Saturday, November 5, 2011

Yuri Mania 38

Gokigenyou! It's MEIKO's birthday so Luka and Miku congratulates MEIKO on her birthday ^^; Miku is actually not mine, but borrowed from Kaionlriu. Been meaning to take some photos of her but didn't get around to it til now.

I've been so rusty in making the 4koma that I felt like I didn't make this properly... Just a simple welcoming for the new MEIKO Dollfie by the plushies in a yuri style XD

There's also a couple of Vocaloid PVs that have Luka and baby Miku fighting over MEIKO XD

Here's a couple of bonus pics... Magnet, Plushie Version!

I felt like this one is a big fail, lol. I got so lazy after taking off the background from MEIKO and just plastered this on to make a parody of the original Vocaloid MEIKO software box art ^^;

And lastly... Helen with her new (younger? older?) sister ^_^ ...Or is it master since Helen's got a collar around her neck? ^^;;;


  1. I just have one question... are her boobs made of a soft material?

    lololol just kiiiiiiiiddd! Happy B-Day Meiko! :D