Thursday, March 18, 2010

"We Came, We Saw!"

No conquering here. Just coming and sawing. "We came, we saw" is the tagline for the new PSP game called Patchwork Heroes. I've been playing the demo almost nonstop when it came out about two weeks ago. There are only 3 levels in the demo, but I enjoyed it so much that I can't stop playing the same 3 levels over and over.

So what the heck is Patchwork Heroes and why did I keep playing it even though my thumb was really sore? It's just really fun! Basically you're an expert with a saw and a flying machine and your town is being invaded by giant airships from an unknown country. Let me explain with pictures since I took photos of my PSP already...

And that's the basis of this game. This is originally called One Million Ton Bara Bara in Japan, which means One Million Tons of Broken Pieces. Perfect title for destroying airships right? But I guess Sony didn't think the title works here. I dunno...

These are your controls. Very very simple. And the video below shows some of the gameplay.

And this here is your main guy, Titori. He's the one who I quoted from. You'll have 2 comrades along with Titori who serves as your "life bar". You get hit by an enemy unit and you'll lose a comrade, until the last person, Titori. Of course around the map/airship are prisoners that you can free and add to your comrades-in-arms.

This is the first airship in the demo. The big word balloon is you and the 3 smaller balloons are comrades you can rescue.

After you destroy the airship, you get screwed... Err... I mean, you get screws. The more screwed... screws you get, the higher rank you'll be in.

The full game, which actually came out today and I didn't know about it but I already finished downloading it, has some weird features... Like visiting your fallen comrades' gravestones... Morbid and creepy. But I'm just here to destroy gigantic airships. It's just so fun. I feel like I've played something like this, but I can't seem to pinpoint what it is. It's kinda like Katamari Damashii... but the opposite.

Look for more information, interviews and images from the PlayStation Network Blog. The game is available for download only through the PlayStation Network for $9.99. Now pardon me while I go make my thumb sore again... and again...

Just don't destroy this airship...

Err... Uhh... I'm not sure how this picture got here... I was just playing Patchwork Heroes... Not watching anything else... Really...


  1. Isn't that that forty minute sleeping animation >.>? I could use some of that right now... Actually, I've this psp puzzle game right now that serves as a perfect lullaby. Since I'm so putridly bad at puzzles I just play it until my brain fries out and I go to sleep. I don't even know the name of the game.

    So basically... You take on giant warships six times the size of your town with saws? With all of four men?
    I'm liking the idea already.

    Looking at the vid, it reminds me of Mr. Driller, except in the air. That's a really catchy song, too...

  2. @Tim: Yea... Sleeping with Hinako. Though they say people have a hard time sleeping while watching that ^^; It's a weird video really. I usually feel sleepy anytime I play anything on my bed...

    Yeah, it's an awesome concept. I just download it for the heck of it, but fell in love with it right away. The complete and utter destruction of gigantic airships are freaking awesome!

    Maybe that's what I was thinking of, Mr. Driller. The music in the game is almost Russian and gypsy-like. Great song and music!

  3. For some reason US game releases usually get way shorter titles than their Japanese counterparts... lol it's like they're saying we're ignoramus who don't like to read so they have to give to us quick and simple ^^U

    Personally if someone asked me to pick a game based on their titles alone and showed me "patchwork heroes" against "One Million Tons of Broken Pieces" I'd go for the second one since it sounds FUCKING METAL. The first one... meh, sounds like a girly kiddie DS game (-3-) Will check it out whenever I have some time, it looks all nice, colorful and catchy music too!

    LS, I think you got too many screws, got yourself worked up and couldn't go to sleep XD thankfully Hinako-chan is there to help, right? XD

  4. @Yakuri: Hey yeah! You're right! All those titles have been shortened... I wonder if it's because Japanese have a shorter way to write that title without going over one line, lol. "One Million Tons of Broken Pieces" is almost a lyrical title. Almost like a song. I wish they used a variant of this instead of "Patchwork Heroes" which almost sounds like a sewing game... The music's so catchy I had to buy the soundtrack! :D

    LoL yes... I think I have a couple (or more) screws loose... Hinako needs to be less sexy so I don't stare at her all the time for me to be sleeping ^^;;;

  5. Loll at that last picture. Right... I'm sure you have no idea how that got there. ^ ^

  6. @Yi: No really... I have no idea how that got there >.>;