Saturday, August 22, 2009

AKA the hike I had last Saturday. A couple of friends of mine somehow managed to get me to go outside and go hike at Sasamat Lake in Port Moody. Definitely not something I do on a whim let me tell you... I was complaining how tired I was the whole way pretty much XD It really showed me how out of shape I was since I was just taken aback at the amount of uphills there were...

I think the only fun thing I noticed were the amount of slugs I saw along the way! And the downhills... LOVE the downhills! Thus why this is mostly a collected pictures of the slugs I found and asked my brother to take pictures of them since I didn't bring a camera with me ^^;

Ok the next one is kinda gross... so you may not want to click on the pictures, lol! It's a slug eating crap basically XD We passed it and then I was contemplating whether it was blogworthy or not after I passed it. I decided it was something fun to post, so my brother ran back to where the crap eating slug was and took pictures of them for me.

So umm... if you're eating, don't scroll down any further, ok? ^^;

In this one this, another slug was approaching the pile of crap for breakfast!

LOL UBER GROSS! XD I didn't realize how gross it is until I saw the picture... but definitely LOL!

The next one is kinda cool because it's yellow and has black spots. Which makes it look like a banana! Tis cute!

Nyaa! Don't step on it! Hahaha. It's a cool shot and a nice picture for comparison's sake. They were huge but not that big compared to the shoe.

This was a pretty shot of the swamp where we stopped by and took a break at.

"Hurry and get to the choppa! I can't hold these things much longer!"

So that was why I was mostly away last Saturday and was in pain and tired for the next few days afterwards ^^; We had a small picnic after the hike. We had lots of food there. I brought beef jerky, but no one opened it... LUCKY! All for me now XD

At night we had a big dinner planned at Shabusen, an all-you-can-eat sushi & yakiniku restaurant. So much for the weight loss from the hike ^^;;;

The picture above is another slug wrapped in seaweed... No, just kidding ^^ It's negitoro cone and spicy tuna cone. I guess it was because of Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka that I wanted to try this negitoro cone. Negi is leek, which is Miku's special item, while toro is tuna, Luka's special item. Mix them both and you get negitoro! Just like this NSFW picture...


  1. if you thought that was gross, try watching two slugs mate. thing of beauty XD

  2. I have never seen so many slugs all in one post. Hopefully, this is a record that won't soon be topped -_-

  3. now I can see your article tonight XD

    this is my first time seeing slugs, when I heard slug it reminds me Tsunade, really made me giggles :D the food is delicious too ;)

  4. My Nendoroids would love the slugs. Especially Shana :3

  5. Nice photos, have a few lying around of slugs too. Interesting little critters aren't they? Kind of slimy though...

  6. LOL, I can't remember the last time I saw a slug. I see them around, but I just let them do their thing...and don't really pay attention to what they're eating. ^^;;

  7. @necrophadian: Hahaha I kinda want to see that now!

    @Snark: These friends of mine wants me to go hiking again... if I do go then I'd probably take more slug pictures XD

    @Yamada: LoL yeah, sorry if it tempts you too much during this season ^^; Tsunade, tsunade... why does that sound familiar?

    @kodomut: LoL they would, would they? With a pinch of salt? XD

    @bluebluewave: I can't really tell if they're slimy or not, sure looks like it. I don't see too many of them out in the garden, but quite a few when we were walking on the trail. The lead person kept shouting, "SLUG" whenever we pass one so we don't step on it.

    @Tommy: Hahaha, I didn't realize they eat crap like this XD

  8. EWWW SO GROSS, slugs eating poo!

    And then you have Sushi afterwards?!

  9. Whats up with the crap beeing so gooey?Whoever crapped there must have gotten the runs...

    Hiking is actually a pretty awesome way to spend your time if you have the right spots close to you

  10. @radiantdreamer: LOL it's not that bad XD I didn't really get a close up look of that poo-eating slug ^^;

    @Blowfish: Hahaha I really wonder whose crap that was XD I prefer flat land walking than hiking :P

  11. lol a slug filled post. An interesting change, I suppose ^^;

    But what kind of crap is that? What on earth is going on?! Looks more like somebody's nasty vomit to me for some strange reasons lol

  12. @Q: Heheh yeah, something unique XD I dunno what kind of crap it is really ^^; It's in the middle of wilderness, sorta. So it could be animal dropping. It's too creamy to be someone's vomit and piled up too neatly (Did I just use the words "creamy" and "neatly" for a piece of crap??)

  13. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  14. I have to say, those slugs look pretty gross to me :S

  15. @Wolfheinrich: LoL I had to look at them in real time. It was mostly the crap that grossed me out ^^;

  16. I like your blog. its excellent

  17. Interesting people dropping by on this particular post ^^;

    @Hapi: Hmm, I'm liking your site as well.

    @man: May have to check your site too...

  18. gahhhh >_< slugs are nasty XDD I'll kill em the moment i see them =3

  19. @Argyle: I'm pretty sure some people would step on'em if they didn't see. I was asking someone in the group if they had salt or not ^^;

  20. I rather enjoyed this post, dung eating slug and all. Blame it on my affinity for strange bugs/parasites and the like.

    And tell me about tiring! I went hiking the day after walking around a convention, and pretty much crashed when I got home.

  21. @Coco: I'm usually not grossed out much either, but that crap was kinda bad in the photo... And are you nuts!? Hiking after a convention 0.o