Wednesday, July 21, 2010

SEE! I'm Not the Only One!

Yes... Yes!! Crawl to your knee pits overlord! The knee pits conquer all!

Ummm.... Sorry, I got caught up in the maelstrom that is Amagami SS episode 3. The episode that has the main character, Tachibana, kissing the current "target" girl, Morishima, in the back of the knee. Ok, they didn't say knee pits, but just the back of the knee or hiza no ura. Not the term I use, but at least I found a Japanese term now!

So anyway what the heck is Amagami SS anyway? It's supposed to be an anime based on a love sim game. Not many series based on a love sim game have multiple arcs to cover all the girls, but currently that's what Amagami is doing. Kinda like the Kimi Kiss manga that Tokyopop is releasing here... But more on that later. Right now we focus on the knee pits! Or should I say "hiza no ura" now? What's better? Or maybe Popliteal Fossasism?

Anyway the part with the knee pits begins where it always begins; when the guy asks the girl to "crawl through there"...

The whole time I was watching this episode, I kept my eye out for knee pits. This is the first...

No, the knee pits aren't the ones that's surprisingly spacious...

Loli knee pits anyone? Oh and a dog too... Bestiality! Ok, not really, Tachibana goes and make some bullshit reason to kiss her behind the knee because supposedly dogs lick you there and wants to know why.

Sometimes I ask that myself, but it's just a really sexy body part, okay!? I don't need some BS reason like, "dogs lick you there, so I wanna know why". Just like those Apple Jacks commercial, "I eat what I like". Or something to that effect.


Yes, I know the objective is the knee pits, but it kinda looks like he's about to sniff up her butt...

CHUU! I fainted.
And then commercial happened! Augh! It was long and excruciating pain waiting to see what happens next. It must've been more excruciating in Japan with the commercials in between.

And now back to our story...

Morishima: "You no good dog! Leave some for Lightning Sabre!"

So after that scene I just keep doing screenshots of knee pits...


There were some other crap going on after the whole knee pit incident, but I don't care about them...

Okay, I lied, some of the stuff going on in this episode blew some of the fuse in my head... They had to be replaced with something wholesome... Like Seitokai Yakuindomo. A very, very wholesome show about a class president and her student council who likes to sexually abuse their only male member verbally.

Next up is the Kimi Kiss manga excerpt that I mentioned before. They're both created by Enterbrain and previously a game on the PC and PS2. The anime for Kimi Kiss still involves the girls, but they are coupled with different guys, but the manga stuck to the original concept of one guy and multiple female prospects. So far it's one volume per heroine. They are great reading and the art are stupendous! Go pick them up if you dig Kimi Kiss and Amagami.

So in Kimi Kiss the girl is the one that offered her knee... The front of the knee mind you, not behind it... Bah!

Yes, the same "puppy" reference popped up again here as well...
Although I love the art for the Kimi Kiss manga, they don't have reference to the knee pits... Why can't you be like your little sister, Amagami, and show us some knee pits love? Oh and for some reason Danbooru now has 'kneepits' tag... When I made my first post about kneepits, I was hoping to find some pictures that's been tagged with 'kneepits'. How sad I was when I found out they didn't have that tag. So whoever started to add those kneepits tag, I bow deeply to you!


  1. Haha, yea. You were actually the first person I thought of when I saw that screenshot elsewhere.

    I guess you're always on the forefront of fetishes.

  2. I suppose if you think about how the very word 萌え/もえ is somewhat derived from the word FETISH everything in Japan makes perfect sense

    oh and lightningさん
    (+__+)b *ding

  3. @Yi: Hahaha Have I become synonymous with knee pits now? XD LoL dunno about the "forefront of fetishes", that gives me too much credit ^^;

    @kainoIriu: Yes, it definitely makes sense. Everything is a feti... moe! Thanks for the... thumbs up? ^^

  4. Knee fetishes are different lol. Though in Japan, everything seems like a fetish so I guess it's the norm lol.

  5. Whoa!! you do some research eh,Amagami & kiss game whatsoever title are both created in Enterbrain games (lucky i have Amagami PS2 version ^Y^

  6. I knew some person, SOME person, wouldt resist a day or two to post about this episode, just for the pits...

  7. I haven't watched episode 3 yet, but LOL. I can't believe that actually happened xD

  8. ...Dude, kneepits??

    This is proof why H-man is superior to mai l3373cch1sk1llz

  9. @yunamon: King of Knee Pits? I kinda like the sound of that XD

    @AS: I think they won't finish until they've covered all of the body parts XD

    @jowy: LoL not too much research ^^;; How are you enjoying Amagami PS2?

    @GunStray: LoL I wonder who that person would be... ^^;

    @Coco: Neither did I! I was like WHAT!? They're really doing this for me? XD

    @Yaku: LoL you're still in shock about the knee pits. Oh I'm sure you've got some 3cch1sk1llz I dunno about... Like say that one fanart you sent me *blush*

  10. What fanart? lost count of them...

    Oh no I do like some fetishes like blindfold, futanari and tentacle grape, but only a true H master would go for something like the kneepits lol, don't overestimate my power level XD

  11. Poplitean-a-watta, me no understand big words...
    But since when were you the only one? I at least was also a connoisseur of the finer parts of life. Without knowing the connoisseur terms, but mm.

    That said, I still haven't watched Amagami, despite the promises I've given dozens of people. it seems to be living up to its name though.

    Those Kimi Kiss scenes are gloriously cute.

    Anyways dude, since you're now more or less our authority on fetishes, mind telling me if there's a name for infatuations with the area between the armpit and the breast? Like right before the underboob? Have been wondering for a while.

  12. @yakuri: Oooh should I say it here? Maybe I should post it on the WaFoP site? :P It's an ecchi one that you drew a long time ago and posted it on a hentai site. Ring a bell? XD Knee pits are just the extension of the legs, is all, hehehe.

    @Tim: Hizanouraism! LoL I know I'm not the only one, but I was the one who started that knee pits post :P

    Amagami is kinda interesting that it's actually doing it in arcs instead of mixing everything from the game in it. I kinda like it that way. And yes KimiKiss is a great manga series too! The art is FANTASTIC!

    Since when have I been an authority in fetishes? 0.o But I suppose I can research on that... Sideboob fetish?

  13. ...I realize that my 'fetish'--women in (military) uniforms---is obviously tame by comparison. I don't get what's attractive about kneepits; IMHO they're turnoffs for me.

    But that may be because I studied in a school where all the girls wore longsleeves and track pants in PE class (while we guys wore the shorts and tight shirts. Go figure)...

  14. Knee pits fetish... Sounds like a new idea for an eroge game.

  15. @Wavehawk: I went to a private school with uniforms, so I get to see what Japanese students see as well, lol. I mean, I didn't even notice that I was liking this part until only recently. It definitely is a matter of taste.

    @RyoBase: I think Amagami already have it in their game, lol. You think there should be an eroge focusing on just the knee pits? I suppose I can direct that game...