Thursday, November 5, 2015

MEIKO's 11th Birthday!

HAPPY 11TH BIRTHDAY MEIKO! Always remember that the fifth of November is MEIKO's birthday! This year since it's her 11th birthday, people have been posting MEIKO with Pocky. Sadly I've been having an eye problem and made me planned this improperly. I couldn't find Pocky, so Glico's other product, Pejoy will have to suffice!

We can't have a VOCALOID post without some VOCALOID music can we? Here's a new one from SHU-T!

This photo makes it look like she's playing the violin. Maybe I should get a violin for MEIKO... I will try to post more MEIKO and more updates on this blog! I have so many on the backlog ^^;

More music from MEIKO from KARENT. Watch the clip on the site to get an idea of what MEIKO is capable of!

This is my new figure from the Project Diva Arcade line by SEGA Prize. A friend of mine in Japan sent it to me. I was ecstatic! So hard to find figures of MEIKO...

Speaking of figures... Figma MEIKO is finally announced! After years and years of waiting, asking, wondering... MEIKO will finally be in action!

Here's the backside of the figure. (Psst, check out the knee pits!)

And here's the belly button forte! And the oppai! A fellow MEIKO Dollfie Dream owner made a video about oppai for MEIKO's birthday XD

Looks like I have a new wallpaper for my computer at home... That's it for this year's MEIKO's birthday! We look forward to 12th birthday of MEIKO! Hopefully I can plan out something better next year ^^ Here is the last song!

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