Thursday, July 8, 2010

Anime Expo 2010 Cosplay

It's the largest anime convention in North America, so there's gotta be a crazy amount of cosplays, right? Of course, of course! Unfortunately it seems like I didn't take as many as I'd like to ^^; It seems like I was running around a lot going places to places, but not enough time to stop and take in the scenery. It's all fun though. I was enjoying it all... Kinda. I'll spare the horror stories later.

Ah and if there are any shy cosplayers being shown here and don't want their photos here or if you'd like the original photo, just email me and I'll try to fill your request as soon as possible :)

The very first cosplay I would've taken was this K-ON group, but they were still getting ready, so I thought I'd bother this Roronoa Zoro from One Piece first ^^;

Oh hey a tanned Azusa, lol. The aforementioned K-ON group photo minus one. Where's Mio? I swear I have more respect the cosplayers who are willing to put on extra layer of clothes just for the sake of the cosplay.

Casual Ranka Lee from Macross Frontier.

Haruhi Suzumiya and Haruhi Suzumiya

I tend to be joining people who are taking photos as well. Great costumes on the bad guys of Mario Galaxy!

There were many, many Yoko from Gurren Lagann cosplay, but she was the only one I took while everyone else was taking photos too. I'd like to see someone posting ALL of the Yoko cosplays from one convention just for the hell of it, lol. Though this convention I saw something that I can't unsee... A crossdress Yoko... Arrgh mine eyes!

While I was trying to find Yakuri, I saw this Exia Gundam in the panel before May'n's panel. I think that solar reactor actually glows!

Yes, this was in the first picture, but this time they're looking at my camera, lol. This is a cosplay of Megurine Luka's Just Be Friends video. Ironically I didn't figure it out right away even though I was showing Yaku this particular video two days before this XD

Kappa from Arakawa Under the Bridge. I still have to watch most of that still.

These ToraDora cosplayers work for NIS America, so they had to put down their fliers before I took their photo. The Minorin cosplayer really look like Minori from the anime ^^

I was VERY, VERY GLAD to see this in cosplay! To Aru Kagaku no Railgun's been on my mind for quite a bit, especially since Misaka Mikoto is in the header of my blog. So I definitely had to take a photo. She even got the coin ^.^

I have to say this Ranka is not feeling hot at all in the summer weather in L.A. There's a lot of people who's barely dressed and call it a cosplay at AX, but at least this one was accurate (and pleasing to the eye, lol).

Found her again but with Klan Klan this time.

Some of the cast of Final Fantasy XIII. Lightning's sword looks really good here!

Found my MEIKO! Along with Kaito, lol.

Oh hey it's Maridah! So glad to find her as Saber (casual this time around) and also her friend as Rin. I called out her name and kinda wanted to talk a bit, but I think she had to head out somewhere, so I didn't want to be a bother.

It's interesting how many cosplayers pass by when you just sit in one place, lol. Sheryl, Alto (at least I think it's Alto ^^;) and Ranka in China dresses ^^

Lockon and Tieria from Gundam 00.

Ooooh so lucky to find a male and female version of Mugi from K-ON's 2nd ending, Listen!! They weren't together but I thought I had to put them together while they were in the same area. I heard the girl said, "you are awesome" to the guy. And really this is pretty awesome find! There was also a K-ON cosplay gathering, but unfortunately I couldn't go there to see other K-ON cosplayers because the schedule didn't work out...

So I just scoured the dealer's room for other K-ON cosplayer while I can ^^;

This Meiling is for Ningyo/Tim :)

More cosplayers who worked for a company. Bandai this time. They were there to help introduce Katsuyuki Konishi in the fully packed panel with lots and lots of screaming girls!

I think this is the first time I took a picture of a Danbo from Yotsubato ^^;

Here's another Touhou cosplay, Reisen Udongein Inaba, by Sayoko, a fellow Vancouverite! I've actually never met her until we were both in L.A., lol! It was nice to finally get to chat with each other. I think we had similar flights going back and forth too ^^;

Haruhi Trooper looks epic!

I was going to take a picture of the big plushie Prinny that was walking around the NIS booth, but he had to take it off when I was about to take a picture... So I have to settle with this female Prinny :P

Starscream. 'Nuff said. Well maybe not enough... It's actually a girl inside!

LEGO TROOPER!!! Now that's EPIC! I would've loved to see this Lego Trooper dance with Danny Trooper XD

Samus looking pretty awesome here!

Oh here's another picture of that Mugi guy posing with Danny Choo... Too bad he doesn't have the yellow/blonde hair. Oooh but at least there's a part of that Cardcaptor Sakura trio in the photo :D

That's all for the cosplay. I know, so very little, eh? I'll try to take more pictures next time ^^;


  1. Ohhhh! I have a short blonde wig in my closet that's perfect for male!Mugi cosplayer. Maybe I should lend it to him next year? XDD /pipedream

    Seriously though, I'd love to go next year! I'm seriously thinking of saving up (and that means cutting down, if not completely stopping on figures for a while T_T)

    Those cosplayers working for Bandai are pretty awesome O_O I mean, I never seen company sponsored cosplays look as good! Especially Anti-Spiral Nia and long haired Nia *~* Their wigs are so pretty tooooo~! /fangirling

  2. Zoro, F-ck yeah someone remembers!!

  3. Ah I see, so that's wat u were cosplaying =P

  4. Oh I wish we could have chatted! Yeah, we were on our way to shoot the two of us together in those costumes since Nessa (Rin) needed to change out to go to the concert she had won tickets to. That's too bad though! I would have liked to at least say hi~

    So many of my friends in your photos btw XD Every other picture I thinking "I know her!"

  5. @ninjovee: Oooh that wig would've been perfect, lol. Hehe, yes maybe next year ;) It really is hard to cut down... I have tons that I want coming out in October >_<

    Yeah, I was impressed by it, but I guess because it's an anime company they have to get it right otherwise their product won't sell ^^; LoL if you and Yakuri were there at that Konishi panel, I would be deaf in both of my ears XD

    @GunStray: Haha Zoro even had sunglasses on before, I thought that looked more badass.

    @YuKi-To: Uuhhh... I wasn't being specific who I was cosplaying... LoL, but I guess it's pretty obvious ^^;

    @Maridah: I really wished I could find you again afterwards and chat... But yeah, perhaps next time :) LoL you sure do know a lot of people then. Gonna try to go again next year ^_^

  6. I thought the guy version of Mugi is you lol Great to see Maridah in Saber casual :D

  7. Great pics! But I gotta ask: are there really shy cosplayers that would not want their pic in the web? I mean, at least here they almost ask you to take a picture of them. XD

    I do agree with you on the epicness of Lego Stormtrooper cosplay. lol

    And I should also point out that I really LOLed at the comment someone made at about *that guy* cosplaying Mugi. XD Can't say much but to quote the title of that famous movie "it's a mad mad mad world" XD

  8. @Yamada: Ah... yeah... ^^;;; It really was a surprise to actually find Maridah in the first place! Kinda random, lol. There were lots of people so it's like finding a needle in a haystack.

    @shikinami: hmm... Well I ask that just in case, right? ^^; Most of the time I get people wanting a high res picture of themselves.

    Ah well I didn't really want to point myself out, really. For the record, I'm not quite sure what that line is from "it's a mad, mad world" movie, sorry ^^;

  9. You know what?
    I have the feeling that that male Mugi cosplayer is so much more awesome than you could ever be.
    You should strive to become like him! :P

    Looks like an awesome event :D

  10. @Blowfish: LoL! I guess someone's on to me ^^; It really could have been more awesome if I took more pictures. There were lots and lots of awesome cosplays, even the Hentai Kamen Ringo from Air Gear apparently!

  11. Nice cosplay pics!!!

    I lol at the Lego Trooper...
    Would had loved to see Lego trooper and stormtrooper dance!!!

  12. *blinks* Wh-wha-whaaa? M-Mei...? Three dimensional? Does not compute...

    Yeah, I keep thinking I know some of these people, but that should technically be impossible.
    Tanned Azusa was clever. There's always one guy who tries to go for the Gundam, eh?
    That Toradora one really has character too, as much as I despise that series. Hooplah for Mikoto-san, but she's holding the coin wrong >.<

    That Lightning sure is well equipped. I swear there's someone in my school that looks just like her... Thumbs up to Saber casual. So who's that dashing young man as the genderbent Mugi? He has to be careful, because his uncensored photo is now on the interwebs and subsequently anon's radar. Also, don't share strawberries with Emperor Choo <.<

    Really though, that was great work on the Meiling cosplayer's part. Great work. Really, really grr... Mmmm...

  13. Soooo inspiring!!!! Uwa so good! Glad to see so much variety and talent =w=

  14. @Rin: Exactly right? I really wanna see that Lego Trooper bust a move!

    @Tim: Hahaha, glad you enjoyed Meiling. I had to stop what I was doing to take a picture of her :P

    There were a few people trying for Gundam, but the best I've seen was about 9 years ago in Vancouver. Freaking awesome! Nothing can compare to them, imo. Mostly because I saw them in person ^^; I was kinda nitpicking about Misaka's coin, but I was just happy enough to find one, late at night when she was about to go home or go back to her hotel.

    I suppose most cosplayers would want to be careful about their pictures on the net. ^^;

    @Mimi: Yes, quite a lot of good ones indeed ^^

  15. Hihi ! I'm the Mikoto from the picture.. sorry for holding the coin wrong! I saw your Mugi and it was definitely my favorite cosplay at AX (:

    My friend (the guy who was wearing a towel, if you saw him) just linked me to your blog ^^;

  16. @Emma: Ahaha it didn't occur to me about the coin when I first seen you. It's all good, because I really was glad to find someone as Mikoto ^_^ So thank you!

    LoL! Yes, I remember a guy who was only wearing a towel at the con. ^^;;

    And thank you again! I was surprised some people even recognized my Mugi since I wasn't wearing a skirt XD

  17. True essence of cosplay is not just for kids. I've seen a couple of people who are in their early 30's doing this. Must be the meaning of the term "forever young." Wigs have helped accentuate a cosplayer's aura. Whether it be front lace wigs or just simply lace wigs. Gotta love Taiga's wig on one of the picture. The palmtop tiger plushie is a win!

  18. @Earl: Well basically the older one gets, perhaps more money to spend on their cosplay, but it does start young for some people ^^ I know someone who was looking for that palmtop tiger plushie... Wish I knew who sells that.

  19. That's me cosplaying Mugi next to male!Mugi :D

    /super excited you took a picture :DDD

  20. @Sam: Ahi... Actually, I usually don't post photos of myself, or if I do, I'll claim that it isn't me... But that's actually me in that photo ^^;;; Thanks again for letting me take a photo with you :D

  21. Hey, do you mind if I post this picture (and list+link you as the source, of course) on my tumblr? Sorry this is so late haha! And you're very welcome, thanks for taking a picture with me!! :)