Saturday, December 12, 2009

Komugi Nakahara

One of my favourite characters from early 2000's is Komugi Nakahara. She is originally a side character from Soul Taker, but either the fans or the staff members liked her so much that they made a spinoff OVAs that focused on her. Thus the Nurse Witch Komugi-chan Magicarte was born!

So it definitely gives me a reason to get this figure of Komugi. Her line of figures aren't exactly all over the place, so this is a nice get even though I didn't find out about her until she was released already.

Wave 1/10 Komugi Nakahara

I got her from a free shipping sale at Hobbylink Japan. She was at a regular price but at a free EMS shipping, it's quite a deal compared to buying her in store. I'm pretty sure it's kinda hard to find her in stores here since not a lot of people know Komugi...

The Tatsunoko Pro holographic sticker indicates that this is authentic. Speaking of Tatsunoko... Soul Taker nor Komugi didn't show up in the Tatsunoko vs Capcom game... They weren't that popular?? It's unfortunate. I'm on the fence at the moment but I would've definitely get the game if either was there.

Here are all the parts out of the box. Komugi can't stand without her base, but Mugimaru (the rabbit-like animal on the left of her feet) can. I did not understand why they had to separate the wings off her back and feet though. Why can't they just add it on?

Her magical wand is basically a gigantic thermometer. Don't ask which hole it goes... I worry about the wings because parts that can be detached from figures tend to get loose after a while, especially in extreme cold and hot temperatures like Vancouver.

Here's the front view, with everything attached on her. Really cute wings and face on her ^_^

One of my favourite things about Komugi are the cute animal smileys all over her clothes, including her boots. I really love the boots ^w^

There's also the smiley on her wand too. Was experimenting with this shot trying to get an out of focus shot, still not used to using the camera.

She's got a name tag on her bag there... which doesn't make sense because if she's a magical girl, wouldn't she want to keep her identity secret? ^^; Anyway, the anime is not one to care about that stuff since it's all gag anyway. I really wished there were more of them though.

Her pendant is quite odd since it actually sticks out and floating in midair. It's not like she's bending over that much... I'm kinda hung up on this strange quirk...

Yay! Thigh highs! I loves'em! Especially purple... Ooooh I love purple... Ack sorry, had a Batman's Vicki Vale moment there. The smiling crescent moon and star is a cute touch.

Oh ya, you can tilt her head around so you can have her face towards the camera no matter which (front) angle you want of her.

Now we get to her backside... The head doesn't tilts or turn to the back... or I'd be scared 0.o I really love her hairstyle.

She's also got a bunny tail behind her, which is similar to Mugimaru's tail.

And now... Ecchi-man CHECK! (Sorry, was watching Cardcaptor Sakura recently...) Her striped pantsu are easily visible with her pose and really short skirt! I have heard some discussions about shimapan (striped pantsu) recently and my opinion on them is... I like white pantsu but I also like light blue pantsu, why can't I have both? Oh! Striped white and light blue pantsu! The best of both worlds. Unfortunately her knee pits aren't very detailed =/

Oh but if you look closer to her butt then you'll see where all the details went ^^;;;

This one is a pretty nice angle too. It gives you a nice angle of the wings on her boots and I like wing designs on anything, lol.

A real "Kero-chan CHECK!" usually focuses on her medical bag like this...

I mentioned before how I like her hairstyle. She's got side twin tails, a braided pony tail and an ahoge, plus it's pink! Very nice! Not many anime characters have this Komugi hairstyle anymore.

So in conclusion, even though some of the paints on the figure don't look that great and the quirk about the pendant, Komugi is a nice figure to have especially since not many are available. For me as a fan, I have to have it, even though I did get it late ^^;

I really do miss a lot of Komugi's shenanigans, so I may watch the show again after this. I miss Haruko Momoi's voice as well. She doesn't have a lot of anime roles these days. I'll have to fish out my UNDER17 CDs soon then. Oh and that reminds me that the group isn't around anymore either. Come back Halko! Come back Komugi T-T I really wished I could've gone to her Fanime appearance this year at Fanime Con... Apparently it took place at the same time as AnimeBoston.

Anyhoot... dwelling on the past aside, if they ever make a figure of Komugi with the above costume then you bet I'll be the first to preorder it! This one's my favourite costume!

And for no reason I'm posting this picture of Ketchup flavoured potato chips... I asked people around if there are ketchup flavours in their countries or not, but only one confirmed location has it in Pennsylvania. I have heard that ketchup flavour is only available in Canada. Ketchup flavour potato chips in your region?

EDITS: OMG there's a lot of people who don't know Komugi or Soul Taker! They're onlly from 2001-2003, lol. Out of all the older anime out there, these are the ones that make me feel old!

For your reference...

One of the coolest anisong ever, especially done by JAM Project of Super Robot Wars fame.

Komugi gets her own spinoff with different openings in the later OVAs.

One of the funniest gags I saw in the Komugi OVA run. Tokyo Big Site Robo!


  1. very nice figure XD I'll check out Soul Taker is some videos are still floating in the net ^^ loved the shimapan XD (meron pan wa doko? XD)

  2. @kyourin: Fastest comment I've seen after I posted it! Soul Taker is a bit hard to understand, but if you look up Nurse Witch Komugi-chan you may find the Tokyo Big Site transforming into a giant robot!

  3. The angleable head is a really nice touch, really helps photography and display.

    Whew, was ALMOST afraid I wouldn't get sum panchira a third through the post :p

    She can cure my pathologies any day >:D

    And meh, Canadia has all this health food >.> I don't even like chips, or else they'd be a good point to counteract the cold...

  4. She's cute, this one is new to me too. I should check it out :D

  5. Nice details on Pantsu . Never heard of this anime , might watch it .

    Gotta love that Thigh Highs and those shows ^w^ .

  6. Zomg Ketchup Chips!! Cannot imagine how it will taste!!

    Mugi Mugi!!

  7. I love Ketchup chips~ :D No one else at my house does though, and I hate wasting money on food when I don't have too...

    This figure is so cute. I was worried about the size and quality at first, but she's a great figure, and yeah, there isn't much out of Komugi. More figure companies need to make stuff of older characters!

  8. Did some edits to add some videos about the anime Komugi was in ^^; So many people that don't know her, lol.

    @Ningyo: If you've seen most of my figure photoshoots on this blog you know that panchira is an essential service that I provide ;)

    @Yamada & DenshaOtoko: Soul Taker is a bit hard to take in, but Komugi anime is easy viewing :) I fear the pantsu had too much detailed compared to the knee pits XD

    @zh3us: It's very, very salty! I can't taste the ketchup flavour at all! ZOMG! Do I sense a Mugi Mugi fan? :D

    @marshmallow: Oooh just have to buy the small portions then. Or get the Pringles one! They're good too!

    Wave does have a strange thing about doing only 1/10 scale figures, but I've had a few of them already, so the size is pretty decent. It's unfortunate, but they keep pumping out new series so older series/characters get forgotten -.- And yay for someone else recognizing Komugi! I felt like I was the only one who knows about her, lol!

  9. I;m also one of those people who don't know Soul Taker or Komugi...
    She's really cute though in a loli innocent way. Nice photos. ^ ^

  10. I saw the show and this figure is really quite funny (well, maybe not the best figure of Komugi they could create) but is very good.

  11. I remember big Cytron being a robot used by the enemy in the first OVA. Damn, I forget her name. The ridiculously busty one with purple hair... argh!!!!

    Anyway, Komugi counterattacked with a gatchaman parody. Now that was something, esp since she was all 5 members AND their scientist leader!
    But I love how the song on the video was a blatant ripoff of the opening to Shinkon Gattai Godannar!!

  12. :s hmm, I don't know anything about this series... Looks like a cute character though.

  13. I find ketchup flavor very sour ^^; I actually ate it with rice before HAHA! and oh I replied your DM ^^; and no wonder U liked the wings I put on Taiga :P

  14. @phossil: It's one of the best Komugi figures out there... though that's not saying much since there aren't a lot of figures of her XD

    @gundamjehutykai: LoL ya that's where the Big Cytron first appeared. She sorta gets attacked by tentacles but she's got no chest so the tentacles didn't have any grip on her XD And it's Koyori ^^ Really fun OVAs... too bad they were short lived.

    @Wolfheinrich: Hmm... guess it's not about age, but about obscurity ^^;;; Guess Komugi didn't take off that much in popularity back then.

    @chun: Hahaha that's a first I've heard of eating ketchup chips with rice XD Yah, those wings're purty.

  15. I thought we didn't have ketchup flavored chips around here earlier, but I actually saw them recently at a local whole foods market. It doesn't seem to be too popular though.
    Did you like it?

  16. @Yi: Ah ok, so there are others. Well it's one of my favourite flavours, but I have to buy it only once in a while or else my sodium intake will go through the roof ^^;

  17. ... I don't like ketchup chips. They don't taste very good, imo.

    Poutine, now THAT'S a Canadian food I'm proud of!

  18. @radiantdreamer: Haha. Guess I'll go take pictures of poutine next?