Thursday, May 28, 2009

AB 2009 Loots

And after all that coverage of the AnimeBoston convention, we get to the loots! I was carrying around a half-filled luggage when I went there and I filled it up when I got back. I was prepared to get lots of loots, but I was also limiting myself because I know I may not have all the room in there ^^;

I made close-up pictures of each item above except for two things. One is the Nanoha DVD box. It's actually just an empty box that I got from the Anime on DVD panel ran by Chris Beveridge. They're no longer called Anime on DVD anymore though. They're under the Mania banner ever since sometime last year. The second one is also from the same panel, which is Aqua Bless. No need to mince words here, it's a hentai manga. Yep, but it was free! Something that I could've bought from the dealer's room for $20 and I got it for free! So glad I attended this panel. Basically in the panel, you ask a question and you're allowed to take something for free from the table. He's got LOTS of free stuff there. Although by the time I was able to ask a question, all the good stuff were mostly gone. There were one copy left of this manga after I picked it up, I wonder who got the second one ^^;

I usually buy a lot of shirts from anime conventions, but there weren't a lot that interests me. The one on the left, Lucky Eva shirt featuring Tsukasa as Rei and Kagami as Asuka was one of the shirts I was looking to order from JList, but thankfully I waited and got it from the convention. Tsukasa being my favourite character from Lucky Star and Rei as my favourite from Evangelion ^_^

As for the Yoda shirt... I didn't really buy it. My brother who went to Disneyland around the same time I went on my trip bought it for me. I just had to take a picture of it since it looks so funny. The front of the shirt is in the image below.

I was saving space in my lugagge for figures, but I couldn't find any scaled figures that I wanted badly from there, so I got these smaller types instead. I've finally got my hands on the Yoko movie version, and was able to give my older Yoko to someone who wanted it more. I resisted on getting this cheerleader Haruhi, but the faces on this was so hard to resist... I may have a use for these faces for my comics. Since I bought a Ryomou figma, I thought I'd have Kanu as a part of my collection too, perhaps I can use it for the comic as wel, lol. And lastly the Oukachan Nendoroid; possibly the ONLY nendoroid that was being sold in the building! I mean, I did not see any other Nendoroids there at all except for this one. I've never even seen this one before, but it looked so cool that I had to get it, after going back and forth in my mind whether I should get it or not.

I usually don't buy trading figures anymore... but these ones are interesting enough that I manage to get one of each. Well the one on the left, Flat Style, was already opened, so you can pick and choose what you want.

Whereas the other one, the box on the right, have this mosaicced picture that caught my interest, lol.
So I got this twin tail girl with striped pantsu from the Flat Style box and got the nekkid girl riding on a goldfish for the one with the mosaicced picture on its box ^^; I really wanted that one with the mosaics, lol.

I was planning to get more DVDs but nothing else caught my eye and they were mostly expensive. I got Princess Blade for $5 from the ADV booth... though I'm thinking I may have this one already. I was going back and forth about the Macross Ace Frontier game too... I found out that this vendor was selling it cheaper than the other one, so I thought it was a pretty good pickup. Kinda hard to play, but that's because I was sleepy when I was trying it, lol. Lastly, the Kalafina CD. Really good songs on it, especially after listening to them live. I got mine autographed by the three vocalists along with Yuki Kajiura. Some of the songs are already some of my favourites.

Something I picked up from the Artist Alley, Samus in zero suit. I was going to buy a Miku from them as well, but they drew her with a bigger oppai which was not accurate ^^;

Here's the back of the eroge I picked up. Brave Soul, Bible Black and Kana ~Little Sister. I've been wanting to play Brave Soul since it's like an actual RPG and it's got the same art as Scrapped Princess character design. I heard Kana had a really good story. And Bible Black... is Bible Black. I had a stopover in Ottawa where I had to pick up my luggage for the connection... I was so worried because I had to go through Canadian custom and was asked several questions. Thankfully he didn't ask me to open my luggage or these three will not be here in this picture. At least Bible Black wouldn't be... It was quite nerve-wracking. Remind me to never go through a Canadian city stopover again.


  1. Damn thats some cool shit

    Can't wait to see your new figmas in all their comic glory! >=D

  2. That ouka chan is a rare nendoroid, lucky that u got it ^^. if it is the wonfes edition, even rarer

  3. Nice loot! Wasn't that nendoroid an exclusive? I think it's pretty rare either way. ^^

    Go play Kana and baww like crazy!

  4. @Snark: Heheh, I have to come up with ideas for them first ^^;

    @YuKi~To: Is there a difference between the normal and wonfes version? I just realized how rare this thing is and I got it for $50!

    @coco: Somehow I managed to get this with no problem on the LAST day... so no one knows anything about this nendo. Oh and it's because of your recommendation that I bought Kana ^^

  5. Question: do they sell Japanese manga there, or English only?

    p.s. The Samus poster is nice:)

  6. Seeing this makes me think about what's in store at Anime Evolution. But alas, no money!!! Good on yah for picking up such awesome swag!

  7. @ls: They have different gadgets ^^; U can check at Tsukiboard. Hm, after seeing tsukiboard, seems like I made a mistake, they have 2 versions but both are from Wonfes I think, not sure though ^^;

  8. @aprilius20: There was one vendor selling Japanese books and manga, but mostly English manga. Aye, love that Samus art ^^

    @Shinky: Nice indeed!

    @radiantdreamer: AE's dealer's room just doesn't compare to AB. I mean it was quite huge last year, but AB just blows them out of the sky XD I probably won't buy much from AE either since I got so many from AB already ^^;;

    @YuKi~To: I was reading one of the sites I found on Google that the Wonfes one is not as rare as the other version. And I checked with Tsuki Board that mine is indeed the Wonfes 2007 version because of the rocket blasts on her skirt.

  9. Well, looks like you had fun AND you've managed to keep your spendings to a reasonable level :P

    Just out of curiosity, how much did you spend on all that?

  10. @gndynames: I didn't exchange that much US dollar for a reason ^^; I exchanged too much now that I think about it. It would have severely limited my spending. Well, if you must know... A grand total of US$376.

  11. i have that tsukasa and kagami shirt too. good thing u don't live in singapore. can't have 2 person wearing the shirt spotted at the same time. lol.

  12. I spy Kana: Little sister. oldie but goodie

  13. @gordon: If I do go to Singapore, I will make sure to bring this shirt to wear over there :P

    @necrophadian: It sounds like Kana will be the first out of these three that I'll try. A lot of people liking this one. So hard to choose from these three!

  14. Funny the yoda tshirt.. lol ^^

  15. @phossil: Yeah, I laughed at that one right away when my brother gave it to me, especially after seeing the front XD

  16. TP helps choosing the shirt too!

  17. Thanks TP! Did you know there's a Stitch as Yoda figure?? I want that one now >.<

  18. Whoa!! EPIC LOOT!! haha I love your Lucky Star ~NGE crossover~ shirt!! ^^ :3

  19. @Argyle: I've been wanting that shirt ever since I've seen it last December/winter! Although at first JList only had it at women's size though, lol!

  20. Dear lord, you bought so much stufffffff~~~~ I envy youu~~~~~ O_o

    I usually spend 200-300 bucks and barely come home with stuff, mostly because I stick to doujins and expensive figurines (which I don't regret buying NEVER- Dante is awesome on my night table^^)

    I like the t-shirt with Tsukasa and Kagami, that's so cute ^^ (oh, the eyes of an otaku...)

    Is that the Bible Black game or just the anime? I should buy it on AX, since I don't wanna buy anything risque online in case some random loony wants to check my box.

  21. Nice loot, I think I've mentioned it somewhere before, but I really like that Yoda shirt.

    For some reason, I always get bored by those eroge games since I hate reading what they're saying. That RPG game you it RPG as in walking around with your own toon?

  22. OMG

    Lucky star shirt! >__<"

  23. @yakuri: LoL seriously? I would imagine you spend about that much at AX, heheh. I mean 10 doujins are already about $150 XD I avoided the big expensive figures because I wasn't sure if I can fit it in the luggage ^^;

    Bible Black is the game. There is a version that has the game and the first volume of the anime. So avoid the one with the anime since you've seen it already XD

    @yakuri & konadora: Heheh looks like everyone likes the Lucky Eva shirt ^^

    @T.I.P.: Yeah those eroge aren't for everyone. I do get bored reading the same ones over and over, but the premise of different ending makes it fun. You can also skip the ones you've read already. It's better these days because they have voices too now. As for the RPG, it's basically like the pre-Playstation JRPG; similar to Final Fantasy 4, 5 or 6. At least that's what I saw from the back of the game... I haven't started it yet ^^;