Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Another Wednesday Shopping Day

"Yee-haw! Ride'em cowgirl!"

So after staying out til 3:30 AM last night I woke up at 10:30 AM to go out shopping for Otaku stuff. Ok I didn't leave til 11:30, but I should've gone out later to actually check the computer since I couldn't last night... Then I could've found out that they've delayed the re-opening of SakuraMedia, a local anime store at Metrotown, until tomorrow... Ugh, didn't find out til I saw the store still boarded up...

Anyway, went through a few stores today. First stop was Crystal Mall to find my brother's a headrest for the car... apparently a bust since he doesn't like it, oh wellz. Then off to the two anime stores there, but nothing great. I am eyeing this Perfect Grade Eva Unit 01 though... I'm not gonna put bring that on the bus, so I'm not gonna buy it yet ^^; I also kept eyeing this iGallop machine they had in one of the stores. I did ninja a picture of the machine, but later on I asked if I can take a clearer picture but denied, so I'm glad I took a ninja pic lol. I also posted this at to see people's reaction to the machine (and the somewhat inappropriate video I posted lol).

Then moved on to Ages 3+... nothing there. I'm hoping for this figure of a girl in a Chinese dress from Kotobukiya to be there, but nothing today. Probably not out yet. At Toys R Us I bought Ninja Gaiden for PS3 ($5 off yay!) and Bangaio Spirits for the DS ($10 off! Yippee!). I wanted to try these two games for a long time now! At AutoWorld, I bought a mirror top display which I'll be using for one of my figure shoots, heh heh heh *evil grin*.

So since SakuraMedia was still closed, I moved on to Downtown, which is just a Skytrain ride away, to go to Golden Age. Chatted with people there and surprised to see someone actually know who the character is on my shirt, Fuko Sanjou! Got some of my manga fix from there and hopefully Secret Invasion #8 is on that list... I tend to just buy and don't double check, stupid habit. So with a huge bulging backpack I head home, but not before I dropped my MP3 player... It still works, built tough I guess ^_^

The shirt I wore today. Picture from Hobby Search.

One of my typical Wednesdays... Probably will head out to Richmond tomorrow, heheh.

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