Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yuri Mania 19: Kanamemo 6

Gokigenyou! Plenty of yuri this week with almost 2 Yuri Manias in a row. Truth be told, I'm just procrastinating, lol. I've also begun to plunge a bit further into Simoun (no pun intended), which is why this review of Kanamemo is a bit late again.

Not only that... I've also begun to play the PS3 exclusive game, Infamous. At first I wasn't too impressed with it. I liked the electrical powers but the cameras and controls were a bit hard to play with. I got used to it eventually and suddenly I was playing 4-6 hours at a time 0.o

On Wednesday I just kept playing and playing until I went to the free movie premiere of "The Goods." I came home and played Infamous again... By Thursday, I told myself to stop fooling around and get around to some of my delayed projects. That project is finished, but I won't reveal what that project is just yet; sometime in the near future. When I woke up Friday morning I began some photoshoots for current and future projects. One of them was for the header and the other was the header/banner for my blog.

Ok enough of the non-yuri talk! Simoun is actually getting interesting when I was watching it in between playing Infamous. It really reminds me of Last Exile. I will try and do a review of it by volumes someday. Maybe in between Kanamemo reviews if I feel like a total uke...

Kanamemo Episode 6
Mika is a lightweight!

This episode begins pretty much right after the last one where they still have to deal with the typhoon. Here they are walking back after their fun at the public bath.

When Kana was blown away by the strong winds of the typhoon she literally bumped into her friends from school... Which marks the second appearance of Kana's friends, and not even all of them! I guess they're just very minor characters. Daring the typhoon, her friends wanted to make a cake for their cooking club teacher... and somehow Kana was excluded again.

Which is why this is the first time, since Kana's grandmother died, that she's genuinely sad about her situations. Usually she would brush it off with something positive that came out of it, but she couldn't come up with anything...

...which leaves the rest of the newspaper delivery staff and Mika to cheer her up! Way to change the subject guys! I really have to get used to the fact that this happens all the time since it's based on a humorous 4koma comics ^^;

Haruka gets her comeuppance XD Always love the random wash basin flying through the air for karma moments like these ^_^

ZOMG! Haruka fantasizing about girls other than Kana?!

On second thought, maybe not...

The effects of the typhoon finally hits them hard causing a blackout in their house and revealing to us one of Kana's greatest fears: Haruk... I mean, darkness.

More yuri moments courtesy of YuukiXYume ^_^ Do I want to know what it was used for, exactly? Umm... YES!

Always love it when Saki does her blow ups

And now everyone also found out that Kana is easily scared by ANYTHING! Way too easily scared, even with Yuuki's pathetic attempt ^^;

Haruka's scare attacks... I'm creeped out by both...

Yume's ^w^ face is just so cute! Even gives us a rare yuri moment between Yume and Kana... which doesn't happen very often because Yuuki's one crazy jealous whachamacallit XD

Ah tsundere... such a tsundere =3

The group continues to run around in the darkness for the rest of the episode, even encountering mysterious creatures... which doesn't bode well with Kana's sanity. In the end Kana seemed to have calmed down and her friends even showed up for one of their rare appearances to conclude the sadness in Kana's heart.

There seems to be a lot more yuri moments in this one, but I've managed to minimize the amount shown by grouping them in one picture... This episode was quite full of those scenes and not just Haruka trying to grope the lolitas either! Another cute episode if you like your slice-of-life mixed with a bit of yuri. Until next time... Gokigenyou!


  1. I was going to post, but then I figured you'd be able to guess what I'd say; it involves hatred. And pedophiles. And a burning desire to run said pedophile over with a truck.

  2. @Snark: Haha yeah I figured you might say something. She did get hit by a wash basin in this episode XD

  3. I haven't watch this one, where you watch it? I lack of Kanamemo lately.. ^^;;;

  4. @Yamada: Eh? You haven't seen it? Good thing I didn't spoil much of it ^^; I downloaded it last Tuesday, but I guess you don't use torrents, eh? If you do, I got mine from If you're watching it streaming then you'd have to go to Crunchyroll, but I'm not sure if the access is limited to just North America though. It's on Youtube too ^^;

  5. @Lightning under what name you usually download? I also forgot about Aoi Hana, now I'm really need yuri anime XDD

  6. Lots of yuri is always good. I should really watch Simoun too.
    I haven't started watching this yet. Do all the episodes have a lot yuri scenes?

  7. @Yamada: What do you mean "under what name"? If you mean the fansubber, then I usually download [BANZAI] version.

    @Yi: So far a lot of it is just girl adoring the main ace pilot girl, but when they fly in their aircraft, they usually have to kiss first ^^;