Friday, May 1, 2009

The Return of Saber Lion

After weeks of delay, I've finally got around to creating more Saber Lily 4koma comics. I have something special planned for the next two parts that it discouraged me in doing them. It'll be a big project. At least I'll post this easier one while I work on the next one for next week (hopefully). As for the picture above (If a kind soul would do me the favor of translating what it says on the picture then that would be great!) ... well let's call it "Saber Playing with her Food"... You'll find out what that means when you scroll down a little for...

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 13
Umm... so if it's not food then that means, you're playing with it, Saber Lily? ^^;

Ah so finally up to part 13 already. Some say 13 is an unlucky number. I don't usually believe it, but I believed it this time because I made layers for the static version and I figured since I was done I'll make the animated version. As I added extra layers for the animation I unconsciously deleted the layers I needed for the static version and I realized that I haven't saved a JPG version yet! Oh lord... so I had to redo some of it. Thankfully after doing it the first time I found an easier way to do it for the second time.

This marks the return of Saber Lion to these pages... I've been wanting to add her sooner, but I found so many storylines I could do in between. It was a pain to pose her though... She can't really stay in her stand that well! This is also the first appearance of Nendoroid Hatsune Miku in the comics! Albeit a short appearance... a painful one at that :P Although that's not one of her faces. Anyone guess whose face that is? Answer will be in the next comic post.

The tentacle is also a pain in the ass to pose! I am so glad I'm done with it for this one. It'll make one more appearance in the next part, but I did that shot yesterday along with these ones. When I opened it out of the box again, it was giving out the strongest plastic smell that I got very nauseous from it...

And now for the dreaded animation version that screwed me up. It didn't turn out that bad... but it is a simple animation. Just wanted to show Saber Lion whacking Miku with her own negi. :P

Done for now. Stay tuned for part 14. Hopefully sometime within the next two weeks...


  1. Hehe! Fun as always!
    Im wondering how you get the ideas for the comics?
    Someone once said that men have the best thoughts on the potty^^

  2. @Blowfish: LOL close. I usually have a lot of thoughts while I'm in the bath or in the shower. ^^; Sometimes as I lay in bed before I sleep, but I only remember the basic idea, not the dialogue XD Otherwise it's really just looking at things around me and thinking up of ideas ^_^

  3. Hey! Don't mind my nosiness, for the animation, you could actually just do 2 frames, and hold the frame (the before hitting part) a bit longer than the frame which whacked miku lol it'd look less jerky? :P

  4. @puppy52: Yeah I thought that was jerky too ^^; I should really stop putting so much effort into a simple animation, lol. I thank you for your nosiness ^_^

  5. @Lightningsabre, glad you think it helpful lol!

  6. Stop whacking Miku! >.<

  7. Very nice;)
    The enraged husband is here, though- will this prove the end of LightningS? Or maybe a potential cameo by Tenrou, hehe:p

  8. @puppy52: It looks much better! To the chagrin of Mr. Hatsune Tenrou who just found out about this comic >.>

    @aprilius20: Egads! First it's Saber Lily that's after me, now Tenrou too?? Maybe he'll come after me in a lei and a grass skirt ^^; *Runs away*

  9. One can't help but feel sorry for Saber =P

    And Saber Lion cracked me up, mainly because I kept imagining her saying, "Gao Gai Gar" rather then just gao =P

  10. I guess ill try to get creative tomorrow aswell! The way you say it makes it seem so easy.
    Lets see if i can get my figures in ecchi situations :P

  11. Hmm I thought I already left comment here, anyway, this is good, I look forward to seeing the next chapter!

  12. @Snark: Ahaha that's a first. I dont' think I've heard a Gao Gai Gar comment before regarding Saber Lion XD

    @Blowfish: LoL Gonna be sitting on the potty for a while? ^^; I can't wait to see what you come up with ^_^

    @Wolfheinrich: You left a comment on ^_^ I'm working on the next chapter as we speak! After bed...

  13. Hahahaha that was great.
    You have more of those in your past
    entries right?

  14. @loli1983: Heh yep plenty more around my blog. It's not regularly scheduled, only when I can make them. I'm thinking of putting them all together in one spot soon... but I think I should work on this blog first... I don't even have a heading picture! >_<

  15. Saber Lion is so cute.
    These comic strips are so fun; I love them. The animation is very nicely done and very cute. I don't think it looked that jerky.
    Anyway, I look forward to seeing more.

  16. Very funny and good job with the 4koma.

    btw, first time in ur blog. ^^

  17. LOL, poor Lion Lily. Saber Lily deserved's almost like slowing down just because someone told you to hurry up. :P Looking forward to your next 4koma...this reminds me that I should really start working on some stuff I said I would do earlier. ^^;;

  18. Hilarious as always!

  19. @Yi: Saber Lion is super duper cute! Ah yeah, I replaced the original jerky animated gif with this one. It looks better this way anyway ^_^ I'm hoping I can make more... ideas are drying up... >.>

    @phossil: Ah welcome to the blog and thank you for the compliment ^^

    @T.I.P.: Ahaha I know exactly what you mean about someone telling you to hurry up. Annoys me too XD OOoh curious what exactly you will be working on :D

    @jediwannabe: Danke danke!

  20. my saberlion has left the box finally.bwhahahahhahahaha
    as seen in my own blog...

  21. @lyfeprojekt: Cool! Gratz on Saber Lion opening ^^