Tuesday, April 7, 2009


... is what I would've said after the DannyChoo.com "Your Room" giveaway was over. I was shy to post about my room in the first place, so I wanted to hide it after it was all over. But since I did win it, I can't really hide it yet now, can I? ^^;

And it's about time I made a blog post about it too... I saw 3 or 4 other blog posts regarding this while the guy who won it didn't post his reaction yet! So for a mini celebration I've finally put up the poster I've been meaning to put up on my door. I've had this poster on before, but it never did stick properly... Now it seems appropriate, doesn't it? Ahaha!

My helpful friend from Daiso ^_^

I have to thank Danny for picking my room out of the 89 entries. I mean, 89! THAT'S A LOT! There were so many good ones, like Rin's; who had a lot of stuff yet so organized, and then there was Akiba-kid's, whom I saw a kindred spirit with since our room is stacked with books! Karasu-kun and Syaoran's too! I mean Syaoran even said he'd clean my room after I asked him LOL! But wow... I was shocked! I didn't expect to win. I was hoping to at least get a runner up prize XD

So the night Danny was about to post the winner, it was about 12:45 AM on Sunday. I was staying up late, trying to catch up on Pastel (I blame Raz for this XD), and checked puchi blurb occasionally and saw that Danny was about to post the winner. Which then I blurbed something like, "Should I wait for the winner or go to bed, lol". Danny replied promptly by asking what time it was in [Vancouver], which was almost 1 AM by that time. "Give me 30 mins tops," he says. You'd think I'd clued in why he asked me specifically... ^^;

15-20 minutes later, I was shaking, laughing uncontrollably, my teeth was chattering and my face was red as I saw the first picture that popped up in the winner announcement. It was joy and embarrassment mixed at the same time, lol. I know I've been told not to be embarrassed by it, but face it, my room's an effing mess! Safe to say I couldn't sleep right away, even though I had to work in about 5 hours. I saw the Sitemeter on Sunday and it finished counting to 389 at the end of the day. That was the most visits I've had ever since I started Sitemeter!

The picture above was going to replace ALL the pictures I took for my room... it's null now ^^;

Right now I've so many things I want to get with the 20,000 yen, but I want to make sure it's something I really want and not just plain spend spend spend, just like what I did to my room... I still haven't registered at Tenso yet! I came home late from work on Sunday after having dinner with a friend and on Monday I've been watching Heroes and 24 while surfing DC.com. So many things happening right now...

Since I was taking pictures of my door anyway, here's a closer look of the thing above the door frame. It's the first letter to my name, R. And it transforms into a robot! Isn't it cute? :D

Hopefully after work on Tuesday I will try to register on Tenso and shop around. I already saw AmiAmi and jeez, I saw a lot of things I want to get already! Oh and 20,000 yen is approx $250 Canadian! That's a lotta manga I can get! No, wait... better hold off on the manga... Well I shall decide and will post accordingly ^^

Oh stay tuned, I have something special I will be posting on Thursday, if everything goes as planned. And thank you again Danny for choosing my messy otaku room and thank you to Tenso for sponsoring this great giveaway and to everyone who encouraged me about my room and all the participants & the runner-ups who contributed to this event. 'Twas very fun!!

Now I should really start cleaning my room if I don't want to end up like Gomiko...


  1. Nice! Gratz on winning! >=D

    Also, where did you get that transforming letter robot!?!?!? I remember having one of those when I was a kid! Those things are bitchin!

  2. @Snark: Thanks ^_^ Oooh it's a long time since I picked up that letter robot. My aunt back in Jakarta gave it to me when I was a wee child. I mean, the screw behind it is way rusted lol.

    @Shinky: Zankyu!

  3. Again, congratulations on winning the contest! ^^ I'm curious as to what you're getting with your prize money. Will stay tuned for your next post :3

  4. and congrats!
    fellow Vancouverite!

  5. @Lene: Thank you ^_^
    I still haven't decided what to get yet lol. Too many things I want and not even 200,000 yen can cover my want list XD

    @lyfeprojekt: Thank you! Yay Vancouverite! ^^

  6. congrats Ronald, Ron, Roy, Raymond, Richard, Reeve, Rick, Rob or Robert. ('~')

  7. @gordon: How about Ryan, Randy, Rocky, Rufus, Ryo or Rupaul? Heheh, but you got it in your first guess. Not gonna say which one... and thank you ^_^

  8. grats on the win! nice haruhi picture you made there too ^^

  9. WOW!!!
    Grats that you won the contest!!!
    A room of manga...just wow!!!
    I wonder how much manga you have...
    It surely beats my collection anyday...and I thought I had a lot (400 manga)...
    You better not use that 20000yen on manga...
    Go for figures or anime DVDs!!!!!!
    Be waiting on that special announcement on Thursday!!!!!

  10. Omg, my last comment was eaten! D: Either that or I pressed "preview" and forgot to submit.

    Uh...what did I say. Congrats on your win! Your room was bound to win something! xD

  11. @Persocom: Thanks for both ^_^

    @Rin: Thank you thank you! Haha I never counted. After reaching this much I felt that it was too sad to count them XD And no lol, I won't buy any manga with the 200k yen. A book maybe ^^;

    @Coco: Zankyu! LoL it would easily win the "Messiest Room Ever" Award if it existed, but this is pretty good too lol.

    @Gordon again: I've always liked using the name "Rightning Sabre" XD

  12. Congrats once again! And nice Haruhi, I want to have something like that on my door too~ probably Shana XD

  13. Even though i gratulated before:

    I can only imagine how excited you were! Have fun with the money :D

  14. Thanks again, Blowfish ^_^

    It was late at night, so I wasn't screaming some victory chant or anything lol.

  15. Congrats on winning the contest!! Still haven't planned on what to get? I do agree that you should take your time and wait for something that you really want, if time isn't an issue.

  16. @Twu: Thank you! I made a list now... but it's gonna cost me more than 20,000 yen ^^; I might just add the extras because it'll still be cheaper.