Friday, December 5, 2008

N@gi from Peace@Pieces

Alter 1/8 Nagi, God of Death Cloth Version

A good shot of the undercleavage & barely there thong pantsu ^^;

Another one of those figures where I saw someone's picture of this figure on the Anime Figurine Network on Facebook and I want it. At first I thought I could live without it since it's kinda ecchi and hard to find... but then came eBay -_- I swear that place is just a black hole for money in your wallet! For now she is still in her box (with many of my other figures) until I find a place to display my ecchi figures ^^;

I actually had no idea where this character's from, but I checked Wikipedia for Peace@Pieces and found out that it's an eroge... Now it all makes sense why her clothes show her undercleavage, and barely-there-thong pantsu :P

I have no idea what she's riding on either... some kind of fat green hornet thingy? Doesn't look like Seth Rogen to me XD I really have no idea about this series, all I know is that she's sexy and cute and I'm glad I got a Piece of her :D

Oh and I wanted to show off this new mirror base that I just got too ^^ It wasn't for this figure specifically, but the result isn't too bad, eh? It's suppose to rotate, but I don't have the battery, a D battery that is. Who has that kind of batteries lying around??

A good view of her cute thigh high boots and her face at the same time! I love this base!

This is supposed to be sideways, but Blogspot is really messing with the horizontal pictures. Sometimes it's making the vertical pictures into horizontal pictures and apparently horizontal pictures into vertical pictures... Anyone have an idea how to fix this?


  1. I like the figure she look cute sitting on that green bean thing.

  2. Ya, I still have no idea what that green thing is ^^;