Sunday, May 23, 2010


Or souvenirs, I should say. Recently I've received some of them from very good friends. One from a while ago and another just recently. I didn't really ask, but they were kind enough to send some to me... Well okay, I did ask for one thing ^^;

First up is the care package from Singapore. Someone did let me know that this was going to be in the mail, but I didn't realize it was more than I expected. I was told it was only the Tokyo Figure Show cards from Anime Festival Asia that would be in the package, but I was pleasantly surprised to see more ^^

Firefox sticker!? NICE! I haven't had any bad feelings about Firefox ever since I switched to it from Explorer. Great browser and cute Fox mascot, eh? ^_^

Three copies of the AFA TFS (more acronyms plx!) cards.

And the back... Signed by Danny Choo! Another surprise, lol. Thank you Singapore! The person who sent this to me told me that it might've been Kodomut (or someone else) who sent it along? Whoever you are, thank you very much!

Two copies of Gordonator or TD-8316 (TK-8316 back when this was made) signed card. Thanks for the card Gordon! Hurry and get famous already so I can eBay this! XD
And here's the most recent omiyage from my good friend, Yaku ^.^ A care package from Korea/L.A.
She is Mugi-tan's GOSHUJIN-SAMA! So don't mess with Tsumugi or she'll break your legs! She explained that it's not her lipstick, lol. But the Saber... OMG the Saber! Goh-jasu! Byu-tee-ful! I'm giddy just holding the actual artwork instead of the electronic version ^^; Good handwriting too, yes?

And this is what I requested, a souvenir from Yaku's trip to Korea. I asked for anything that's Korean basically. I like whatever's unique to the region, which is what Japanese omiyage is usually known for when you go on school trips, you bring omiyage from that particular region. So I got this cute little dangle. I'm trying to think of the dress she's wearing her... Hanbok?

But these two... Well I didn't expect these ones. More pleasant surprises! The taiyaki makes a noise when you press the fin and also the "filling" comes out from its belly. The green tea version is tsundere as Yaku pointed out to me. She knows what I like, lol. I pressed the fin repeatedly and sure it sounds tsundere but kinda obscene too ^^;

Infinite edamame feels like the real thing that I would totally eat the inside if I didn't know any better. XD

And now for a little update about myself in case I didn't mention it (plus it's good for me to write it down so I can remember when stuff happens)... New tasks at my job these days because someone was let go in mid-April, so I'm a bit more busier and less time off to write up posts... I'm actually doing this post from work... SSSSSSHHHHHH! It's a secret to everyone. It's that busy, I tells ya! Right now it's not even steady yet, I don't have a set schedule, so they just tell me to come in whenever. On the plus side I'm getting paid in full and then some! So more income flowing in... And hopefully I won't throw them away into Hobby Search easily, lol.

Thanks again for the omiyage! I loves'em!


  1. Packages from friends, especially surprise packages, are always neat!

    I sometimes get one for the holidays, got one for my birthday, and it's really neat. It's also rare, which keeps it even neater and more surprising when it arrives :)

  2. You have some really nice and generous friends. That signed Danny Choo thing is really awesome!!

    Also, good luck on your job. Don't get caught posting ecchi pictures. ^ ^

  3. @Guy: Definitely. I don't really get too many gifts really, so any of them is a surprise to me, even if I did request one, lol.

    @Yi: I'm grateful for great friends ^_^

    Haha, thanks. I haven't been caught yet! (Does that mean I actually did post ecchi pictures at work? ^^;)

  4. Dude now I'm all embarrassed lol

    I'm glad you liked them, did you break their virginity yet?

  5. @Yaku: I can't help it. These are some prime omiyage! And yes, I broke through their plastic hymen and pushed their buttons lots of time -^^-

  6. Aww, that's so nice. I should get my friends some maple syrup before I go back.

    Eh, Firefox mascot is alright. After seeing Lolifox's mascot though that beast is no competition.

    Hmm wait, not her lipstick? Then who's...?

    That taiyaki and similar devices were really up and about HK back when I was over there. I frowned upon them due to their lack of practical use, but meh, I'd take gifts anytime :p

    It's funny how anyone busy still writes posts 10x faster than I do. Man, if this is me in high school, imagine me at work. Might as well change my middle name to sacked.

  7. @Tin: Haha maple syrup. Yes, very Canadian-like. Also Vermont-like depending on where you live.

    The lipstick is printed on paper, so she claims XD

    Exactly! A gift is a gift. It's sitting on my computer desk now and push it from time to time.

    And wow... you got me... I guess I'm NOT that busy then 0.o