Thursday, June 23, 2011

June Doll Meet: Dressup Party

Very late... Most people have posted their photos right after the meet ^^; But I've been feeling lazy, so I've only posted it now, even though the meet was June 11th, hahaha. We first started with lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant where one of our comrade works. And then we moved on to another comrade's place nearby.

Mugi enjoying some cold Horlick's.
I wasn't sure about bringing out the dolls in the restaurant, but everyone else did and I didn't want them to be stuck in the car when it's getting warmer out there ^^;

Oyster sauce! A must at a Pho place.

Alna with a really huge tail. It's a tail dakimakura!

Mugi sitting on a ...

I think I took too many photos of Mugi and Alna ^^;

Mugi grope!

First time seeing the Kudo MDD courtesy of Galamirix

When we got to the meeting place, there were more Dollfie Dreams than ever! There were two Aois already!
Helen got drunk real quick and stripped off already...

Mugi got a new bathrobe! Thanks KL!

I believe this is CandyMan's Cammy?

Helen borrowing Flamebyrd's Miko outfit ^^

Chun showed up with her Himitsu! LoL just kidding... We actually met a new comrade with a Dollfie Dream DDH-04, I believe? A heterochromia! He got her after seeing Chun's Himitsu ^_^

Mr. Tyrant Galamirix got three other DDs to make a cavalry for Kudo ^^;

I wonder why I took this photo... *cough*

Yarr! Off to the plank ye go matey!

Would you believe this is a boy?

And then a pyramid was created...
The beauty of a glass table.

At one point Helen got into Mari's uniform. It fits though it looks a bit baggy... It was very complicated because of the skirt protection so it doesn't stain. I got the glasses from Dollmore. It JUST fits Helen.
 Ahem... Anyway... Helen also got a new pair of shorts from KL ^^;

Borrowing a very cute pink lolita outfit ^^

Many underage doll drinking...

 We also got to meet BlueStarBaby's Neris! She changed her eyes already. If I had a DD, I'd get the original eyes. Very nice looking. Neris looks quite good too.

That's it! So many photos that I didn't really need to say much ^^; I'll be skipping July meet for other priorities, so perhaps there will be more photos from the August meet... at my place...


  1. nice shots Robert XD and my Himitsu hope to meet that other DDH04 girl and the extra Aoi next time *Grin*

  2. Mr Tyrant eh...

  3. @Chun: LoL thanks. Hehe yes, we'll have all sorts of twin action going on next time ;)

    @gameranimecomplex: "When you're this big, they call you mister."