrich's website address, along with a new address... This is a new site that I just set up where you can read ALL the comics I've done so far. After I made so many, I realized that they're just all over the place on my blog... They didn't have any consistent titles and I didn't label them properly either. My friend suggested I should put a link in for the next one or the previous one on this current blog... Or create a site to put them all together. I chose the latter, like the masochist that I am...

The banner to The Melancholy of Saber Lily site

I spent all of Monday night after work setting up the site, uploading pictures, creating the links manually, battling loss of internet connections until 3 AM on Tuesday. I try not to make mistakes in my first attempt, but if you see any mistakes on that site, do let me know.

Wolfheinrich is currently in Japan now... so I have some time to think up of more ideas for this collaboration if I want to. ^^;

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yuri Mania 19: Kanamemo 6

Gokigenyou! Plenty of yuri this week with almost 2 Yuri Manias in a row. Truth be told, I'm just procrastinating, lol. I've also begun to plunge a bit further into Simoun (no pun intended), which is why this review of Kanamemo is a bit late again.

Not only that... I've also begun to play the PS3 exclusive game, Infamous. At first I wasn't too impressed with it. I liked the electrical powers but the cameras and controls were a bit hard to play with. I got used to it eventually and suddenly I was playing 4-6 hours at a time 0.o

On Wednesday I just kept playing and playing until I went to the free movie premiere of "The Goods." I came home and played Infamous again... By Thursday, I told myself to stop fooling around and get around to some of my delayed projects. That project is finished, but I won't reveal what that project is just yet; sometime in the near future. When I woke up Friday morning I began some photoshoots for current and future projects. One of them was for the header and the other was the header/banner for my blog.

Ok enough of the non-yuri talk! Simoun is actually getting interesting when I was watching it in between playing Infamous. It really reminds me of Last Exile. I will try and do a review of it by volumes someday. Maybe in between Kanamemo reviews if I feel like a total uke...

Kanamemo Episode 6
Mika is a lightweight!

This episode begins pretty much right after the last one where they still have to deal with the typhoon. Here they are walking back after their fun at the public bath.

When Kana was blown away by the strong winds of the typhoon she literally bumped into her friends from school... Which marks the second appearance of Kana's friends, and not even all of them! I guess they're just very minor characters. Daring the typhoon, her friends wanted to make a cake for their cooking club teacher... and somehow Kana was excluded again.

Which is why this is the first time, since Kana's grandmother died, that she's genuinely sad about her situations. Usually she would brush it off with something positive that came out of it, but she couldn't come up with anything...

...which leaves the rest of the newspaper delivery staff and Mika to cheer her up! Way to change the subject guys! I really have to get used to the fact that this happens all the time since it's based on a humorous 4koma comics ^^;

Haruka gets her comeuppance XD Always love the random wash basin flying through the air for karma moments like these ^_^

ZOMG! Haruka fantasizing about girls other than Kana?!

On second thought, maybe not...

The effects of the typhoon finally hits them hard causing a blackout in their house and revealing to us one of Kana's greatest fears: Haruk... I mean, darkness.

More yuri moments courtesy of YuukiXYume ^_^ Do I want to know what it was used for, exactly? Umm... YES!

Always love it when Saki does her blow ups

And now everyone also found out that Kana is easily scared by ANYTHING! Way too easily scared, even with Yuuki's pathetic attempt ^^;

Haruka's scare attacks... I'm creeped out by both...

Yume's ^w^ face is just so cute! Even gives us a rare yuri moment between Yume and Kana... which doesn't happen very often because Yuuki's one crazy jealous whachamacallit XD

Ah tsundere... such a tsundere =3

The group continues to run around in the darkness for the rest of the episode, even encountering mysterious creatures... which doesn't bode well with Kana's sanity. In the end Kana seemed to have calmed down and her friends even showed up for one of their rare appearances to conclude the sadness in Kana's heart.

There seems to be a lot more yuri moments in this one, but I've managed to minimize the amount shown by grouping them in one picture... This episode was quite full of those scenes and not just Haruka trying to grope the lolitas either! Another cute episode if you like your slice-of-life mixed with a bit of yuri. Until next time... Gokigenyou!

Friday, August 14, 2009

New Layout and Header

It's about freaking time I have a header on my blog... Granted it's not looking the best right now... I couldn't figure out what I wanted, so for now this will have to do.

This header is based on my favourites from the present, starting from the left to the past towards the right. I used Yakuri's art that she gave me for the first picture. I hope she doesn't mind, but I can always change it later. Rei and Saber are my two favourite at the moment. Lunamaria Hawke comes next. Although her popularity has waned she's still the reason why I like Gundam and started to make Gunpla again. Beside her is Selphie because I wanted a video game character up there. From my recent Selphie blog post, you ought to know why :P While Ranma 1/2 is the first anime I've watched in Vancouver, so they deserve to be up there. They finally filled the void I was missing ever since I moved here. And finally, Voltes V, which HAS to be there because it's the first anime I've seen! Along with Voltes robot is Megumi Ouka, the only female member on the Voltes team. She's the reason why I like the name "Megumi" and why I like a lot of Megumi Hayashibara's works. ^^;

I also wanted something simple for a layout so I can easily modify the width of the blog. I managed to make it slightly wider for both the content and the sidebar. Curse my inability to mess with HTML!

I wanted to make this header for my blog because I was making a header that Danny was requesting. I thought to myself, "why am I making someone else's header when I don't even have one on my blog??" So that's good enough reason. The above is the header and I wanted to make it into a 4koma comic like what I usually do with Saber Lily & Haruhi figma. I dunno if he'll use it or not, but I want to post it here because I want to keep my 4koma comics together :)

Ok, one more blog header to go... and then maybe modify this header again... sigh...

EDIT: As you can see I redid the colours for the layout compared to the last one. Is it better to read? I made the background lighter and the text less brighter. Let me know if it reads ok ;)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Yuri Mania 18: Kanamemo 5

Gokigenyou! Pardon the lateness of this yuri post... I've had a lot of things happened recently; parents coming back home from Jakarta, cleaning my room, death in the family, etc. etc. Actually episode 6 just came out as I'm typing this... But before we get to that, here is the review to

Kanamemo Episode 5
It seems like my reviews Kanamemo is more like a loli-yuri-groping post instead of a yuri post ^^; In this episode Japan is getting hit by a typhoon... Which is exactly what's been happening in Asia lately. I guess they had a pretty good timing for this episode, eh? Unfortunately Japan's been hit by a couple of earthquakes too recently.

You can really see that this show is really based on a 4 panel comic because there are so many random things happening within this typhoon. Which is why I have so many screenshots in this one... I even had to cut down on some screenies.

Yume brushing Yuuki's hair after she returned from the blustery day outside.

Oooh Saki stepping up to the plate to stop Haruka's shenanigans with Kana! She's got quite an authority for a grade schooler!

Ah yes they do call typhoon/hurricanes by numbers in Japan, eh? I think that makes more sense than naming them names like what they do here in North America. You sorta have a better chronological knowledge of when the typhoon occured than just naming them.
And that's the cue for the cast to come up with cute names for their typhoon ^^;
Haruka goes after Kana as usual... her imagination is just limitless when it comes to her!
Love this Marilyn Monroe-esque parody ^^

I had to make a compilation of this shot: "My dazzling (yuri) harem!"

The swimsuits from the last episode comes back. Yume really like to play in the rain... and I can't help but the implication that Yuuki made in the above screenshot... "Snow" is translated as "yuki" in Japanese.

Ah it's story time! But I didn't feel like posting screenshots of it... don't wanna spoil the joke. If you do get around to watching this episode, it explains the Teru Teru Bozu a little. At least in their own fictional kind of way. Teru teru bozu being the little ghost-like dolls that you hang so that the rain will stop.

This eyecatch says: "Yume LOVE"... I agree ^^

For the love of Yume, I had to put this screenshot in. I can just imagine her saying, "henshin!" next.

The teru teru bozu are done and they're made to look like the characters. Hijinks ensues...

During that chaos above, another yuri scene is happening. Ah... I really love this YumeXYuuki couple ^.^

"My dazzling (yuri) harem" - Public bath edition

Haruka is equipped with a lolita power scanner... it's definitely OVER 9000! Anyone want one of these scanners? ^^;

Ah here comes the bath scenes... unfortunately they're really covering up all the goodies since this is on TV. I've cut down on the screenshots here since there are a lot of censored nudities, almost pointless, so do watch the episode so you'll know what to expect when the DVD version comes out. Let me tell you though... there were a LOT of pussy... cats covering up everything. perhaps the DVD version will be more like softcore porn.


Ah well what do you expect from a yuri lolicon when you involve the public bath? Even with covered glasses, Haruka is still quite a threat when you involve nekkid girls...

More pussy...cats... and they're attacking Kana!

So many pussy...cats... Ok, I'll stop doing that joke.

Heheh, love Saki's angry face.

Can't have a public bath episode without the milk drinking episode after the bath.

Yes, so this episode was full of goodies that I could have at least 30 screenshots here. It was definitely better than the last episode. Hopefully I'll have a review of episode 6 soon.