Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Birthday of Ayanami: New Rei Figures

More and more Rei! The cloning has gone out of control!!!

This is part 2 of my Birthday of Ayanami series of posts on March 30th. Rei's birthday is actually based on Megumi Hayashibara's birthday, her voice actress. Megumi is also my favourite voice actress. This time I'll showcase some of the Rei figures that I recently acquired. I haven't taken pictures of them waiting for her special day, today ^_^

WARNING! This post is photo heavy! I'll try to shut up and let you enjoy the photos. I'll put in some short descriptions and ecchi comments in between.

Kaiyodo X Kadokawa pack-in from Ace Magazine

The best face out of all the figures posted here!

Gotta have them rear shots! It's a bit small... but it's quite a nice figure. I'm glad I found this copy of Ace Magazine.

Sega Prize's Seat of the Soul

I unfortunately hit the box by accident and sorta crushed the exterior ^^;;; The inside is fine though.

I'd give you all the angles of the seat, but the backside is not really detailed.

Not the greatest face, but it's not bad. I'm really choosy with the faces for my Ayanami Rei collection.

Great details on the controls.

It comes with a base!

Sega Prize's Evangelion EX Figure from the movie

Hmm... I have a mixed reaction with the face; something about it looks weird, but I still kinda like it. Second best face in this post.

Coincidentally, I got a new glasses and new glasses case.

Great backside!

Uplark's Ayanami Rei Entry Plug Interior

I have to admit that I was not impressed with this Rei... The Rei figure was as big as the freebie one from Ace magazine and the face looked awful. Good thing I got this from HLJ sale, otherwise I wouldn't spend so much on this one. Still kinda expensive though...
BUT... The entry plug interior definitely saved it. This thing is very, very detailed. I'm impressed with this piece. I just wished they had the same amount of work on Rei herself.

It comes with an alternate parts. If this part is on, Rei can't sit properly on the seat...

This is a great piece on the entry plug. It's a reflective disc. I'm not sure what it is, but it sure is cool.

The controls are much better than the one from Sega.

 For some reason this angle reminds me of Nautilus from Nadia.

Very impressive... the bottom picture is the inner part that wouldn't have been visible when in display, but they still painted it!

Finally the queen sits on her throne.

You can tilt the display base too.

Comparing it to the Sega version.

That's it for part 2. More to come in part 3!


  1. I love the base she comes with and I love her post.
    Agreed that the other Rei has a really pretty face.

  2. I always want that made by UpLark, there also the one entry plug with lightnings inside it but its more pricey than this.

  3. The first is the most appealing one (at least to me) ^^

    About the third one, I think the face itself looks very flat and kinda compressed; maybe it's the picture's angle?

  4. @Yi: I'm not too picky with poses, but because I have so many Rei, the face becomes important, lol.

    @Yamada: I think I know which one you're talking about. I almost got that one, but the Rei figure is really, really tiny!

    @Yaku: Heh it's funny that the smallest one ends up being the best one, eh? XD

    I tried to get other angles, but didn't really make too much difference. Her cheeks are a bit chubby, eh?

  5. Body of a fourteen year old.
    We could talk about sexualized idols, but lets shut up about that crap for a second and just enjoy the view. I believe the folds under the right buttock are especially significant.

    The latter one looks great. Like a vehicle all on its own.

  6. @Tim: A very developed 14 year old, I know I know... The "vehicle" is quite good, but still, I kinda wish they made a more effort in Rei herself.

  7. Hello, can you please tell me if any of your Evangelion products from Sega come with a Gainax sticker?

    Thanks in advance ! happy b-lated bday to Rei <3

  8. @MoonRei: I checked the boxes for these ones, and no, none of them had a Gainax holographic sticker. It does have Gainax logo, but it's printed on the box.

  9. These are all Rei`s I considered once but didnt order because I didnt like something about her.
    The Uplark Rei was pretty tempting back during the Sale

  10. @Blowfish: I tend to pick the smaller figures to bolster my army of Rei, but I guess the sale got to me... Which is unfortunate because I'm regretting the Uplark one...