Saturday, May 2, 2015

Happy Birthday Mikoto!

A little late, but to celebrate Mikoto's birthday on May 2nd, I took some photos of the Taito prize figure I received from a friend as a Christmas gift.

Koisuru Mikoto is the name of this figure. The box photo doesn't really do the figure justice. Though as a prize figure, it doesn't really match up in quality to a scaled figure.

Giant Gekota behind Mikoto!

Back-to-back Mikoto with Gekota from the side view.

Top view of the figure. I really like the way her feet are posed this way. The fidgeting feet is cute.

Close-up view. I'm playing around with my macro filter again.

This is one of the reasons I like Mikoto. Loose socks!

Close-up of her Gekota cellphone and the hairclip.

Close-up of the Tokiwadai uniform.

Close-up of delicious loose socked legs XD

A wild MISAKA appeared! Can't help but add her sister to this photoshoot.

MISAKA loves Gekota too!

This frog is not Gekota, but still similar. A souvenir from Japan from another friend who went there recently.

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