Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Within a Flash of Pantsu

I think it's about time I embrace what I truly am. And I am an ecchi man... Yes, it's hard to admit, but Mr. Fat Bastard (who's as ecchi, by the way) found me out real fast after several weekly posts at and Figure.FM. So I figured, I might as well make it official... "Within a Flash of Lightning" is no more, long live "Within a Flash of Pantsu"!


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Birthday of Ayanami: Shrine Update

So with the additional new Rei figures, I have to update the shrine, don't I? ^_^ This is part 4 of my Birthday of Ayanami series of posts on March 30th. Rei's birthday is actually based on Megumi Hayashibara's birthday, her voice actress. Megumi is also my favourite voice actress.

The new ones immediately gets front stage... Well just because they work better up front, plus I'm too lazy to move stuff from the back to the front. It seems to work.

Birthday of Ayanami: Real Action Heroes

Ayanami Rei, real action hero? Kinda... but this is Medicom's Real Action Heroes series featuring Ayanami Rei, Bandage Version. I was going to put this in the previous figure post, but I had so many pictures already, so I figured giving this one a separate post would be nice. Plus I added some extra bonuses for this post :)

Birthday of Ayanami: New Rei Figures

More and more Rei! The cloning has gone out of control!!!

Birthday of Ayanami: Daykeeper

Yes, I took the plunge and bought the watch anyway. I wasn't sure about getting this that I had to ask around for people's opinion. I've had mixed feelings and I had mixed reactions from others as well. But I had a good excuse to finally get it, ok? It's not some kind of random purchase, ok? ^^;

Friday, March 26, 2010

A Certain Metaphorical Anime... and About Me

A Certain Scientific Railgun is over, but its presence and metaphors will always stay with me. It's much better now since most people have finished the show too, so perhaps I won't create too much spoiler in this post. If you haven't given Railgun a go, I hope that I can give you a good reason to watch it, and I hope I won't spoil it too much for you ^^;

Thursday, March 18, 2010

"We Came, We Saw!"

No conquering here. Just coming and sawing. "We came, we saw" is the tagline for the new PSP game called Patchwork Heroes. I've been playing the demo almost nonstop when it came out about two weeks ago. There are only 3 levels in the demo, but I enjoyed it so much that I can't stop playing the same 3 levels over and over.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Durarara!! Ending Parody

You can guess from the title and picture that this will be about the ending song from Durarara!! using Figma in the animation. Well you guessed right... Unless you guessed that I'm making a Saber Lily Can-can dance video, that is. Which I'm not.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

MEIKO - Nostalogic (single edit)

I think it's almost obvious that MEIKO is my favourite Vocaloid after the lengthy MEIKO post a few months ago, the plastering of MEIKO on my Twitter account and avatars. So it was pretty easy to find what I like on the net... and that is how I discovered that there is a new version of Nostalogic; my favourite MEIKO songs of all time! A fellow tweeter, UntoldHero, found it for me and I was in shock and in awe!