Friday, May 7, 2010

Iron Miku Suits Up

If you're reading this at 10 AM on Friday, the seventh of May, that means I'm at the IMAX theatre watching Iron Man 2. When the first movie came out, it was a sure thing that I will watch it. The trailer just made it so damn cool and when I did see it, I regretted it... That I didn't watch it on the first day! I think it was even better than Dark Knight that came out in the same year, in my opinion :P

The horror! The horror!!! This is what happens when I'm trying to fit Drossel's pieces with Miku...

One of my favourite scenes was Tony Stark suiting up into the Iron Man armor. I remember Kodomut had Kagamiku suiting up as Drossel and that was before I thought about buying Drossel. I kept changing back and forth whether I want to get Drossel or not, but another post by Kodomut just confirmed my desire...

One of the deleted pictures from the video. I was intending to use this to armor up Miku's twin tails, but Miku end up blurry on Drossel's body, so I canceled this scene. It was an additional scene not in the original clip. Speaking of original clip...

The idea was similar, but since I don't have Kagamiku, I used the original Hatsune Miku instead. And instead of just pictures, I thought I'd do a stop motion movie featuring Hatsune Miku suiting up as Drossel!! But yea... I don't have time for that. So you get a slideshow instead :P

So yeah, somehow i managed to do most of this video in one night. I didn't edit a lot of the photos, so I apologize for some of the blurry pictures. I didn't feel like redoing some of those shots ^^;

Key, eat your heart out! This is Miku the Metal Idol!

I had lots of fun coming up with ideas to celebrate Iron Man 2's release in theatres this weekend (I noticed it was released first in Asia! Good news since they usually get their movies much, much later ^^). The picture above was one of them. I thought to myself... why stop there after making so much complications taking off Figma pieces here and there? Let's go make a 4koma too!

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 36

This was meant to be non-sequential except for the last two panels, but you can interpret it anyway you want. I was just having fun coming up with panels ^_^ In case you're looking for the references... The first panel refers to one of the earlier 4koma back in May of 2009! The last panel reference is not too far back from last week. You can read more at The Melancholy of Saber Lily site.

And yes, NenDorossel's twin tail fits into Nendo Miku's head! Kawaii ne?

Another deleted scene... This was a low-light photo anyway. It was meant to show up NenDorossel's shining eyes, but unfortunately I forgot to switch Miku's bodies with Drossel's...

Iron Miku in flight.

I'm surprised I finished this faster than I thought, but then again I wasn't doing any stop motion. I also just finished everything else after I went and see Video Games Live at Queen Elizabeth Theatre on Thursday night. That will be another post yet to come. It's been a very busy week for me ^^;


  1. Haha! Iron Miku sounds nice. Now.. whats next Haruhi's scheme.

  2. I like your PSP wallpaper, and Iron Miku sounds heavy, man.

  3. Have armor made of iron isn't a goo d idea actually, imagine magneto from x-men controlling any ferromagnetic material including iron...

  4. Eat your heart out Subaru, Miku just stole the award of GGG-tan succesor(and snark aint f-wking happy)

    Nendo miku with drossel twin tails suits her perfectly, in fact, plz keep her that way^^

  5. @Yamada: It almost sound like Iron Mike Tyson too ^^; You'll see when I get around to it, lol.

    @Cadha13: Hmm not really my PSP wallpaper, but a video clip that I paused and I realized it matches what was happening around it, lol. Don't let Miku hear you say that... She's sensitive about her weight!

    @Daymien: Well the armor isn't really made out of iron even though it has "Iron" in the name... That doesn't make it non-magnetic though...

    @BlackSun88: I had to do it, man!

    @GunStray: Hahaha I bet he's got some reaction to GGG-tan XD Heheh, thanks. I may keep those twin tails on Miku then ^^

  6. Always creative! :) Love your new banner by the way. Railgun's cool.

  7. @monzzi3: Always creative = Always busy ^^;;; Thanks! She's become one of my favourite characters ever!

  8. That. is.
    Freaking awesome!
    Vocaloid + Iron Man? Fangasm much? Of course, on Drossel's expense, but I was never a fan for that anyways.

    Man, just the very idea of your post took me on a sixty second acid trip in which I imagined Miku suiting up, flying at mach to the nth degree, repulsoring stuff to bits and punching other suits through buildings. You should do the upcoming anime justice and have Haruhi and Miku punch each other through mountains and blow off chunks of the earth.

    So no feedback on what you thought about the movie :p?

  9. @Tim: I wished I really did do a stop motion for this XD Do remember that I did take Miku apart too :P

    Hmm... I may have to do a major Miku vs Haruhi battle when I finally get around to it then. Trust me, I have an idea already... Not DBZ proportion, but something... ;)

    Hmm... I did a short feedback about the movie on, but I think I'll do something tomorrow after I watch the movie a second time.

  10. Neat sight. Found it via searching for Candy Boy. :):)

  11. @κaren★: Thank you ^^ And thanks for sticking around after you found Candy Boy XD

  12. That's soooo cute. When I first saw Drossel though, I honestly thought she was really just mecha Miku.

  13. @Yi: Thanks! Yeah, I saw the same, so I wanted to make something like this when I got the time.