Sunday, August 15, 2010

Anime Evolution 2010 Cosplay

Occurring in the middle of August and in the hottest weekend this month or year in Vancouver is Anime Evolution, the local convention. I salute the cosplayers who braved the freaking hot weather! Even though it's almost 30 degrees Celsius on all three days, people are still willing to go out there in the out-of-season-clothing for costumes.

As before, in case any of these cosplayers here do not want to be featured here on my site and/or if the cosplayers want the high resolution original version of their photo or any other requests, please email me and I'll comply with your request as soon as possible.

Holo from Spice and Wolf
Sengoku Nadeko from Bakemonogatari
Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier. My favourite Sheryl outfit, btw :D
A gaggle of cosplayers that was lining up for the dealers room... Don't know all of them, I was just aiming for Bonta-kun ^^; I know the furthest left is from Persona and the one on the right of Bonta is from Vampire Knights and the furthest right is from Kingdom Hearts?
Noriko Takaya from Gunbuster aka Top o Nerae (Aim for the Top). So rare to see this.
Nanoha sans Raging Heart
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Mr. Popo from Dragonball. I was wondering if it was hot or not for him. I mean sure he's bare-chested, but black absorbs heat ^^;
Danboard from Yotsuba to
Danboard hugging Reisen (from Touhou). Reisen is actually Sayoko :D
I offered Sayoko a ride to UBC instead of going on a bus with her cosplay. It was still interesting because we still have to stop at red lights, lol. I think one lady was staring at her and smiling. I can't help but think about Playboy bunnies and wondered if that's what the lady is thinking XD

Sooo glad I found a Kireihana (aka Bellossom cosplayer), she's on the far right along with Vileplume and... not sure about the one on the left.
Sailor Pluto... Sorry for the blurry picture =/
Pedobear! Before I took this picture, he was seen with a child... Not sure what he was doing with the kid...
Principal Kuno from Ranma 1/2. Quite rare to see Ranma 1/2 cosplayers these days and I found two this weekend!
Strike Gundam from Gundam Seed
Lilith from Darkstalkers/Vampire Saviour
2 Celtys! Durarara is really gaining a lot of popularity these days!
Azusa Nakano from K-ON's 2nd season first ending animation, Listen!
A fishing Kappa! Not too sure if this one's from a specific series or not ^^;
Nekomimi Shana from Shakugan no Shana. 
I actually talked to her the day before in a panel because she saw my Shana bag and she told me she'd cosplay as Shana. Good thing I found her :D

Two Mugis from Listen! The female Mugi was surprised to see a male Mugi, lol!
Touhou group cosplay photo from the Touhou panel on Saturday. Please don't make me name the characters... Sayoko's Reisen is here again!
A wider group photo
Reimu and Marisa playing the Pocky game... Yuri?
Yes, I know this is a bit odd, but it was cool at the same time ^^ One of the Saiyan's ultimate form!
Kanbaru Suruga from Bakemonogatari
I actually had a nice conversation with Suruga and her male friend (possibly boyfriend?). It actually started with him asking if I actually knew where she's from and of course I spouted out her name and mention the lilies in the opening animation ^^; Her favourite opening was Mayoi's. I know a lot of people liking Nadeko's opening so it was rare to hear someone liking Mayoi's opening. So we talked a bit about Bakemonogatari and online ordering. I thanked her again for the photo before they left.

Tales from the Abyss. I assume Luke is on the far left? Tear in the middle and Asch on the right.
Yes, I know, another Danboard ^^; But this one has light-up eyes and a mini Danboard on its head! Dunno the one in the red, from Team Fortress?
Sazh from Final Fantasy XIII
A typical thing with conventions is that there will be a lot of Final Fantasy cosplayers, especially the current one. There were starting to be too many, lol, so I took pictures of ones that I don't have yet ^^; This guy was perfect!

YAY! Female Ranma! Megane Ranma hehehe.
Cecil from Final Fantasy IV; Paladin version.
Angel Beats cosplay. I only know Tenshi on the left...
I still haven't gone further than episode 3 of Angel Beats, so I don't really know the characters. I had heard from ClearTranquil that he is cosplaying Angel Beats and perhaps the only group at the con... I had assumed that this was his group ^^; So unfortunately I didn't find CT this year. Sorry Zac!

I think this was the better shot of the BRS group even though they're not looking towards me.
Black Rock Shooter seems to be gaining some popularity as well, but this group is not doing the "Miku" version. Rin on the left, Kaito or Len on the right and... I don't see twintails in the center... So... MEIKO version!? AWESOME! MEIKO's been neglected this year T-T

Lala from To-Love-Ru
Mari Makinami from Evangelion 2.0
Phew... That's all of them. I actually took quite a lot more than I thought. Perhaps because there wasn't much to do around the panel or there were quite a lot more cosplays this year. I felt really odd in casual on the first day ^^;

More Anime Evolution coverage soon. Lots of photos to organize and lots of write-ups to deal with... The cosplay seems to be the easiest to start :P

Also check out Kam Lau's Anime Evolution cosplay photos. He had the advantage of wearing something light so he can stay outside in the sun, lol.


  1. Woo I haven't even had a chance to resize the pix I took yet ^^; my husband did his post already tho XD (kore kore
    This year I did not take the cosplay pix cos err I was inconveniently dressed ^^; I'll rethink about dressing like that again if next year's gonna be as hot >_<

  2. I think I know the person cosplaying Azu-nyan. :3

  3. @chun: LoL I left the con early today and just decided to work on this real fast. Yes, it might be better to wear something light next year if it was that hot. Weather in August in Vancouver is never constant...

    @KT: Cool! I was surprised she got her own strawberry ^_^

  4. Aww Hell Yeah Moar Celty Cosplayers, and Pyro from TF2, Wpretty rare sight indeed^^

  5. It's been a while since I attended a cosplay event. Thanks for sharing those pics.

    That BRS in the middle looks really cute. ^^

  6. Ah, great pictures! I love Nadeko's cosplay, she looks cute.
    & You can never have to much Mugi..

  7. I usually am not into cosplay, but there are quite a number of good ones you have taken pictures of there. At least the ones near beginning I'd think to myself "oh she DOES look like the character in the series!".

  8. Oh nice, Holo! You even had a better version of Lala then the one I seen in Otakuthon ^^. You even have three BRS and I couldn't take an image of one lol.

    Nice images.

  9. @Mikee: Yeah, I'm surprised with the cosplay here. Glad to see there's more than just the usual.

    @Xine: This kind of event is just once a year after all, eh? ^^ And looks like BRS is really out in force this year!

    @desolato: Thanks! That Nadeko was the first cosplay I saw that I wanted to take a photo of, but she was a staff member so she was busy at the time ^^;

    @Q: Hmm, yeah a bit of hit and miss, but I limited myself to pretty much just what I know, lol.

    @Arctic Kitsune: I was pretty much hunting down any cosplayer I could find on the last day, lol. These BRS photos were taken on the last day :D

  10. There are some really nice cosplays here. I like the Pokemon ones and Nadeko. The event looks like a lot of fun and those are nice pics.

  11. ...OMG I feel in love with that genderbent BRS.

    Oh hai there gender bent Mugi! the cosplay looks PERFECT with the blond wig!

  12. @Yi: Thanks! And yep, I really liked the Pokemon and Nadeko ones too ^.^

    @yakuri: LoL are you BRS crazed too now? XD

    Ah yea, though that wig was a b***h to wea... Umm... I mean, yeah, it looked like he had a hard time with his wig >.>

  13. Anime Evolution 2010 was a BLAST!! >v< (I went as a genderbent version of Gintoki Sakata from "Gintama". I was SO glad that my costume was white! >.<;;; )

  14. @Mackenzie: Oooh nice cos! LoL it was really really hot this year, wasn't it? Hottest weekend this summer, I think ^^;