Friday, November 4, 2011

The Birth[day] of MEIKO [DD]

Happy birthday MEIKO! I posted this on the 4th, but by now, it is already November 5th in Japan. She is now 7 years old. I liked her since 2008-09, so you could say I liked her since she was 4-5 years old... Wait, that makes me sound like a lolicon! But really she's made to be 21 years old or so! I first found her through "Sore ga Bokura no Justice" where she looks and sounds badass! I've almost cried a few times just watching this video accompanied by the song.

So just like her birthday last year, let's hear some new and old MEIKO songs :D

Well actually, I'm starting with a song from last year, but heck it's too funny not to post! Oh Luka, so nice of you to celebrate MEIKO's birthday ^_^

This is one of the first songs on NicoNico that was tagged as MEIKO生誕祭2011マイリストコメント編集. It was first posted on October 12, 2011. They sure start early for MEIKO's birthday!

This one has a very pretty MEIKO in the video. A nice gentle and easy going song ^_^

I like these kinds of songs. Very nice style and love the beats and instrumentals.

And a new song from shu-t, a regular MEIKO composer! Been waiting for this one to show up :D

Hmm... What's that? 
You're asking about the MEIKO in the first photo? 
What about her? 
It's just a custom Dollfie Dream MEIKO that I got made... 
Why do you ask? :P

Oh alright... Here's more of MEIKO DD!

Yes, it's my DD... No, this isn't April. And no, it's not a joke XD It really happened! It's a DDII body with an SQ Lab "Misty" head and an Obitsu 8.5" wig.

The clothes are made by Chun that I commissioned long long ago but I just didn't get around to completing the deal til now (meaning getting the actual parts ^^;;;). The set includes the underwear that Chun's Aki was wearing while modeling MEIKO's outfit... Wait... Does that mean it's Aki's used... underw... 0.o AHEM... Anyway, thank you, Chun, for your patience with my picky attention to details ^^;

The faceup was done by Navci, a local faceup artist, who also loves MEIKO! That easily made my decision to get MEIKO done by her ^_^ I also requested the "00 MEIKO." tattoo on her arm. I wasn't sure if it could be done since it would be quite small, but Navci INSISTED she can do it. I didn't want to force it on her, but she did an awesome job! I love it! She also did the red nail polish on her hands. :)

And what do you think of her face? I guess this angle does make her look different ^^ Very cute! Navci usually do more realistic resin BJD faceups but she can also do DD faces now. This is her second SQ Lab head actually. Galamirix's Shiki being the first one. I've mostly requested for a mature look but since Navci also likes MEIKO, I gave her full freedom to do what she needs to do to make her into MEIKO!

Navci also forced me to... Err... I mean, suggested that I post these MEIKO songs in celebration of her birthday ^_^

shu-t is famous for creating MEIKO songs. There are so many that he's done that I can't keep up (or just haven't been looking lately ^^;). I need me to get some Japanese iTunes card so I can get some MEIKO songs!

Another MEIKO classic by shu-t.

Oh ya, the choker is not really standard MEIKO attire, but I requested it from Chun anyway, lol. I just have a thing for chokers. ^^;

It's surprisingly hard to find an ordinary brown boots. These ones are kinda big for her, but the best match so far. These ones are from Dollmore that I bought second hand from DoA marketplace. I lent Helen's thigh highs to MEIKO for now...

MEIKO has a black coloured inner shirt... Usually... But since black stains vinyl, gray will have to do!

Mmm... sekshi! I'm so glad that tattoo came out great even though Navci had to redo it 2-3 times because, in her words, I'm a "picky bastard" XD

"Ahem, you shouldn't be looking while I'm changing..."

And now MEIKO without the inner bra. I contemplated hard whether to get the L-Bust or stick with the M-Bust... I realize later on, I'm not a big fan of the L-Bust ^^; So I stuck with "M"-Bust for MEIKO!

From the front this time! Oh and another musical interlude!

This was the first Vocaloid song I've found. I thought it was awesome that they actually voiced the song instead of the SNES midi bloops... But now I learn that this is really MEIKO singing! I'm floored!

Here's another song that Navci pointed out to me that I've never heard ^^ Really cool. The original is 2D animation, but MMD is good too :)

"Ya, ok, buddy... That's enough of the cleavage shots ok?"

Time for the prop shots then! Yep, got myself a red Volks mic and stand ^^

I'm going to fix the eyes a little bit later on. They're also from SQ Lab, but Misty's eyesocket is much smaller than the eyes. I'll readjust later so there will be more brown colour for MEIKO's eyes. Though I did pick these eyes because they are very similar to the Nendoroid ones.

And what's a birthday without some drinking, eh? ^_~ MEIKO's ready to party with some drinks! A very big thank you to Chun, Navci and a few others who I've told about MEIKO DD to keep her a secret until now! I know it was a pain to hide, but I just like surprises and announcing this DD on MEIKO's birthday was that important to me ^_^

The MEIKO shrine grows! Come on full-size Nendoroid... Come out faster! And where's my MEIKO figma? XD Yesh, you'll shee more of MEIKO DD shoon... Oh boy... Got drunk with MEIKO... Til next time folksh...


  1. Woo, free press! :>
    I like her a lot, she is adorable! And as a fellow Meiko fan, I approve! :>

  2. That's a lovely Meiko custom DD, the SQ Labs heads with that custom face up is a perfect match! Nicely done! Look forward to see more of your DD shenanigans. ^^

  3. lol you cannot wait huh! XD my post will probably be at 12 midnight ^^; Happy birthday Meiko ^^!

  4. @Navci: LoL do I get discount then? :P Thanks for all your help!

    @Smithy: Thank you! I was looking for a mature but also a happy face, and this works out well. LoL this is just the beginning XD

    @Chun: Haha, sorry. I got anxious XD BUT technically it is November 5th in Japan, lol.

  5. She looks gorgeous! You should bring her the next time we all get together, that way I can fondl--err I mean, appreciate her! Yes, appreciate! :D

  6. Mwhahahaha, I knew you will join the DDark Side sooner or later, fufufufufufu. Soon the Unlimited Manga Works will be replaced by Unlimited Dollfie Works wahahahahahaha.

  7. Very nice custom DD Meiko you've got yourself there! I really didn't know I had my confession post up at the same time as your post! Quite a coincidence isn't it?

    As you've commented on my blog, what you become can really be influenced by those you stick around with. I look forward to see more photos from you!

    Oh yea you had some mosiacked photo back then? Would you have the link for it? :D

  8. Suggoi!! add me as a Meiko fan club ^G^

  9. @yakuri: Yes, I'll bring her along next time XD But I'm already fond...appreciating her, lol. Cuz I'm fond of her!

    @Wolfheinrich: Feheh, we'll see :P

    @Q: Thanks ^^ Ya, I was going to post her on November 5th local time, but I got too anxious, so I just posted it on JST XD I'll try to take more photos of her but it is getting colder and rainier ^^;; Yah, the photo was actually blurred not mosaicced but you got the right guess anyway ^^

    @Anon: Welcome to the club!

  10. What a surprise! Congrats on joining the DDark Side!

  11. Congrats on your DD Meiko! Haha didn't know Luka is a bit taller than Meiko and Happy birthday MEIKO!

  12. @Radiant: Haha thanks XD

    @Yamada: Thanks! I guess Luka has a bit of foreign blood in her since she grew up overseas... I think ^^;