Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day Haul: It's a Trap!

Yes! I finally got Admiral Ackbar Mighty Muggs! Now I can make "It's a Trap" picture as much as I want!

I got him from the soon to be closed Ages Three and Up (how unfortunate) at 20% off! I've been dying to get this figure ever since I saw it at Previews. I wasn't expecting to find this figure on Boxing Day since this figure was sold out the first time it was at the store. One of the reasons I'm glad I went out at 5 AM on Boxing Day!!! WTF was I doing at 5 AM in the cold lining up at Best Buy in Metrotown Burnaby anyway??

Oh right, I did have a few things to get. 1 TB hard drive, Bluetooth headset, a couple of movies, No More Heroes for $10(!), and Prince of Persia for PS3 for $30. Good deals, good deals. Even bought a memory card for the new PSP that my brother bought me for Christmas! Wow, thanks brotha! Zankyu very much ^_^

Uh, here's the first of many "It's a Trap!" picture ^^;
Bridget picture from

Also a new avatar for me blog and Picture was taken by WiseFreeman using his figure that he got from Mr. Choo himself. But I also made it animated for the one at I was somewhat inspired by Konata doing the finger point during the opening of Lucky Star.

And no, this one isn't a trap figure ^^;

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow Day at 2-4 AM

Al Azif gazing towards the falling snow in the sky

I took this picture to show some people how the snow looked in Vancouver at this time... but uh I kinda focused on the Al Azif nendoroid instead ^^; I'll try to take a picture of how thick it is when light is out.

I had extra things to do when I dug out my Al Azif. My manga pile was just out of control and somehow the nendoroid box was holding them up. So I had to rearrange some piles. Lots of bending over and straining in the legs especially in the enclosed space. Sigh... I really need to clean up.

I got really dizzy after taking the above picture because either I was crouching too much and stood up too quickly or I was outside the door without extra coat on. I'm not sure which.

4 AM UPDATE: Now with landscape pictures! You can see how thick the snow is from looking at the garbage bins. Ok granted we didn't clean off the last snow pack from it last time, but you can get an idea of how thick it is for the week. Sorry for the awful pictures... I was kinda shivering from the cold ^^;

I also made a wallpaper out of the picture I took of Al... kinda grainy, but I still like it.

1280 x 1024
Let me know if you want one and I'll make it to your resolution

Bonus Picture: Me comfortably warm inside the house with my new Wing Gundam Zero shirt by the Christmas tree ^_^

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mini Chocolate & Custard Pies

Yes, I left that Orange Pocky in the picture on purpose :P

The annual potluck at my workplace always make me want to make something of my own, even though I'm awful at cooking... Well not awful, I just don't know how to. I have to read the recipes or directions all the time.

So this year I tried making mini pudding pies. One was banana cream pie and the other chocolate pudding pie. They're both Jell-O brand pudding, which did not have gelatin or eggs in them since one of my co-workers does not eat either.

I had to start late on Monday night because some family friends were visiting and brought kids with them. The Wii and I were babysitting for a couple of hours. So I didn't get started til 10 pm. Then found out we don't have enough milk to make the puddings! What a day, so I drove to Superstore to get some milk, my fourth time driving by the way.

Unfortunately it was all for naught since I burnt the banana cream one... I've put it on too high and didn't stir it well enough. The pot was almost full so I was worried about spilling it. I tried tasting it after it cooled. It did have the banana taste, but it also has the burnt aftertaste... YUCK!

So my mom volunteered her custard filling as I was making the chocolate pudding. This time it was successful. Once it was cooled I started filling in the tart shells that I bought frozen from Superstore. Oh half the shells were also burnt by the way... Black was the enemy.

Then my mom made the custard filling, which I found out had egg yolk powders in it. I did the filling on the shells again and started to look for containers where I can bring 38 tarts in total. The filling were too squishy so I couldn't stack them. We found 4 separate containers to bring them all thankfully. By this time it was already 2 AM... so I couldn't do anything else... Thankfully Tuesday was also the last day of work for the year.

Sunday, December 14, 2008 2009 Calendar

It's the end of the year, and what other ways to celebrate the new year other than breaking out that new calendar! This year's calendar features some of the hottest members of has produced including the ever popular mascots Mirai & Haruka Suenaga; Mimi, the idol of; the mascot modifier, chun, and many others!

Here you get the first 2 months, and who better than the one who started the Tare Danny revolution other than the shirt creator herself, chun! You can still get the shirt from

Our spring girl for March and April is none other than our Miss Spring: mimi-chan!

I can't help but place the Mistress of To Heart, Meimi132 for May and June. You get it? May-mee? Hehehe... I kill me.

And for the summer months of July and August we have the ever present Mirai Suenaga in her newly created SukuMizu, which is very appropriate methinks ^_~

And now we've come to the main event for the ladies... ALL the male members of that has shown off their buff physique in the Tare Danny shirts. I thought it was appropriate for October because OktoberFest has a lot of sausages, no? :P

Here we have our brigade leader, Danny Choo, showing off his custom made Tare Danny StormTrooper armor leading the charge in September and October. Clockwise from top right: zyuan, Dejoker, tenrou (Mr. Miku Hatsune), the Laughing Man gordon, FatBastard (aka HotBastard according to Mimi), some strange dude who did his hair in a weird ponytail, and Daemonseed, the 2D Panchira master.

There is also a special edition for the first lucky few who ordered this calendar which includes tenrou-san getting in the groove at his new job in Hawaii, Daemonseed holding the 4-star Dragonball from the ever-so-popular Dragonball: Evolution movie coming in 2009, and a Chika Ogiue to cover up that nasty blemish.

Last but not least is Haruka Suenaga in her newly designed Christmas outfit appropriate for the months of November and December.

Anyways... I guess I was bored enough to create this after tenrou requested so many times everytime a girl posted her Tare Danny shirt picture. But we need more! We can't have a calendar that shows 2 months on one page... We need one that says, "girl of July" or "girl of November"! Don't be shy!

This secret project took me about 5+ hours from conception to end product. I do ask that you don't sell this or tarnish this calendar in any way because we gotta have respect for those who are brave enough to "contribute" to this little project of mine. I'm sure you will without me saying it. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Off with Her Head!

I found the Komikita Komari figure from Kotobukiya! This little cutie from Little Busters was quite cheap actually. She is quite tiny, but I was enthralled by pictures of her sparkly eyed face... Which brings me to the title of this post; I can't take her head off! The only way to replace the face is to take her off the neck, but it's stuck real good in there, and I just can't take it off fearing I might break something. I tried twisting and that's never good either, though it was close to coming off.

This post was supposed to be a review on her, but if I can't even put on the second face then this is not worth a review yet... So I hope there's someone out there who can help me by explaning how to replace her face with the sparkly eyed one. Two panty shots for you in the meantime, and maybe motivate you enough to show me how to take her head off ^^;

And yes, this is my true purpose of buying the mirror base ^_^

Friday, December 5, 2008

N@gi from Peace@Pieces

Alter 1/8 Nagi, God of Death Cloth Version

A good shot of the undercleavage & barely there thong pantsu ^^;

Another one of those figures where I saw someone's picture of this figure on the Anime Figurine Network on Facebook and I want it. At first I thought I could live without it since it's kinda ecchi and hard to find... but then came eBay -_- I swear that place is just a black hole for money in your wallet! For now she is still in her box (with many of my other figures) until I find a place to display my ecchi figures ^^;

I actually had no idea where this character's from, but I checked Wikipedia for Peace@Pieces and found out that it's an eroge... Now it all makes sense why her clothes show her undercleavage, and barely-there-thong pantsu :P

I have no idea what she's riding on either... some kind of fat green hornet thingy? Doesn't look like Seth Rogen to me XD I really have no idea about this series, all I know is that she's sexy and cute and I'm glad I got a Piece of her :D

Oh and I wanted to show off this new mirror base that I just got too ^^ It wasn't for this figure specifically, but the result isn't too bad, eh? It's suppose to rotate, but I don't have the battery, a D battery that is. Who has that kind of batteries lying around??

A good view of her cute thigh high boots and her face at the same time! I love this base!

This is supposed to be sideways, but Blogspot is really messing with the horizontal pictures. Sometimes it's making the vertical pictures into horizontal pictures and apparently horizontal pictures into vertical pictures... Anyone have an idea how to fix this?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Zazzle and Me

Me, in Chika Ogiue hairstyle ^^;

Weee! My shirts from Zazzle finally arrived. I've been meaning to get one when Chun first showed the art and shirt prospect at I was hoping she can order some and I'll buy it off her, lol. So then she told me about a deal from Zazzle during Remembrance/Veteran's Day sale, so I took up the offer and ordered the shirt along with a custom shirt and a magnet to increase the minimum I need for the discount. The second custom shirt was actually denied at first because I put a Haruhi Suzumiya picture in it... so I had to redo it before November 11 ended. But it was finally approved and was shipped on the 13th or 14th of November. I only received it on Monday, on the 24th...

So as you can see in the picture above, I look exactly like Chika Ogiue from Genshiken. I haven't cut my hair for a while and it grew that long, so I figured might as well keep it to make this shot XD And I like the shirt very much, it's just that... my belly's stretching causing it to wrinkle up on the side >_<
The other shirt I ordered is my own custom shirt I've been meaning to make for a while now, but I needed something better than going to the post office or printing it on an iron-on decal. This is my "John Smith" shirt. Well if you're wondering why it has an SOS Brigade logo in the front with those letters, then you need to read The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, Volume 4 of the light novels and the Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody chapter of the third volume. Or wait until the second season of Haruhi Suzumiya starts XD Those who can't wait to know what it is then read the spoilers below. Those who want to wait, skip the following text after this sentence.


In the Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody chapter, Kyon ended up travelling back in time to 3 years ago when Haruhi was just a middle-schooler. Since Kyon doesn't want to reveal who he really is, he uses the name "John Smith" instead. Haruhi doesn't believe it, but like she really cares. In The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, Kyon was suddenly transported into a parallel world, which makes him a slider! In that world, Haruhi was not in his classroom nor in the school, which made him believed that Haruhi "disappeared". In actuality, she was at a different school altogether. Kyon needed her to get himself back to the "real" world, but she doesn't know him... Which brings us back to "John Smith", the only name Haruhi would recognize. When it was finally resolved, Yuki claimed responsibility and told Kyon that her higher ups might reprimand her for what she did. Kyon told her that if the Integrated Data Sentient Entity do anything to her, then he'll use the magic spell, "My name is John Smith" on Haruhi, which should initiate Haruhi's power to get Yuki back and eliminate the Entity.


Anyway... before I went off on a tangent... the other thing I ordered was a Katamari magnet, and really it was just something to boost the minimum total, nothing too interesting.

I got my brother to take my pictures. Thank you very much bro, especially for your patience while I had my wardrobe change lol! So I've edited some of them and while I was at it I made some more just for fun ^_^

Wasn't really planned, but I'm a huge fan of Kemeko DX atm ^^;


Yes I know I should've put Kyon's face instead, but the pose and the armband is Haruhi's XD

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Another Wednesday Shopping Day

"Yee-haw! Ride'em cowgirl!"

So after staying out til 3:30 AM last night I woke up at 10:30 AM to go out shopping for Otaku stuff. Ok I didn't leave til 11:30, but I should've gone out later to actually check the computer since I couldn't last night... Then I could've found out that they've delayed the re-opening of SakuraMedia, a local anime store at Metrotown, until tomorrow... Ugh, didn't find out til I saw the store still boarded up...

Anyway, went through a few stores today. First stop was Crystal Mall to find my brother's a headrest for the car... apparently a bust since he doesn't like it, oh wellz. Then off to the two anime stores there, but nothing great. I am eyeing this Perfect Grade Eva Unit 01 though... I'm not gonna put bring that on the bus, so I'm not gonna buy it yet ^^; I also kept eyeing this iGallop machine they had in one of the stores. I did ninja a picture of the machine, but later on I asked if I can take a clearer picture but denied, so I'm glad I took a ninja pic lol. I also posted this at to see people's reaction to the machine (and the somewhat inappropriate video I posted lol).

Then moved on to Ages 3+... nothing there. I'm hoping for this figure of a girl in a Chinese dress from Kotobukiya to be there, but nothing today. Probably not out yet. At Toys R Us I bought Ninja Gaiden for PS3 ($5 off yay!) and Bangaio Spirits for the DS ($10 off! Yippee!). I wanted to try these two games for a long time now! At AutoWorld, I bought a mirror top display which I'll be using for one of my figure shoots, heh heh heh *evil grin*.

So since SakuraMedia was still closed, I moved on to Downtown, which is just a Skytrain ride away, to go to Golden Age. Chatted with people there and surprised to see someone actually know who the character is on my shirt, Fuko Sanjou! Got some of my manga fix from there and hopefully Secret Invasion #8 is on that list... I tend to just buy and don't double check, stupid habit. So with a huge bulging backpack I head home, but not before I dropped my MP3 player... It still works, built tough I guess ^_^

The shirt I wore today. Picture from Hobby Search.

One of my typical Wednesdays... Probably will head out to Richmond tomorrow, heheh.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Workspace

My Mac workstation! This is the spot where I do most of my work. It's a very old Mac. It says PowerMac 9000 or something on the tower. I was going to be given a widescreen monitor, but the computer could not handle a widescreen resolution... Sad. Ramune bottle from Japan Powell Street Festival that my brother brought for me. It's glass, so I can't just throw it away. Most of the figures are duplicates that I get when I buy the random trading figures. They're listed below.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Waitress Shana ~Alice Blue Version~

Cospa 1/6 Shana from Shakugan no Shana II
~Alice Blue Ver.~

I saw three versions of this figure and I knew right away that I wanted the blue version. The other version was Shana in black hair and black outfit, the other red hair, and orange outfit. I had no idea why the blue one was not available at the online shops I went to (Hobby Search & HobbyLink Japan). However I did find it at a higher price at Play-Asia. It costs more $50 more than the normal version! It must've been a limited edition that I didn't know about. I can't help but to order it... It's one of my favourite figures now!

I'm a bit worried about the twin tails on her hair because they're somewhat lose and you can rotate them around. I guess as long as I don't break the peg then it should be fine. It also took a while for me to get her to sit on that stool. So slippery and her um... "peaches" did not fit the stool at all. I'd assume they'd mold her "peaches" to the stool or something ^^; Those are my only complains. I like this figure very much, well I had to, specially with the price I paid for it!

Cute bare back ^_^

Hmm... what else can I put on her hand besides that tray?

Headphones included when Shana is in her tsuntsun mode not wanting to talk to anybody ^^;

So um, when I opened the box there was this plastic thing that was stuck inside her skirt... So I had to take off the skirt to take off that piece of plastic and boom! Striped pantsu! So glad I got this figure ^_^

AAA! Shimapan! Striped panties for the win XD

Friday, October 31, 2008

Duelling Pantsu Figures

Alter 1/8 Franco Il Nero

The first time I saw this was unpainted prototype from one of Danny Choo's WonderFest pictures. At first I thought it was from the Sakura Taisen series, but Daniel aka RadiantDreamer from Anime Figurines Network on Facebook told me otherwise. Especially with the excessive pantsu showing lol. So I tracked it down as it becomes finished and found out that it's Franco Il Nero, and proceeded to pre-order her ASAP!

When I opened the box, there were two twist ties wire that held the box together, which is kinda rare for PVC figures. One of them was actually the stand, don't wanna lose that. Her hair is really soft for a PVC, I was extra careful in handling it. And since this isn't one of those normal PVCs that stands or just sit, it's got no flat surface to put her down properly. I mused over how to place it down and it became an akward position for her ^^; A truly dynamic pose!

Now the thing that concerned me about this figure is that there's only a little plastic tab attaches to the wall to support this Franco! I'm VERY concerned. It looks wobbly and wonders what would happens if it falls. I hope Alter thought about the long run when this figure is displayed for long periods of time. I wasn't sure either if I've put in the support properly or not. The smoke and bullet holes on the wall are quite a nice touch.

I really love the sole on her boots. I mean I do like the obvious thing that's shown on this figure *cough*pantsu*cough* but this figure looks very good overall! And it's only when I opened the figure I saw how cute her futomomo (thigh) looks. One of my favourites of the bunch, plus I do have a thing for Cowgirls too ^^

Hmm, maybe I should've put them facing each other so it really looked like they're duelling ^^;

- = ≡ = -

Her futuristic counterpart is
Toys Works 1/8 Mikuru Nazume from Zero In

I have no idea why I bought this... Probably because it had a similar pose to Franco Il Nero. So I had an idea of putting them together in one photo for some reason. It looks cute and has a similar look to one of Yoshizaki Mine's Keroro Gunsou characters, but I really have no idea where she's from... It's a good pairing I guess. She doesn't really need that base either, so I can probably display it right underneath Franco ^^