Thursday, August 12, 2010

Late Night Loot Unboxing

I've finally received my big package from Hobby Search for the end of July. All of these were released in July but I waited for all of them to be there first and combined into one shipping. I'm surprised they all fit into one box!

I picked up up the Goodsmile Company's Misaka Mikoto quite late actually. I ordered it just a couple of weeks before its release. I didn't know why I waited, really... The fan was also on a whim just because I liked To Aru Kagaku no Railgun a lot, but looking at it closely, it's not that great looking. At least it's small. I will post better pictures of the fan and the Mikoto figure at a later time.

I think Saber Alter was either released late June or delayed to early July. While everyone got theirs already, I didn't mind waiting as long as I can save money on shipping :P I think I'll do a group picture of all the Sabers again now that she's here.

Two K-ON Figmas and in numerical order! Pretty sure I'm going to have some fun with Mio's crying face and Mugi's yuri ecchi face for my 4koma. :D I ordered all five of the girls in Figma form, but not all the Nendoroids. Reason being that Nendoroids are more expensive and I sorta have more fun with the Figmas ^^;

And one more mysterious box... I was going to make a surprise post for this one this week. Unfortunately it didn't arrive safely. There's something broken when I opened it. I've send an email to Hobby Search, but they will be on holidays soon, so I won't get a response until at least Tuesday. T-T No fair! And so you'll have to be in the dark about it much more longer than I would've liked to keep you =P


  1. Awesome loot you have there. I didn't order any of those. Haha ~_~;

    I KNOW that the last photo is definitely a Azone K-On! Doll... judging by the colors in the character label, I'm going to guess it's either Azu-nyan or Mio :3c

  2. Nuuuu!~ Broken stuff are always a pain to follow up on..especially when it's ordered online. D: But you got some nice loot tho, so it softens the blow a bit. :3

  3. The little green patch in the box art is a dead giveaway that is some kind of K-on merchandise!

  4. Treat mai waifu nicely and she shall be gentle and generous with you.

    If not...

  5. @ninjovee & Wolfheinrich: No comment on the secret item.

    @ninjovee: Guess Saber Alter isn't a priority for you, eh?

    @marxtaichou: Yeah, I wish I didn't have to deal with that >_< But if they can replace it then I don't mind the delay... Fixing it myself seem impossible T-T Indeed the other ones do soften the blow a little ^^

    @Yakuri: If not... what would happen? :P

  6. Nice Loot! My Saber Alter also arrived yesterday, and Mio should be arriving next week or so.

    It sucks that the "mysterious item" was damaged.

  7. Ahh, sorry to hear about the broken part and with HS going on vacation it's bad timing.

    Great loot otherwise ^^. I'm not sure if I can get loot for a while lol. Only have one order right now for the Hinagiku nendoroid ^^;.

  8. great loot, man XD
    Hope HS guys can help you with the broken part.

  9. Ohoho... You also got Saber Alter, too, eh?

    Haruhi better watch out as Saber Alter is moar grim dark than her normal version. XD

  10. @Toxyn: Thanks! Where did you get your Saber Alter? Local? I'm starting to find local prices seem to be reasonable considering the $ and yen exchange ^^;

    @AS: I sent them an email a day before they went on vacation, but I guess even if they got it they may not want to deal with it right away >_< I shouldn't be ordering much either, but I can't seem to stop ^^;;;

    @phossil: Thanks! I hope so too.

    @bd77: Ah you got yours too? Hehe it's gonna be interesting because I have a lot more Sabers now compared to Haruhi XD

  11. Nice loot you got there. That Misaka Mikoto fig sure is popular.

    I'm sure you'll love Mio, IMO she's the prettiest figma that I've seen.

    So what's the secret item? ^^

  12. Got mine, yes. But...

    I need to drip a few drops of WD-40 to her shoulder joint sockets, as it was too tight to twist.

    That reminds me. I need to drop some later tonight...

  13. Oh gosh, more figmas = more yuri stuff ^^; Nice get though I gotta say!

    As for the secret item I agree with ninjovee that it looks like an Azone doll, very likely from K-On! too. I guess I'll leave it to you revealing it later.

    Btw you should buy Revoltech Woody just because of his perverty look lol:

  14. @LS: I got mine from HLJ. I don't trust soul of anime because they have bootlegs.

  15. @Xine: Yeah, I seem to see a lot of that Mikoto figure everywhere now ^^; She's becoming very popular! I haven't opened Mio yet, so I don't know how she looks outside the box XD Mystery item will be revealed soon ;)

    @bd77: Hmm... I had some trouble with Nanoha's shoulder too, but I didn't put anything on her ^^;

    @Q: LoL yep, more yuri stuff indeed. Ah yes, that Woody's been circulating on Twitter too. I may get it, lol. We'll see.

    @Toxyn: I haven't really been to Soul of Anime much, but I know Gacha Hobbies got tons of bootleg nendoroids.

  16. I look forward to seeing Mugi's ecchi face. She's such a perv. ^ ^

  17. @Yi: Hahaha I'll be sure to meet or exceed your expectation for Mugi ^^