Thursday, August 19, 2010

Anime Evolution 2010 Loots

Despite my complains of the dealers room and the convention itself, I actually got some stuff from Anime Evolution anyway. I withdrew some money on the Friday, but after my first visit to the dealers room, I thought I could just put all the money back later after the weekend. Turns out I've spent quite a chunk it already by the end of Sunday.

Ok, not really lot, but I actually like the art on the cover of the convention guide. I didn't think much of it, but I quite like the astronaut outfit and the colours are very cool and warm at the same time (yeah, I'm not an art critic, I probably don't know what I'm talking about). And well the ink they used was shining on the cover that it attracted my attention. Possibly one of the best convention guides I've seen.

GUNPLA 30th Anniversary Edition Master Grade 1/110 Kampfer
So even though I said I didn't find anything interesting in the dealers room, they still had no-tax and slightly cheap Gundam kits... So I picked up this hard-to-find-locally MG Kampfer, the 30th Anniversary edition with the clear parts. I think the only Zeon Mobile Suit I actually liked. Lunamaria's Zaku doesn't count since it's not Zeon :P

Black Rock Shooter bookmark and "I [heart] YURI" magnet
I browsed through the Artist Alley on Sunday and the I [heart] YURI magnet caught my eye and the girl at the table also caught my sale ^^; Bought the magnet and gave me the BRS bookmark for free.

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's Portable: The Battle of Aces
This was quite a surprise to find, especially on the last day. The booth had a sign that says everything was 50% off. I know it's opened, but it looks like it's in good condition and at half price... I guess I'll find out why everyone was talking about a lot about this game. Yeah... Another game, I know. I don't think I'll ever finish any games anymore...

High Grade 1/100 Gundam Avalance Exia
When I saw the 1/100 Avalanche Exia back then, I thought it was the coolest Gundam from Gundam 00! But then when I think about it, it's just another Exia and I have a 1/60 scale already... So when I heard about the 1/144 Avalanche with more features are going to be released, I knew I'd have to get that one. And luckily I found it.

I kinda hate it that I bought the Anime Evolution calendar for 2011 just because of January...

I am aware that it's the year 2009... But I liked the art on this one better than 2010's ^^;

Sundome Volume 7 by Kazuto Okada
And lastly, since I left the convention early, I went shopping for manga elsewhere and got Otomen volume 7 and Sundome (pronounced Soon-doh-may) volume 7. One of my favourite manga because it's so ecchi yet it's kinda heartwarming... And the covers really caught my attention.

That's it for this year's AE loot... I was sure I would hold back more, but because I found those Gundams and the Nanoha game, I spent more than what I thought, though not to the point of going broke compared to the last loot ^^;


  1. Nice loot! I am also tempted to get the 1/144 HG Avalanche Exia, but I'm holding back since I already have the 1/100 one.

  2. Hurmmmm I'm digging that magnet and the bookmark *w*

  3. @Toxyn: LoL I was tempted a lot by the 1/100 one, but after I heard about the 1/144, I decided to wait ^^ Especially since they've improved their 1/144 nowadays.

    @marxtaichou: LoL I love the magnet too. I thought BRS had only a sidetail in the bookmark ^^;

  4. Um Kaempfer good taste there~ I have the 1/144 version spray painted in white + pearl finish and I'm loving it~

    Avalanche Exia is always very tempting (in either scales), though the extra Dash parts for 1/144 (i.e. the "skis") look kinda odd to me ^^; , but they're optional add-ons so it's cool.

  5. lol magnets~ don't forget the free pile you got from that table ;D

    That calendar sure keeps you busy. Old rock day, let's do it... and fun at work day - not sure how that's done.

  6. @Q: I have the 1/144 version too because I couldn't find the MG back then. I'm pretty sure it was your white Kaempfer that convinced me to get one too ^^

    LoL I didn't even see the "skis" on Avalanche. Well it makes sense since it's called "Avalanche" after all, right? Hahaha!

    @C.C.: I forgot to take a picture of that, lol. If I took a stack then it would've been a much more fun photo :P

    It's got all sorts of days on that calendar... very weird. "Fun at work" day isn't too hard, just take a screenshot of someone's desktop, make it into a desktop wallpaper and hide all the icons XD

  7. Really cool stuff there. I <3 Yuri magnet is just awesome, as is the BRS bookmark. I also like the artwork on the 2009 T-shirt too.

  8. Gunpla!
    I guess I should really get a new kit for myself soon.

  9. @Yi: Good, someone agreed on my choice of picking up last year's shirt, lol.

    @Xine: For me, it's more like, I should really build one soon since I haven't done it for a looong time!