Sunday, June 19, 2011

BIG Plushies

Lookit the size of that thing! Yep, for some reason I got myself a big grunty even though I have a small one already. I bought it years ago on impulse. I just couldn't resist getting him because he looked really cute for its size ^^; Now I don't have any room, lol.

Anyway, this is just a premise for a continuation for The Melancholy of Saber Lily :P

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 57
I was trying out a new angle for the third panel, making it look like Saber Lily is against the lens of the camera, but I really had no idea how to do it, so I just use this XD

This picture was an alternate 3rd panel. I think the one I used is much better. And lastly...

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 58
The chase has become so big that it doesn't fit the area where I take photos anymore ^^;;; I think some of you already know I have the big Saber's Lion. Finally able to use it. I kinda like keeping the last panel silent. The surprise reaction on Mikuru is just priceless!

That's it for now. I'll have another couple of 4koma before I leave for AX :)


  1. Ha ha ha ha !! to chase or being to chase by someone?? ^Y^