Saturday, April 25, 2009

Yuri Mania 9: Gift from Yaku

Gokigenyou minna-san! Whew... it's been a while since I made a Yuri Mania post. Here's the standard definition of yuri for your convenience. This will be a short but very sweet post. The picture above is given to me by Yaku as a thank you gift for colouring her bunnygirl Mikuru. I'm going GAGA over this picture because these are two of my favourite characters, Ayanami Rei and Saber! I look through Gelbooru and Danbooru and there's nothing like it. A very rare combination of Rei and Saber in a somewhat yuri pose. When Yaku sends me the original scan, I will also attempt to colour this just like the Mikuru. I hope my colouring will improve by then ^^;

Yaku totally surprised me because she just asked me which characters I like and I gave her a long list of characters to play with. I was saying something like "Lunamaria in a plugsuit", but holy cow this is much better! Saber blushing as Rei is holding on to her bare back... looks like we caught them in the act of something, eh? >:)
Thank you Yaku! I loves it very much ^_^
Looking forward to more of your artwork!


  1. Yuri is more accepted and seen as a norm now...
    nothing beats the love between 2 sets of oppai/vajayjay rubbin on each other...

    im not a perv....thank you

  2. Saber and Rei?
    Nice Combo!

    I wish i had friends that draw me fap... err artworks

  3. @lyfeprojekt: Haha well I'm accepting in my mind because it's just fun ^^; Yes... not a perv. If you say so XD

    @Blowfish: LoL I'm gonna stick with "artwork" for now :P

    @NaKAhito: Indeedy! Yaku's a great artist in the making :D

  4. Ooh~ gorgeous:)
    You've aroused my curiosity too- your colouring must have been pretty nice for Yaku-san to draw this for you- is it posted online somewhere?

  5. Wonderful sketch there, love it :D

  6. Oh wow, never realized you were so good at drawing LS ^_^ Pretty impressive. Now it just needs to be colored!

  7. @aprilius20: Haha I was just giving it to her just for Christmas present, didn't expect anything in return. No, it's not posted anywhere online. She hasn't scanned it yet.

    @Wolfheinrich: Deshou? ^_^

    @Michael: Ah sorry to disappoint ^^; That's not my drawing. I just want to show off what Yaku gave to me cuz it's got "For Lightningsabre" on it XD

  8. OMG That is amazingly awesome.

    Now where is Yaku's site so I can stalk-I mean, admire her artworks. >:(

  9. @Coco: See... you can say "stalk" and not get in trouble since you're a girl, but if I say that then I'll get a restraining order XD

    I've only recalled she has LiveJournal. I think she closed her DeviantArt.

  10. @Lightning Sabre

    Arh! Silly me!

    Note to self: don't comment on things before finishing reading everything down to the last word! You may end up looking silly!-_-

    On a different note, holy crap I haven't colored anything in years. Maybe will give this thing a try sometime in the upcoming weeks :p

  11. Oh wow, Saber and Rei. *nosebleeds*

    Yuri is art. And I appreciate great arts such as that drawing :)

    Gotta say that the eyes look slightly off though, but I shouldn't really be the one pointing out mistakes since I can't even come close to that :P

    Internet hi-five for yuri!

  12. that is sweet! looking forward to the colored version of this one for sure ^^

  13. Quite an unlikely yet sweet pair^^. Anyway hows the coloring progress

  14. @Michael: LoL no problem. Happens to me too. Probably why I don't comment if I don't have time to read everything these days. ^^; This would be my second colouring project once I get the original scan.

    @konadora: I dunno. I thought the eyes look good. Especially Saber's... oh eyes so dreamy! Internet high five!

    @Persocom & GunStray: Hoping to colour this right away once Yaku sends me a scan. I'm gonna try to make the best effort in this one ^_^

  15. there needs to be a big meet with all DC vancouverites...we can mix this in with a revscene Cellmeet....

  16. The artwork is very hot and amazingly well drawn. I wish I could draw that well too.

    Anyway, I love yuri too.

  17. I demand the inevitable anime crossover.

    Also, this Yaku girl is a totally bitchin' artist!

  18. @lyfeprojekt: Revscene cellmeet?? Is that the one for gathering of a specific car driver? I'd love to gather the Vancouverites and have some kind of blogger meet and greet. I mean they've done it a couple of times already in Toronto.

    @Yi: Me too ^^

    @Snark: Haha I wonder how that crossover will happen. And yes, I totally agree with your statement ^_^

  19. oh we done it many times
    there is a burger lunch this saturday, but i wont be there for it cuz i have work, there will be more

    Vancouver biggest online community as well as where there are KNOWLEDGABLE canucks fans and in most cases, faster than the traffic reports at times!

    cell phones + cars + movies + music+ anything u can think of is on there...its a lil bit of 4chan

  20. @lyfeprojekt: Ah I guess I thought it was mostly for car owners. My brother goes to that site for that purpose, but I didn't realize it dabbles in everything else. Thanks for the info! I should really pop by there once in a while.

  21. oh the content is amazing

  22. I just found out you posted this, stop it, it's making me blush XD
    I'm glad you liked it and it was no big deal; thank you for the exposure and the sweet words and thank you all the guys who commented too ^^

    BTW I do have a AD account but it might as well be dead since I never post crap ahahahaha XD I don't have much of a blog of any sort, sorry.

    Konadora: it'd be great if you have any kind of opinion so I can improve, I'm not adverse to criticism (in fact I end up hating all my drawings so yay~).

  23. @yakuri: Ah finally the artist speaketh! Ehehe I was gonna keep this to myself, but I just had to share it. Great art is meant to be shared, ne? ^_^

    Ummm but yeah, I was going to tell you I posted this, but I guess you beat me to it by finding it first ^^;

  24. Don't worry, it's yours so you can do whatever you want, I'm very happy you like it so much ^^

  25. It's yours so you can do what you want without telling me ^^ In fact I'm very happy you liked it so much =D

  26. @Yakuri: And I'm ever so grateful for it. I don't think anyone drew anything personally for me ever ^_^

    In fact I'm thinking of using it for my header for the blog :D