Sunday, June 28, 2009

Aldra of Queen's Blade

MegaHouse Queen's Blade EX 1/8 Aldra
(2P Colour Ver.)

Well if I haven't offended anyone yet, I might just offend someone with this figure, lol. I don't know why I was so attracted to this figure of Aldra... I mean she's got that... thingy... there. At least that's what people think, but I thought it was unique and everything about her is just so great looking.

WARNING: This review include images not appropriate for children under 18 years old. Nor is it safe for viewing at work. If you are easily offended by such images then turn back now.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Anime Evolution 2009 Addendum

OMG, he took a shot of Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier! I wanted a front view of her!

Anyway... My friend, Ed, came along with me to the Vancouver anime convention this year. It was his first time at an anime convention, and now he's quite a bit interested in the culture! Score one for otakudom! LoL, just kidding. I'll try and convert him slowly. He does have the same name as an anime character XD

I was actually surprised when I saw him because he had a Canon DSLR with him on Saturday and damn does it take good pictures! He wasn't the only one walking around with it... it's just the first time I've seen him with it ^_^ So with that he sent me what he shot. Lots of cosplays I missed the first time >_< Anime Evolution 2009 post.

I spy a Rabi-en-Rose

It'sa me! Luigi!

I think this is the picture that I took when I was trying out his (really heavy) camera (because of the extra zoom lens attached). Not sure who the character with the Tokunaga bag is...
He also got a picture of Kuja from Final Fantasy IX, from a different angle.

He, there's that unknown character again... Crowd shot!

A tad blurry, but damn the camera's good!

Sailor Jupiter

Headless ninja girl from Tales of Symphonia XD and Magician Girl from Phoenix Wright?

Mmm... somebody from Bleach and ...?

Final Fantasy X-2's Rikku doing something to that eagle...

Another Legend of Zelda group shot, close up this time.

When I go to conventions I don't take cosplays of Naruto or Bleach :P

Crimson Viper sighted!

Another pic of Kuja! It is a great costume.

Two of Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere with different angles

And this is the picture he took for me because the one I took from my point and shoot was blurry! I'm a sucker for Ayanami Rei ^_^

Additional pic. I saw this Rikku from FF X-2 walking around but didn't take a picture of her ^^;

He might send me some more pictures from Sunday, but he didn't use his DSLR that day... He says he might be interested in going again for next year, so perhaps more pictures from him too :D For now I'll try to lend him some anime DVDs so he can be more knowledgeable on these characters ^_^

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

AE 2009 Loots

After a convention there must be merchandise abound, right? This is pretty much everything. I spent quite a bit less than a month ago at AnimeBoston, so I practiced self-restraint. I also got a few things that I've wanted too out of it instead of impulsive purchases ^^;

But first... there's a pile of loot that I didn't take a picture of. It's a pile of SAM or Suddenly Acquired Manga. On the Thursday when we were lining up to pick up our badges, some of the staff were running trivia for people in the line. A lot of manga were given away that day. When the question came up, "Which 3 brothers who are voice actors are appearing at Anime Evolution 2009?" I knew the answer right away. There was only one other person besides me who raised his/her hand, but didn't know the answer. I knew it was the Dobson brothers, but I wasn't really enthusiastic about answering trivia really... It's just because I knew the answer. I did get it right but the person who was about to give me the manga asked for my ID first since it's for mature readers ^^; So what did I get?

The complete Basilisk series, volumes one through five. I didn't bring a camera, but as you've heard from my Anime Evolution post, Chun from was actually there and we were waiting in line together. She took these two pictures for me ^^

She commented on how lucky I am on giveaways, lol. These manga were big so I couldn't handle them properly ^^; And yes, I do look like Shirou from Fate/stay night... and that's the Excalibur shirt I'm wearing.

I didn't take an individual picture of the poster, so I'll describe it quickly. I won the poster of Cybersix from the Charity Auction on Saturday. I didn't get a chance to pick up the free copy they were giving out from the Cybersix 10th Anniversary panel, but at least this one is signed by the main character's voice, Cathy Weseluck, Andrew Francis and Brian Drummond. A bit pricey but it was for charity.

So here are some of the closeups of my purchases. I didn't really open anything yet, so box pictures will have to do for now.

Kotobukiya 1/7 Gothic Lolita Ayanami Rei (Crimson Version). I wasn't planning on buying any figures during this convention at all, but on the last day one booth had 50% off on whatever they have on some of their shelves... Well how can I resist? So I finally got this version of Rei for $35, half price from $70.

The other figure I got was this Ryomou Shimei figure in the nurse outfit. I've kinda wanted this for a while, but wasn't sure about the quality until I checked the back of the box... "Good Smile Company". GETTO! She's originally $50, so I got her for $25. Funny how the figures I got for 50% off have blue hair, eh? ^^;

Ok this Hatsune Miku figma wasn't really from the convention but it's somehow related. I got it from my comic shop. It was supposed to be saved for me but that was in April. They put it on their shelves since I haven't picked my comics in a while. At first I changed my mind about this figma, but I think I may have a potential for her. So when I saw her still on the shelf I picked it up since she is rare. I did pick this up before I picked up my convention badge, so it works out :P

One of the ones that I've wanted... the Revoltech Danboard. Unfortunately this is the mini version. Fortunately it's the Amazon version! It still lights up. I've given up on getting this until I saw Anthony Poon's review of it. Good thing I saw one at the convention. I picked up several things from the booth that was selling this too. They've come all the way from Halifax, Nova Scotia! They're online only usually so it was nice of to drop by at Anime Evolution ^_^

Also from the same booth are these Macross Frontier trading figures. At last I've finally got a Ranka figure that's doing the *kira* pose, even if it is small... There were two versions of this Ranka, but only the colour of the dress is different. Whereas the Sheryl Nome have two different heads and outfit... which is why I have two of Sheryl here ^^;

A couple of keychain/cell phone strap thingy? Saber Lily and shimpanchira Miku! Even if I don't attach these to anything I can still use them for figma pillows/cushion ^_^

This is the Ranka towel you saw from the group picture up there. It's not a big towel, but a good size for something like a poster. Not sure what all these other text are for ^^;

No-pan Ranka??

The vendor had all these towels shown above, but I couldn't resist the Ranka one!

Another good deal was this copy of Replicant, Winter 2009 issue. Saber Lily shows prominently ^^ I checked the original price tag which was $32, but I got it for $10!

Saber Lily, Distant Avalon poster inside... I might post this on my wall.

This issue of Replicant also have a calendar included. Nice bonus! This Asuka figure pictured is still my favourite Asuka figure... except it's a garage kit. I guess I'll just have to enjoy it in picture form. Kawaii, ne?

The calendar goes up to March 2010 with Saber as the last month. I have this thing about anime girls with toast or some kind of pastry in their mouth...

The two months that I missed since I bought this in June... I would love to have Komugi visible for a month or two ^_^

And this is the current two pages that the calendar is on... And I placed this calendar at my workplace......

Yay! Nyan-Type volume 1! Ever since Optic reviewed this magazine I just had to get it. I'm so glad I found it. It was listed for $17, but I got it for $5. Bonus!

This is the reason why I wanted this magazine... Will be using this as my door poster.

A cute poster of Kiss X Sis. Very naughty anime... anyone saw the second OVA yet?

I've been hearing about Sexy Voice and Robo for a while now... who was it that pointed it to me? Belgarion from, I think. I bought this for $10 and saw that the original retail price was $27.50. Got pretty good deals here.

And lastly I ventured through the Artist Alley. I didn't get too much, but I found a few nice items. When I first saw these Gurren Lagann's Yoko and Nia cutouts they looked familiar. I kept walking and thought where did I see this kind of design. Then I realize it was from that smooooch・∀・ × VOCALOID video! So I went back and picked them up. The Ayanami Rei card is something I could not resist... And I love these two buttons. I finally have something with Meiko on it! Sheryl Nome in her concert outfit looks great too!

I really didn't want to spend too much at this convention, but I think the damage was somewhere in the $200 range. Good thing there weren't too many things I wanted... and there were many bootlegs as well; really prevented me from buying too much. Phew so now I'm free from another spree event... Time to pay the bills T-T

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Anime Evolution 2009

Another Anime convention less than a month since the last one XD I wasn't planning to go, but giving it some thought, it is the Vancouver one, I'd better go. So there I was from June 12-14 mostly at the newly built Vancouver Convention Centre walking around in a zombie-like state because I stayed up the night before each day of Anime Evolution ^^;

And yes, that is me in the first picture cosplaying as Kyon from the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. It was cooler on Sunday that I decide to wear it since I didn't really see any Haruhi cosplayers much. So that's why I posted it... and yes my face is naturally blurry :P

The pre-registered badges were able to be picked up on Thursday, so I went there early and also to check out the place and possible parking places. I went down the escalator to see the end of the line... I stared and stared at this one person at the end... She looks like Chun. I walked up close to her and it IS Chun! What a weird coincidence! She claims that I was stalking her... but do not believe a word she says! >.> More stories about this meeting in another post.

Since this is a very photo-heavy post, I'll cut down the text as much as possible. I thought I didn't take as many pictures as AnimeBoston, but turned out I took more!! On that note, enjoy the pictures!

Oh and if you are from Vancouver and see your picture here, let me know if you want a bigger copy or if you want me to remove it ^^;; My email is on my profile :)

From the Opening Ceremony: MinxZone makes an appearance... Unfortunately I never got to watch their concert -_-

So many Vocaloid cosplayers during the whole convention 0.o But I'm glad someone cosplayed as Meiko! Here we also see Kaito, Neru, Rin and Len.

Zero Suit Samus from Metroid/Super Smash Bros. Brawl

A lot of Yoko (Gurren Lagann) around the convention too... This is the Bounty Hunter version.

Hehehe I laughed at this one after seeing Mothra's wings. I had to get a picture!

Nekomimi Shana! I even had a small talk with her about her Cocytus around her neck and I showed her my Azure as well ^^;

Vocaloid Kagamine Rin! From the Gekokujou PV. Thanks to Coco and Tenrou for the title and link, respectively. ^^

Some of the Soul Eater cast: Blackstar, Medusa, Maka & Soul

Rider from Fate/stay night. She even had the contacts for her eyes to look like Rider! Very cool!!

A weird compilation picture... I only recognize Link and Tetra though ^^;

Akaito and Kaito. Kaito is actually ClearTranquil from!

Funny story on how we met ClearTranquil here... I was just checking out the Art Gallery and bumped into Chun again on Friday. She was fixing up her and her friends' gallery. I thought I'd help along since she kept dropping tacks, clips and art all over the place XD Suddenly we see a Kaito checking out the art on the board we were fixing (check out this board on chun's blog). Chun and I were whispering and wondered if it was him or not, so I spoke up and asked, "Are you ClearTranquil?" He was surprised that we knew who he was and then he saw Chun's art. He exclaimed in real surprise, "Oh it's you!" and I couldn't help but laugh. A moment later I showed him my badge that says "Lightning Sabre" on it ^_^ Funny meeting. I think I saw CT a few more times on Friday or vice versa, but didn't see him again after that.

[Reminder for next year: set an arrangement for members to meet]

Meg from Bakuretsu Tenshi/Burst Angel. Kawaii onna no ko!

Chii from Chobits! Skirt... so... short...

An all female Kingdom Hearts cast. Namine, Kairi, Sora and Riku! Thanks to nyoron for the names ^_^

Ah and here are a couple of my friends from the store I buy my comics from. Roland on the left is Winry and Misty is Ed from Fullmetal Alchemist. And wow great work on the metallic arm guys! Too bad Winry's wrench was confiscated since it was metal ^^;

The Cybersix Panel on Saturday morning. A really great show that was a collaboration of TMS, a Japanese animation studio, and NOA, a Canadian company, to produce an animated series based on an Argentinian comic, called Cybersix. This is in honor of the 10th year anniversary. The woman in the middle is Cathy Wesseluck who voices the main character of Cybersix. Opening animation below.

I usually don't take pictures of cosplays I don't know... but I can't help but take a picture of her. Thanks to nyoron for pointing out that she's Kuja from Final Fantasy IX. ^^

Dot Matrix from ReBoot! WOW, just wow... Great cosplay! I heard she was Dot Matrix for two days in a row!

Candid picture... I see a few from Soul Calibur here, including the elven girl ^_^

The Glomping game? I have no idea. From what I gather you kick the empty bottle to somebody and give that person a hug and the next person gets to the center and kick it again to somebody else...

Muten Roshi from Dragonball series. Not the Chow Yun Fat version from the Dragonball Evolution version.........

Zelda cosplayers all gathered up! Hmmm not sure about the girl in blue though... Refresh my memory? One of the Links in this picture (Jessica) told me that it's Princess Ruto ^^

Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere... which I realized I took a picture of her last year ^^

The ReBoot panel on Saturday. In the panel were the creator, Gavin Blair, voice director/actor Michael Donovan, and other voice actors, Garry Chalk, Scott McNeil (in the cowboy hat) and a few more people whose names I don't remember right now... sorry m(_ _)m

Michael Benyaer was somewhat present for the panel from LA through a webcam. He's the original voice for Bob.

Oh I was so happy to take a picture of her... Mizore Shirayuki is one of my favourite characters from Rosario + Vampire.

Hatsune Miku, World is Mine version! Cute pose ^^

Chidori and Tessa from Full Metal Panic

Saber from Fate/stay night

Vocaloid Megurine Luka

Wow a K-ON! cosplayer already! Mio Akiyama, 'Don't Say Lazy' version.

SO I HEAR YOU LIEK MUDKIP?? Chun also found his site ^^

During one of the events Mudkip was munching on a Shisengumi member ^^;

From the same event, a female Zidane from Final Fantasy IX getting real cozy with Yoko... Hmm, Yuri Mania potential... Too bad it wasn't the best condition to take pictures there. At least this one turned out somewhat ok >_<

From To Heart 2... I only know Chie unfortunately...

More Vocaloids! There's even a male version of Miku here!

A very cute Ryomou from Ikki Tousen ^^

Testing out the zoom and steadiness of the camera in my hand. I took this from the second floor and able to take a picture of this group.

One of the last things I did during the convention on Sunday was the Lolita Fashion show. It was a short even but the clothes were cute and they talked about the culture regarding these clothes. Bad lighting condition and I tried to take as best and as many as possible, but quite a challenge. Enjoy whatever I got here...

And finally I took a few pictures of the interior from the Vancouver Convention Centre. I think our event is probably the biggest one they had so far. We used two levels during the weekend; the basement and the 2nd floor. I saw on one of their signs that they were using the first floor for a high school graduation ceremony or prom for Friday and Saturday ^^;

This is the second floor. I got in a couple of Ganguro girls in the picture too ^^

The lowest floor. Very nice design on the floor, eh?

The ground level... lots of space!

From the second floor... very nice views of the water and mountain! You can also see Canada Place here, the boat/sail like building on the right.

These eagle sculptures were all over downtown. These are the only ones that were side by side in multiples.

And that's how Anime Evolution 2009 went down. A total of 5000ish people for the weekend. Hopefully that's enough for them to be able to use the Convention Centre again. We got a good use out of it. I didn't see too many things during the weekend, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I was walking around with a friend who was new to the anime world and anime convention. I also met up with a friend who worked nearby and had my first authentic Japanese ramen for lunch on Friday because of him ^_^

A very fun weekend... too bad my cough got worse again on the last day... what is it about me and the last day of conventions?? I'll be sure to go again next year for my 8th year in a row!