Saturday, May 9, 2009

How to Spend 20,000 Yen Part 1

YAY! My first shipment from Tenso has arrived! It came on Thursday, May 7th, but I didn't take pictures until Friday and didn't get around to this post til now on Saturday. I was feeling super tired and drained from sleeping late and waking up too early this week. Uh anyway... I was waiting for my friend to come over so when the first doorbell rang, I thought it was him, but to my surprise it was the mailman carrying a big box. I signed for it and saw the Amazon logo on it and I knew what it was... I was very giddy but I held my excitement because my friend came over a few minutes later.

Now for the opening! I was surprised at the lack of packing paper that was in it. I assume it might've been taken out by Tenso to see what was in the package. I actually thought Tenso would be using their own box, but I guess not. Fortunately everything arrived intact without any damage. Plus I have fewer paper to throw out

I decided to spend my 20,000 yen prize money at Amazon Japan, a month after Danny announced I was the winner for the "Your Room" Giveaway... It took me a while because I was still deciding what to get and also because my Japanese is quite lacking. I finally registered, but something won't let me go through with the address registration that was instructed from Tenso. I was confused too why the instruction for Tenso was to put the addresses in romaji/roman letters. It wasn't until later that I found out that Amazon can translate the registration page in English.......

So everything was ordered on Amazon, all that was left to email Danny and he introduced me to Jenny, one of the staffs at Tenso. She was very nice and tried to answer all my questions to the best of her ability. I gave her my PayPal ID and she told me I will get the prize when my shipment's been sent. It was lucky that I got my shipment this early because Golden Week in Japan (4 days of holiday in a row) was about to start. As Danny and Tenso promised, the shipment was included in the prize, even though I gave them my credit card number (I guess that will be for future usage ;). I haven't received the 20,000 yen yet, but I think it's just because I got it when the weekend is about to start. So I won't bug them about it until next week during a weekday.

The Tenso service itself is quite efficient. I received an email from Tenso notifying that my shipment from Amazon saying that my order has arrived, 2 days after Amazon told me that my order has been shipped. So I quickly confirmed my order at Tenso so my stuff can be shipped right away before Golden Week.

And now for the loot...

Oh but first, here is the bottom of the box. It's quite different than the box they use from Amazon Canada. I thought this looked like it could hold more stuff and uses less tape. Hmm ok, did I delay this enough to hold your excitement? LOL.

And here they are! What? Why so little? Well... this is Part 1, you see. So I will post more later on. For now I will show Saber's Photobook, that was released quite a while ago, and the Gift 1/5 Yoko figure. Both are to drool for... I have been wanting these two for a while now. I was very surprised how big Yoko is. I will post a review of her soon... if not a review then a photo gallery since many have already reviewed her.

For now I've flipped through (and tried not to drool on) the Saber photobook. Here's a few of them, but sorry for the folds because I don't wanna ruin the book. The above photo reminds me of Clannad and Kyoto Animation drawing style for some reason.

After looking at RadiantDreamer's Asuka on the motorcycle post, I'm wishing someone would make some kind of garage kit or figure based on the above picture.

I don't know why, but I really like this face even though it looks unfinished...

And finally another picture that I've never seen on the internet before. Saber is wearing some kind of uniform or dress that just looks gorgeous on her!

That's it for now. I will post once more when I get my second shipment in June/July.


  1. I don't recall congratulating u so congratz. ^^
    (I always late on big news but for little news, I'm always early. Don't know why but it happens. lol)

    Awesome loot. Love the Saber artbook. I wanna see more pictures. ^^

    I guess the very awesome bit is, all this is FREE!!!!! xD

  2. The only thing I'd want to order from Japan would be books from BookOff- but I don't dare because of the ever-present threat of people with marker-pens for fingers (censors)>,<

  3. yay for free stuff!!! >___<

  4. congrats to your tenso shipment! The saber book is definitely a good catch.

  5. @Optic: LoL NP and thank you! I'll try and take more pictures of the artbook soon :)

    @rotaku: Haha everyone is loving that Yoko XD

    @aprilius20: Ah yeah, Tenso won't let people order any explicit material anyway... Tis unfortunate.

    @Amen: Almost free... since I haven't gotten the prize money yet XD

    @Wolfheinrich: Thank you! It's definitely worth it ^^

  6. Ah, how did I miss this :p Never realized it was you who won, congrats and wow at your room, a weird kind of wow :p

  7. Im a little confused here...
    So you basically had to pay this with your own money and will recieve the 20.000 Yen Later on?
    Isnt this kinda complicated?Wouldnt it be easier to simply have a 20.000 Yen account with them and that they substract he costs from it?

  8. Nice loots, though Tenso sounds about as confusing as Japan to Door. So they waived shipping and warehouse charges I'm assuming?

  9. Wow, nice stuff for part 1. A Saber photobook? That must be like GNDyname's dream book. I wonder where he is right now...

    Looking forward to see more of your upcoming stuff!

  10. @Michael Flux: Haha, yeah I didn't really make a big deal out of winning that or anything for that matter ^^

    @Blowfish: I think they wanted me to use their service and to make sure I actually ordered through them instead of spending the 20,000 yen somewhere else. We actually pay the online store itself, not to Tenso.

    @Persoco[m]: Well it is the first time I used something like this, so it can be confusing and nerve-wracking. And yeah they waived those charges as a part of the winning.

    @Q: LoL hey, this is one of my dream books too ^^ I can't wait for the next either :D

  11. LOL, no, I meant normal manga, and local censors at Customs. They'd open up the box and look for pie to be highlighted. If they see pretty girls on the cover (and it has bare eyes in it)... your book is doomed>,<

  12. Good choice selecting Saber photobook. I really like the Saber images.
    I know this is part 1, so Im excited to see the second part of the haul.

  13. Congrats on your winnings. I think I should start buying some manga and photobooks later this year. Congrats once again. ^^

  14. @aprilius20: WHAAA??? Oh jeez, yeah I forgot, Indonesia does that too... I see all these black marks all over my DragonBall manga volume 1. I bought that thing again in English to see all of Bulma's no-pan goodness XD

    @phossil: I didn't even realize this Saber book was available until it was released and I had to track it down ^_^ Hopefully the second part will come as fast as possible. I can't wait! *doki doki*

    @T.I.P.: Thank you! ^_^ LoL lots of things on your list to buy, eh? I really ought to hold off on the manga >.>

  15. @Lightningsabre Yup, definitely lots of things to buy...just wished I got the money to buy them all. ^^;

  16. @T.I.P.: Somehow the lack of money doesn't stop me much... I just ordered something big yesterday from HLJ sale. I'll definitely post it here when it arrives.

  17. Dude, the empty box picture almost made me think they shipped you nothing...

  18. @Coco: Hahaha, it's a good tease, eh? :P

  19. congrats on your won! free money is awesome, right? use it wisely.

  20. w00t niice ^^ congrats on winning ..
    uhh lucky man you got GIFT Yoko!?!?! I wanted that >__< haha

  21. @RyoBase: Thanks! And I'll try ^^;

    @Argyle: Zankyu! I think this is the only Yoko I've ever really wanted ^_^